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If you ask me, whale watching should definitely be one of your must-dos in Gold Coast, Australia.  Blessed with great blue ocean and the friendly whales along the Gold Coast Seaway, it’ll be a pity if you miss the opportunity to catch some wild whales out there! I spent my very first whale watching experience with Sea World Whale Watch and I’m very glad that I’ve picked them, which you will understand as you read on…

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There are many reasons why Sea World Whale Watch was in the top of my list among a few other whale watching operators. Conveniently located just a few mins drive away from the Sea World Resort, in other words the Sea World Theme Park as well, I can easily arrive at the meeting point before boarding the Sea World Cruise. 

Singapore%2Btravel%2Bblogger%2Bto%2Bsydney 0 There are aplenty parking spaces right in front of the Sea World Terminal in case you are driving. For information on other transportation ways, visit Sea World Whale Watch’s website.
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Check in was swift and easy as well

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We waited for a while before boarding the cruise, right behind me!

The weather was great, although it had been raining for the past 2 days I was here. Thankfully it was all good while on board the cruise. TIP: For people prone to motion sickness, please take one motion sickness pill before boarding. It definitely helped because I’m a person who can get terribly car-sick but it was all good when I was on the cruise – not sea sick at all!

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Sea World’s cruise is clean and spacious, with comfortable seats that I almost fell asleep on. 

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For the adventurous, proceed to the highest deck to catch some sea breeze. 

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It was definitely a great experience anticipating the whales while constantly keeping a look out for them in the surroundings. I didn’t manage to catch good pictures of the whales but I also believe in living in that moment rather than frantically taking photos of them. For great shots of the whales, Sea World Whale Watch’s instagram has great pictures!

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The lady holding the mic, which may be your guide for that trip is really knowledgable. She would bring you through the whale watching experience, explain to you about the whales and educate you more about the marine wild life out there in the sea. At times she would also patiently point out the locations of the whales when spotted. 

If you aren’t feeling all that comfortable and began to experience sea sick, the staff on board will be there to look after you. All of them were experienced and they also provide you a vomit bag. Anyway, it brings me back to my point that you should just take a motion sickness pill before boarding if you know you are prone to sea sickness. 

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Ok at least I managed to capture one! Sorry for the effect, I pressed on some effects on the camera by accident haha!

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It was really windy out in the sea, but it was extremely fun and exciting too! 

So if you ask me if whale watching is worth it, it’s a definite yes! 

There are two sessions every day if the weather is good. It starts at 10am or 2pm and runs for 2.5 hours per trip. For more information on Sea World Whale Watch, visit their website! 

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Thanks for reading! ❤ 

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