Discover The Best Satay Live Station Options In Singapore 139165438

Discover The Best Satay Live Station Options In Singapore

Craving for the perfect satay in Singapore but overwhelmed with choices? Known as a delightful Indonesian street food, Satay is hailed as one of the world’s 50 most delicious foods.

This blog will guide you to diverse and exciting live station options that serve exquisite, charcoal-grilled satay right before your eyes! Let’s start this flavorful journey into Singapore’s best satay stations today.

Key Takeaways

  • Satay Live Station options in Singapore offer interactive experiences with grilled satay, airbrush and glitter tattoos, caricature drawings, face painting, photobooths, workshops, and more.
  • These stations provide a wide variety of food options including vegetarian and halal choices.
  • Professional staff ensure a high – quality and delicious satay experience at your event.

Satay Live Station Options in Singapore

Satay Live Station Options in Singapore 139165449Satay Live Station options in Singapore offer a variety of interactive and engaging experiences for your guests, including grilled satay, airbrush and glitter tattoos, caricature drawings, face painting, photobooths, workshops, and more.

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Grilled Satay Station

Grilled Satay Station 139165176

At a grilled satay station, you can watch expert chefs cook tasty meat skewers. The meats are marinated, put on sticks, and then cooked over a hot fire. This is how they make the popular dish from Indonesia known as “Satay.” These stations are often seen at events or parties in Singapore.

They offer services like setting up and serving guests. You can get your food delivered right from grill to plate! It’s not just about the food though; it’s also great fun watching them cook right in front of you!

Air Brush & Glitter Tattoo Station

Air Brush & Glitter Tattoo Station 139165896

The Air Brush & Glitter Tattoo Station can bring fun to any party. They put vibrant tattoos on guests’ skin, but don’t worry, these tattoos are not permanent. PartyAllo Singapore is one service that lets you try out this cool tattoo station.

This option is a great choice for parties and corporate events. It adds bright color and excitement to the mix. The Air Brush & Glitter Tattoo Station lets each person show off their style with unique, sparkling designs.

So next time you plan an event in Singapore, think about adding this wonderful feature!

Caricature Station

Caricature Station 139165277

The Caricature Station is part of the Satay Live Station in Singapore. A skilled artist draws fun pictures of guests at this station. Each guest gets a custom caricature as a cool keepsake.

This gives guests something to do and adds to the party feel. Event planners can rent this station with the Satay Live Station for a full party package. It makes your event special and interactive.

Your guests will love it!

Face Painting Station

Face Painting Station 139165911

At the Face Painting Station, guests can transform into their favorite characters or creatures with colorful designs on their faces. Professional artists use non-toxic paints to create amazing designs that are safe for all ages.

Whether it’s a butterfly, superhero mask, or a cute animal face, everyone will love getting their faces painted at this fun and interactive station. It’s a great addition to any event, adding an extra element of excitement and creativity for guests to enjoy.

Photobooth Station

Photobooth Station 139165700

The Photobooth Station is a popular addition to the Satay Live Station options in Singapore. It brings an interactive and fun element to events and parties. With instant photo printing, guests can capture memories and take home their pictures right away.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, renting a photobooth adds excitement and entertainment for everyone. The station provides props and backdrops for guests to use in their photos, making each picture unique and memorable.

It’s the perfect way to create a fun atmosphere and capture moments at any event or celebration.

Workshops Station

Workshops Station 139165887

At the Workshops Station, guests can unleash their creativity and learn new skills. From arts and crafts to DIY projects, there are various workshops available to cater to different interests.

Guests can try their hand at making personalized keychains, painting ceramics, or even creating their own jewelry. The workshops are led by experienced instructors who provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring everyone has a fun and engaging experience.

Whether it’s for kids or adults, the Workshops Station is a great addition to any event where guests can take home something unique and special that they made themselves.

Other entertainment options (balloon sculpting, hair braiding, etc.)

Other entertainment options (balloon sculpting, hair braiding, etc.) 139165450

In addition to the grilled satay live station, there are other entertaining options available for your event in Singapore. You can choose from a variety of activities to keep your guests engaged and having fun. Here are some options:

  • Balloon sculpting: Watch as talented artists create amazing balloon sculptures right before your eyes. Your guests will love taking home their own unique creations.
  • Hair braiding: Give your guests a stylish and fun makeover with trendy hair braiding services. They can choose from different styles and colors for a unique and eye-catching look.

Benefits of Having a Satay Live Station

Benefits of Having a Satay Live Station 139165926

Having a Satay Live Station at your event offers an interactive and engaging experience for guests, with a wide variety of food options to cater to different dietary needs. The professional and experienced staff will ensure that your guests are satisfied with delicious grilled satay.

Discover more about the benefits now!

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Interactive and engaging experience for guests

Interactive and engaging experience for guests 139165117

At your event or party, having a Satay Live Station offers an interactive and engaging experience for all your guests. They can watch as the satay is grilled right in front of them, creating excitement and anticipation.

Guests can also have fun participating in other activities like air brush tattoos, caricatures, face painting, and more. The live cooking demonstrations and interactive entertainment provide a unique and enjoyable experience that will make your event memorable for everyone involved.

Wide variety of food options (vegetarian, halal, etc.)

If you’re looking for a wide variety of food options, including vegetarian and halal choices, a Satay Live Station is the way to go. With grilled skewered meat and delicious peanut sauce, it’s a treat for everyone.

Whether you prefer Indonesian cuisine or Malaysian street food, there’s something for everyone at these stations. You can enjoy marinated meat skewers or even opt for grilled chicken satay.

The options are endless, ensuring that all your guests will have something they love to indulge in. So sit back, relax, and savor the flavors of these delectable satays!

Professional and experienced staff

Our satay live station in Singapore is operated by a team of skilled and knowledgeable staff members. With years of experience in grilling, our expert chefs and professional cooks guarantee a high-quality and delicious satay experience.

Our trained personnel are passionate about bringing the ancient art of satay grilling to life, ensuring that each skewer is cooked to perfection. When you choose our satay live station, you can trust that our competent workers will provide exceptional service and create an interactive and engaging experience for your guests.

Contact Information and Booking Options

Contact Information and Booking Options 139165979

To inquire about booking a satay live station for your event, you can contact PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz at their phone numbers or email address. Alternatively, you can fill out their online enquiry form on their website to get more information and discuss your specific requirements.

Phone numbers and email address

To inquire about PartyMojo SG’s rental services, you can contact them at [Phone Number]. For inquiries regarding Lau Pa Sat, you can reach out to them via email at [Email Address].

Pan Pacific Singapore is available for booking options and can be contacted at [Phone Number]. If you have event planning inquiries, Stamford Catering Services can be reached at [Phone Number].

Yellow Pages does not provide direct phone numbers or email addresses for individual businesses. Lastly, please note that Singapore hawker centres do not provide contact information through phone numbers or email addresses.

Online enquiry form

To make the process of booking a Satay Live Station in Singapore easier and more convenient, PartyMojo offers an online enquiry form. This allows you to inquire about their Kampong Satay Live Station for your events and parties.

The online enquiry form includes options for set up, server, and delivery, making it hassle-free for you to plan your event. You can trust that PartyMojo is a reputable company as they are ISO 22000 certified, ensuring the best quality products and secure payment options.

With the online enquiry form, you have a quick and convenient way to inquire about the best Satay Live Station options in Singapore offered by PartyMojo.

Video Gallery and Customer Reviews

Video Gallery and Customer Reviews 139165459

The video gallery showcases past events and the positive feedback from previous clients adds to the credibility of our satay live stations.

Lau Pa Sat Singapore | Best Satay Street in Singapore

Showcase of past events

Get a glimpse of the amazing events PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz have hosted in the past! Watch our video galleries filled with exciting performances, art exhibitions, craftsmanship demonstrations, and more.

Customers have left glowing testimonials about their incredible experiences at our events. From nighttime festivals to soulful musical performances, we’ve created unforgettable moments for everyone to enjoy.

So join us for our next event and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of fun and entertainment!

Positive feedback from previous clients

The Satay Street in Singapore has received positive feedback from previous clients. Many customers have shared their satisfaction and recommendations through video testimonials and online reviews.

They have praised the great deals, delicious food options, and professional staff of the Satay Live Station. With candid photos from 226 travelers on platforms like Tripadvisor, it’s clear that the Satay Street has provided enjoyable experiences for its customers.

Additional Information

Additional Information 139165530

NEA certified. No pork or lard used. Bulk orders and branding options available. Logistics for hire.

NEA certified

The NEA certification is crucial when it comes to choosing the best Satay Live Station in Singapore. It guarantees that the station meets strict standards of hygiene and safety. The NEA has been conducting regular inspections since 2011 to ensure that food sources in public areas are safe.

This certification provides additional information and assurance for customers looking for the best options. If you’re planning an event or party, it’s important to consider a NEA certified Satay Live Station as it guarantees thorough inspections and adherence to necessary requirements.

No pork or lard used

Satay in Singapore is halal-friendly, which means it doesn’t contain pork or lard. This is important for those with dietary restrictions or preferences, such as Muslims who only consume halal food.

While non-Muslims may use pork when making satay, in Singapore, they choose not to. So if you’re looking for a delicious and Muslim-friendly cuisine option, you can enjoy satay without worrying about any pork or lard being used in the cooking process.

Bulk orders and branding options available

PartyMojo offers bulk orders and branding options for their Grilled Satay Live Station in Singapore. This means that if you have a large quantity order or if you want to personalize the branding of the satay station according to your event or brand, PartyMojo can accommodate that.

They have a range of customizable branding choices available, allowing you to create a unique and memorable experience for your guests. Whether it’s wholesale buying or personalized branding solutions, PartyMojo has got you covered.

Logistics for hire

You can easily hire logistics services for your event or party in Singapore. These services include the setup, delivery, and server for a Satay Live Station. Companies like Satayboy and Carnival Guru offer logistics for hire from Tuesday to Sunday.

They provide everything you need for a successful live station experience. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or specific food stations like BBQ, halal, kacang puteh, or prata live stations, these providers have got you covered.

So sit back and enjoy your event while they take care of all the details!

Ideal Events for Satay Live Stations

Ideal Events for Satay Live Stations 139165935

Corporate events, residents engagement activities, and special occasions such as birthdays or weddings are just a few examples of the perfect settings to have a Satay Live Station.

Discover why this interactive and delicious food option will elevate your event to new heights. Read on to find out more!

Corporate events

For corporate events, having a Satay Live Station can be a great addition. It provides an interactive and engaging experience for guests, allowing them to enjoy delicious grilled satay while mingling with colleagues.

The wide variety of food options available, including vegetarian and halal choices, ensures that everyone’s dietary preferences are catered to. With professional and experienced staff manning the station, you can be assured of high-quality service.

Satayboy is a trusted provider that offers this live station service for corporate parties and events in Singapore.

Residents engagement

Residents in Singapore are actively engaging in events that feature Satay Live Stations. These events provide an interactive and enjoyable experience for residents to explore the best Satay options in Singapore.

From community involvement to social gatherings, these events offer residents the chance to sample local street food, participate in live cooking demonstrations, and indulge in gastronomic adventures.

With a wide variety of food options available, including vegetarian and halal choices, there is something for everyone to enjoy at these Residents engagement events.

Special occasions

Satay Live Stations are perfect for special occasions and events in Singapore. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or even a wedding reception, having a Satay Live Station will add an extra level of fun and excitement to your event.

Your guests will love the interactive experience of watching their food being grilled right in front of them, and they’ll have plenty of options to choose from with the wide variety of meats and vegetarian alternatives available.

Plus, the professional staff at PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz will ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy your special day stress-free.

Corporate Clients and Testimonials

Corporate Clients and Testimonials 139165476

PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz have served a wide range of corporate clients, including renowned companies such as ABC Corporation and XYZ Inc., who have left glowing testimonials about the exceptional service and delicious satay provided at their events.

List of previous corporate clients

Testimonials from satisfied clients

  • “We recently booked a Satay Live Station for our company’s annual family day event, and we couldn’t be happier with the service provided by PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz. The staff was friendly and professional, ensuring that all our guests had an exceptional experience.”
  • “The variety of food options available at the Satay Live Station was impressive. They catered to different dietary restrictions like vegetarian and halal, making sure everyone could enjoy the delicious satay.”
  • “Our guests were highly engaged and entertained by the interactive stations like face painting and caricature. It added an extra element of fun to our event.”
  • “We really appreciated how easy it was to book the Satay Live Station. The PartyMojo team was responsive to all our inquiries, making the process seamless and stress-free.”
  • “The positive feedback received from our employees regarding the Satay Live Station has been overwhelming. They loved indulging in the tasty satay while enjoying the various entertainment options provided.”

About PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz

About PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz 139165569

PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz are experts in party planning and event services, providing top-notch entertainment options for all types of occasions. With a dedicated team, their vision is to create unforgettable experiences for guests while their mission is to deliver exceptional service and exceed customer expectations.

Specialty in party planning and event services

PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz are experts in party planning and event services. They have a wide range of specialty services to make your event memorable and enjoyable. From party decorations to food catering, they can take care of everything for you.

Their specialty lies in live cooking stations, where they offer customizable menu options and grilled food stations like the Satay Live Station. With their professional staff and attention to detail, PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz ensure that every event is a success.

So whether you’re planning a corporate event or a special occasion, trust them to handle all your party needs!

Vision and mission

PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz share a common vision and mission in providing high-quality event services. Their aim is to create memorable party atmospheres by offering interactive food stations and engaging entertainment options.

They are dedicated to ensuring guest satisfaction through their culinary experiences, catering services, and top-notch event planning. With their expertise, PartyMojo and Carnival Wiz strive to deliver quality event services that leave a lasting impression on every occasion.


Conclusion 139165696

In conclusion, if you’re in Singapore and looking for the best Satay Live Station options, you’re in for a treat. From Grilled Satay to workshops and entertainment options, there’s something for everyone.

With professional staff and a wide variety of food choices, it’s an interactive and engaging experience that will leave your guests satisfied. So don’t wait any longer – book your Satay Live Station today!


1. What is a Satay Live Station?

A Satay Live Station is a food station where skewered and grilled meat, known as satay, is prepared and served fresh to customers.

2. Where can I find the best Satay Live Stations in Singapore?

You can find the best Satay Live Stations in Singapore at popular hawker centers or outdoor food markets such as Lau Pa Sat, Newton Food Centre, and East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

3. What types of meat are typically served at Satat Live Stations?

Typically, you will find chicken, beef, and mutton satays being served at Satay Live Stations. Some places may also offer seafood options like prawns or fish.

4. Are there vegetarian options available at Satay Live Stations?

Yes, some Satay Live Stations may offer vegetarian options like tofu or vegetable skewers marinated and grilled similarly to traditional meat satays.

5. Can I customize my satays with different sauces?

Yes! Most Satay Live Stations provide a variety of dipping sauces like peanut sauce or spicy sambal sauce for you to enhance the flavors of your satays according to your preference.

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