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Salt Tapas is an Italian dining place and bar, serving Italian specialities and alcoholic drinks.

I am just a poor student, I have on idea why I landed here! 

But to be honest, though the prices of the food here is pretty expensive, but their standard are really high and above average. 

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Look at the menu and you’ll see many items’ prices kickstarting from $20, and cost as high as $30. 

This isn’t a usual place I would go to because I know myself that I don’t have that much money as a student. But I guess for a once-in-a-very-long-time indulgence, it’s not really atrocious? 

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The utensils wrapped in a towel napkin. They don’t serve serviette here. 

A little unhygienic if they reuse the towel napkin by just washing it, but at the same time, this is very eco-friendly isn’t it? 🙂 

Okay let’s jump into the food photos right away.

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Roasted Garlic Flat Bread 


Have you tried a flat garlic bread before? At least not for me. I don’t usually spend on appetizer but this is definitely something I will not regret ordering. The bread is crunchy on its surface but extremely soft and chewable, it really beats many garlic bread out there! Some garlic breads out there just simply add garlic paste in the middle of the bread, but for this, I don’t get an overwhelming taste of garlic out of nowhere. They taste of it was very delicately spread across the whole piece. 

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They come with a tangy sauce to dip your garlic bread in it. The sauce complemented the bread super well! The bread was also cut into pieces for you, so no fear for mess! 

My friend ordered this meatball dish

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Sumac spiced veal and pork meatballs, fontina mash 

Small $12, Large $22. 

This was large. Imagine the small portion haha. 

According to my friend, the taste of this meatball was really good, he could feel the meaty taste very well cooked. The texture of the meatball was very juicy as well! But after some time, with the abundant  fontina (Italian cheese), he feels a bit sick of the taste. So I suggest sharing this with your friends because it’s really good, especially for the cheese-lover out there! 

A group of us shared this dish: 

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Crispy soft shell prawns with chili and garlic aioli 


This was indeed a very special dish I’ve ever had. We could eat the prawns with its shell! 

Quite an amazing dish! It comes with zesty mayonnaise for you to dip your prawn in it, and it really tastes soooo good. Just a little downside of it was that I wasn’t really used to chewing the shells with it. But overall, a very interesting dish! The mini prawns were very fresh as well. 

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Dip in the mayonnaise! 

Here’s my mains!! 

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Confit Pork Belly, puy lentils, chorizo


Lentils is a unique kind of bean that we don’t usually see in our dish. So here’s a unique point of this dish! 

Other than that, the star of this dish is definitely none other than the pork belly with a crispy top layer. I must really say the pork belly meat was beyond words to describe. The meat is the most succulent meat I’ve ever tasted and if I’m back here again, I will recommend my friends to get it. A small minor down side about this dish is that the portion could be a little small for its price, but SUPER worth every penny! 


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Moroccan spiced baby chicken, celeriac, buttered spinach 


Another very well-prepared dish that I would recommend. 

Also, another dish with very juicy meat, but not as juicy as the pork belly. I guess the apparent reason why the pork belly’s meat is juicier is because of the fats in it.. oh well fats. 

But still, the meat for this baby chicken is almost equally good, and you must definitely eat with the skin because some of the spices and taste are on the skin as well. Don’t waste it please. I don’t usually eat chicken skins but for this, I don’t mind another running session. 

And lastly, here’s my friend’s one! 


Aged rib of beef, garlic wild mushrooms, chermoula


The most expensive dish we’ve ordered, but of course it’s the meat that was used. High quality beef served with wild mushroom, I was totally bought over after my first bite. My friend had this medium but it was a little hard! So you probably want it to be medium rare? Up to you! 

Overall, this place is more for working adults who can afford such dinners on a frequent basis. The bar (obviously) serves alcohol drinks which I am not really interested in, which is why I didn’t order them. The ambience here is a little rowdy, so do not expect a serene ambience. I guess diners here look for a place to catch up with friends with a cup of alcohol by their side. Working adults usually do that, don’t they? 

IMG 20130114 WA0005 1

It was nice finally catching up with these people I got to know while I facilitate their group during our business school camp! All the way to the right is my fellow facilitator and friend in skating! He’s full of crap hahaha but a good friend, that’s why we partnered to be facilitators! 


and my dear friends bought me necklace for my 21st belated birthday! Thank you so much!!


( Tel: +65 6837 0995

Address: #01-22A, Raffles City Shopping Center

No. 252, North Bridge Road 

Nearest MRT station: City Hall MRT station

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