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I’ve always wanted to customise my phone casing, but I didn’t find the chance to do so. Either it takes up too much time, or I just don’t have that artistic flair in me. But now, The Kase has provided me a fast and easy way to get my own personalised phone casing! 


The Kase is associated with creativity and is definitely recognised for its customisable accessories like phone casings. Through this, The Kase believes in offering you exclusive collections or opportunity to create your personalised casings to reflect your personality, mood or character. 

With their in-store technology, the style-savvy label provides customers like you and me mobile and tablet covers as platforms to display our creative works. Check out the simple 4-steps procedure I went through while creating my one and only casing in the world! 


When I say that the customisation is hassle-free, you got to believe me! 

I went down to the store without any pre-trip preparation. I did not save any photos onto my email or whatsoever because the thing about The Kase is… you can grab your photos off your social media platforms just right there! Facebook, instagram and even my own blog, all I had to do was to save the photo to the iPad’s (provided at The Kase) gallery and begin using them. 

After designing the casing on the iPad, the last step is to submit…


All it took was a mere 15 minutes and it felt like nothing as I watch and witness my one and only casing in the world to be born. It’s quite amazing to watch how the machine print the image onto a casing so swiftly and seamlessly. 

The whole printing process only takes 10 mins or so. 

And viola! Here is my casing! 


I made this personalised casing for one reason. Or rather, I chose the following photos because I wanted to use it when I go for my university exchange to Germany. I will be able to look at the photo with me and my boyfriend in it, constantly reminding me that my loved one is waiting for me to return back safely :’)

And for that, this actually shows you that a personalised casing can spell out the love, kinship, friendship or even a “me-myself-and I” kind of idea.  It certainly is a good gift or present to give! 


The Kase Unik Casings are printed with a matte finishing. The quality seems really good and sleek. 

To get a near perfect phone casing, make sure you choose high resolution photos so that the product doesn’t come out too pixelated!


Are you tempted to get yourself a personalised casing too? 🙂 


(Stand a chance to win yourself cash prize and free casings)

Unik SG Phase One: 1 February to 15 March 2014 

Participants are to submit designs online on The Kase’s Creators Space. All approved designs will be posted on The Kase Facebook page. A participant can submit an unlimited number of designs. 

Entries in Phase One will be judged solely on the number of Facebook Likes. The top 10 entries with the most ‘likes’ will proceed to the next phase of the competition. 

Unik SG Phase Two: 16 March to 30 March 2014

 The top 10 entries from Phase One will be reposted on The Kase’s Facebook. The designs will also be featured on Nookmag’s Nooked Section ( to accumulate nooks. 

The final winner will be determined by a panel of judges (50%), the number of ‘likes’ their designs receive on The Kase Facebook page (30%) as well as the number of nooks on Nookmag’s Nooked Section (20%). 

The Prizes 

• $300 Cash Prize – Final Winner 

• $100 Cash Prize – Most Number of Facebook Likes 

• $100 Cash Prize – Most Nooked on Nookmag 

• 1 Free Case Redemption Voucher (Worth $39.90) – Designers in the 2nd to 10th position 

• 1 Free Case Redemption Voucher – 20 Lucky Voters 

Registration Details 

Step 1: Visit 

Step 2: Scroll to the end of the page and click Creators Space. 

Step 3: Create an account. Both Country and City should be filled as ‘Singapore’. A confirmation email will be sent to you email account. 

 Step 4: To submit your design, click New Creations. Choose Smartphone (min 1200×2400 pixels) or Tablet (2400×3600). Files must be a RGB. 

Step 5: Upload your designs. 

 Any enquiries should be directed to [email protected]

Head down to 

The Kase 


B2-27 Singapore 


 The Kase 

PARKWAY Parkway Parade 80 

Marine Parade B1 #150-151 

Singapore 449269

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