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Sand%20amp%20Sky%20Clay%20Mask 08 Recently there has been a great hype over pink clay mask. One brand in particular caught my attention when there’s no many reviews going online, and even buzzfeed did a video on it. Knowing that many are raving over this incredible Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask, I’m more than thrilled to be trying it myself and see how it really fares on my sensitive skin. Is it really that good at sucking out all the impurities in our pores? We’ll find out!

sand%20and%20sky%20mask08 I can’t help but to photograph a few more of the Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask, since the entire packaging was so cute. It comes nicely bubble wrapped and the positive message plastered all over just brings joy when I unbox it.

sand%20and%20sky%20mask01 sand%20and%20sky%20mask02 sand%20and%20sky%20mask03

The clay mask comes with a mask brush, which is not very often seen with other clay masks. Most of the time, you’ll have to buy a separate brush for the clay mask. Definitely a plus point!


Needless to say, the brush bristles are sooooo smooth and soft!

sand%20and%20sky%20mask05 sand%20and%20sky%20mask06

A quick close up of Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask. It looks really creamy and it smells amazing.


When I dip the brush in, it further tells that the mask is really rich and creamy.


And it takes about 10 mins to completely dry.

Now trying on the skin! 

Sand%20amp%20Sky%20Clay%20Mask 13

Sand%20amp%20Sky%20Clay%20Mask 06

Sand%20amp%20Sky%20Clay%20Mask 01 A small amount actually goes a long way.

Sand%20amp%20Sky%20Clay%20Mask 05

Applies really easily as well.

Sand%20amp%20Sky%20Clay%20Mask 02


While waiting for the Purifying Pink Clay Mask to dry, what it does is it absorbs dirt & impurities from your pores, and draws out toxins & combats pollution. Throughout the process, you’ll find the mask to tighten as it dries, which is when it starts to refine the pores.

Sand%20amp%20Sky%20Clay%20Mask 03

I was also told by the instructions in the box to use a warm towel to remove the clay mask. I have to say it’s my first time doing so, because I’m used to simply washing the mask off. Either way, got to give it a try!

Sand%20amp%20Sky%20Clay%20Mask 04

Despite trying this, I still prefer to wash it off straight from my face so that I save the hassle of having to wash the towel. Yup~

And now the results!

sandnsky%20before%20and%20after Clearly, my pores have tighten a little. My skin looks smoother and brighter than before. However, I have to put this disclaimer out there first – my skin gets irritated VERY easily. Even applying skincare using my fingers and palms can get my skin red in no second. So I realise when I wipe away the Pink Clay Mask from my skin using the towel, my skin starts to turn red for a while. There was also a slight tingling sensation, which subsides in a few mins.


Notice the redness on my skin on the right. After the redness and slight tingling sensation subsides, it was pretty alright. There’s no side effects or any negative sensation after this. I reckon it’s just my sensitive skin type.

Sand%20amp%20Sky%20Clay%20Mask 07

Would I recommend you to get this? Well, I believe long term usage will definitely make your skin look brighter and smoother overtime. It’s a good defence for our skin against the harmful envrionment and pollution in the air.

For more, visit: Sand n Sky.

Plus, besties get discounts if you get two together!

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Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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