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Updated: Read the HighBrow’s Brow Enliven eyebrow embroidery here! 

I’m always plagued with two problems with my face, or more specifically, the eye area. Nope, not much of acne or pigmentation problems, but more on the aesthetics side. I have rather super short and sparse eyebrow and short eyelashes, which is made worse with the fact that I have single eyelids, so they get hidden underneath whenever I open my eyes. 

So I was really caught in between the choice of eyelash extension and eyebrow embroidery. Nonetheless, I chose eyelash extension and it was never a wrong choice. Read on to know why! 

My sponsor for my eyelash extension is Highbrow ♥

1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-25 

The Star Vista Singapore 138617

Tel : 6694 2777 

Mobile: 9177 1677

eyebrow+shapes+singapore eyebrow+shapes+2 MG 1042

Photo credits: Highbrow

When I first stepped into Highbrow, a friendly staff (Jennifer) greeted me with a big smile. I told her I was here for an appointment for eyelash extension, and so she started her consultation with me. 

Here at Highbrow, it aims to provide a streamlined service catered to different people’s need and desired look. Often than not, clients who walk into a beauty salon wants to change their image so as to look more energetic and less tired, isn’t it? The beauticians here would casually ask a few qns before they dive right into doing the service. Professional beauticians will look at your eye shape and ask what do you want to do. If you already had a desired look in mind, they will be happy to give advice to your request. If it isn’t feasible, they would sit you down and discuss an alternative that suits you best. Talking about meticulous service. 


Highbrow is also crowned for this unique service – Brow Enliven. The above photo is solely drawn by the Creative Director, Andy!

I wasn’t here for their service so I couldn’t tell you much about it. Nonetheless, what I’ve gathered about this service is that it is not eyebrow embroidery for its semi-permanent characteristics. It aims to provide best natural brows, mimicking strokes and strokes of eyebrow hair, with choices of colours to suit your hair colour and even age! Now I am regretting not choosing the service, but nonetheless I may be even going back for Brow Enliven. 

So after a brief consultation with Jennifer, my beautician who did the gorgeous lashes extension for me, I was brought to sit on one of their comfy seats. My choice of eyelash extension was natural lashes, since it was my first time doing it.

MG 1039

Photo credits: HighBrow

Speaking of which, Highbrow has 4 types of lash extension: Natural (lash by lash), Perfect (cluster eyelashes), Sexy (lash by lash or cluster) and Alluring (half perm + extension).

As mentioned earlier, my choice of natural eyelash extension is done through “lash by lash”.

The term “lash by lash” is pretty inituitive. What the beautician does is to painstakingly attach faux eyelashes, strand by strand, onto your real lashes. The “lash by lash” method is highly raved for its ability to acheive a 3D effect with variations in the length of the eye lash extension sticking on your real lashes. It follows through the way your real lashes grow out, so rest assured it’s achieved as natural as it can be! 

The photo below is my undone lashes.


So we started off with the eyelash extension process and I must say I was very satisfied with their service. I like to chat with anyone doing the service for me. I like it when I don’t just waste my time off sleeping or waiting, but rather chatting with the beautician to understand her better. Good thing is, the staff here at Highbrow are really nice people! Jennifer and I even exchanged instagram follows to keep in contact 🙂

A sneak preview for you!

And are you ready for the before and after results? 

And what can I say? I’m so satisfied with the result! I have to believe that Highbrow provides one of the best eyelash extension in Singapore, after hearing my friend’s horrifying story about her eyelash extension, coupled with my own comfortable experience.

Highbrows has 3 different lashes they use for eyelash extension. The pink box faux lashes are made of material that most resembles real lashes – and hence soft and less dramatic. The other box (photo below) will be of slightly harder (but STILL soft!) texture, in order to volumise the lashes and brighten the eye. This is also the lashes used for my case.  

Lastly, the y-lash! Y-lashes are two single strands of faux lashes being placed together. When it’s attached to your own lash, it’s like attaching two instead of one. The effect of y-lash is to create a more dramatic and fuller lashes.

There are also several variations of curls, namely the B-curl, C-curl and J-curl. It was said that the B-curl is more natural.

Andy and Jennifer had also kindly explained to me about the service here at Highbrow. 

There are different eyelash extension for different eye types.

In the case of round eyes, where ladies would want to extend length instead of further enlarging the round eyes, beauticians would suggest a shorter lash on the front and middle part of the lids, while extending with a longer fake lash at the back. 

Whereas for long eyes (like mine!), it’s almost like the above, but longer lashes are focused in the middle part of my lids to create the rounder look. The middle part is encouraged to be fuller so that it doesn’t get covered entirely when my (irritating) eyelids cover the lashes. I love it! 

A photo with Jennifer and Andy, the creative director. 

I really hope Andy can save my brows next time! 

To wrap this up, here’s some useful information for readers out there who are considering eyelash extension. 

Why do eyelash extension?

Assuming you have short eyelashes

1. If wearing fake lashes every day is a chore or difficulty to you

2. You are just lazy to put on fake lashes every single day, unlike Xiaxue’s fake eyelashes

3. Lash by lash eyelash extension (I can only say for this) is comfortable and also feel like nothing!

Myth of eyelash extension

1. The process stinks. 

No this is not true because I did not smell intolerable glue smell at all. 

2. It sticks onto my eyelids very uncomfortably. 

Again, not true. For lash by lash, Eyelash extension is not all about sticking the faux lashes onto your eyelid. In fact, it is attached to your real lashes so that when it achieves a natural and almost non-existent effect. Cluster lashes on the other hand, may have to be attached to your eyelid. 

Highbrow also carries merchandises that complements their services. For me, I was very generously sponsored by Highbrow with the Eyelash Revolution product from Japan to protect and prolong my eyelash extension! Thank you so much, Highbrow.

Ever since I had my eyelash extension on, I don’t even dare to rub my eyes! Probably another perks of having eyelash extension. Nonetheless, I’m sure most of us asian ladies are not born with luscious and gorgeous eyelashes. Eyelash extension in Singapore has also been widely advocated. So why not give eyelash extension a try? 🙂



Highbrow also has promotions going on occasionally and just nice they do have promotion packages now! Head over to their Facebook Page to know more, and do give them a like!


1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-25 

The Star Vista Singapore 138617

Tel : 6694 2777 

Mobile: 9177 1677



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