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 Hello to those sitting behind the computer screens! Is your skin dry and dull? If so, maybe this post will be of good use to you! 

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2 weeks ago I was invited for a sponsored facial treatment at Glomex aesthetics. Many of you will ask, is facial really necessary? I did a mini research on whether facial is really necessary and here’s what I’ve consolidated:

1. A single facial treatment can produce immediate results unlike the long commitment required for daily products
2. Respective facials have different purposes to rectify different skin problems like acne & pigmentations etc. 
3. Facials can also be done to maintain and protect the skin. It’s like a regular maintenance service to a car! 

IMG 0595

I arrived at Glomex Aesthetics very easily since it’s located at soho building, right next to clark quay mrt station. The place is tucked in a cozy corner in SOHO Building, so you can leave the hustle and bustle of the city for a relaxing peaceful treatment. 

IMG 0497
Before we start the facial, the beautician will sit you down and evaluate your skin before she recommend the suitable facial treatment for you 

IMG 0504+copy

IMG 0506
A cabinet for you to place your stuff 
IMG 0507
Twin room for couple treatment 

IMG 0508

The first thing I did was to change to a casual tube dress so that the beautifician can do a massage for me. 

IMG 0510

The facial treatment I had that day was .. Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment. 
it was arguably the same as many other facial spas but there’s still after all some differentiation, and you’ll find out as you read on.

Soon enough, the beautician started the facial treatment using a microdermabrasion tool. the use of it is to suck up and remove all the dead skin cells on my face. The immediate result is a whiter and smoother complexion. 

Glomex microdermabrasiong

This photo below shows the dirty dead skin cells removed from your skin. I personally feel that it’s necessary to do monthly maintenance like removing the dead skill cells, if not these dirt will be collated on your skin surface, preventing all your beauty products from being absorbed. 

After which, we moved on to remove blackheads on the surface using this device shown in the photo. It has a slight vibrating effect to work the black heads out of the pores. Manual extraction is then carried out for some of the stubborn black heads remaining. 

IMG 0538

These are the dirty black heads removed. 

IMG 0539

As the manual extractions are carried out, it’ll be a little painful and my skin turned a little reddish. But that’s also where I got really surprised because the treatment following up was able to lighten the redness and soothe my skin almost instantly! It was really cold and I guess that’s also why it managed to soothe my angry pores and skin. It was also said to allow the vitamins to penetrate into my skin through a circulating massage.

IMG 0541

IMG 0558

IMG 0569

To end the facial, a thick mask that includes a cocktail of vitamins was applied onto my skin and left for a good 10 mins before it hardens. The mask will be specially mixed with the appropriate ingredients for your own unique skin. The following are used for my mask:

For whitening: Vit C promotes collagen production

For Anti-oxidant: Toco E (Super anti-oxidant, hydrating), Beta carotene (Super anti-oxidant), Alpha lipoic acid (400x stronger than Vit C, super anti-oxidant)

IMG 0571

IMG 0576

IMG 0577

To top up their relaxing facial, they would do a face and shoulder massage. I really enjoyed the shoulder massage because it’s really soothing and muscle-relieving. It really completes the facial experience with a good ending note. 

IMG 0580

After the massage, the mask on my face has also hardened and it’s time to remove it! 

IMG 0583

IMG 0512
Healthy glow skin! 

IMG 0593 2013 10 24+14.37.06

To enjoy a great facial experience just like I did, here’s a facial treatment promotion for you! 

For all new visitors, you can enjoy the above facial at only $88 instead of $168! It’s really a good deal considering it’s half the original price. If you are concerned about expensive prices, this is really the opportunity for you to try out this facial.

Make an appointment today and quote my name “Blogger Celine” to enjoy promotional price! 

The facial is Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment. The facial process took about 90mins. 

Glomex Aesthetics, The Face Artistry

Tel: +65 6225 5193 

12 Eu Tong Sen St, #6-168, 

SOHO 2 The Central, 

Singapore 059819(Above Clarke Quay Station)

[email protected]



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