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Etude House shouldn’t be a brand you have never heard of! Mostly known for its Korean makeup style and Uzzlang looks, Etude House really gives me the Korean Popstar Vibe. This has got to be reiterated especially when all the celebrities they endorse are Korean Celebrities.

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I have to admit I’m not exactly into Korean Popstars or Korean Dramas, nor am I interested to achieve Uzzlang looks although I have to say some girls really pull it off very well! But one thing I really adore about Uzzlang looks is their flawless complexion. And today, thanks to Cozycot and Etude house, I’m able to achieve a flawless complexion using Etude House limited collection – Shining Dream! 


What I’ve received: a box of Shining Dream which includes Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF 30 / PA++ and Dream on Powder (Loose Powder). 

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Credits: Etude House Website


First up is the Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF 30 / PA++, which I will absolutely recommend. If you’re looking for a BB cream with SPF and light coverage, you should try this Precious Mineral BB Cream. 


Usually, 3 to 4 pumps are good enough for a full face coverage. As for how to go about applying, scroll down to find out.


Though the Precious Mineral BB Cream gives a light coverage, it’s good enough to cover my pores and give a dewy finish. It’s easy to blend with a brush and it pretty much stays on for quite some time. As you can see from the photo above, it has a brightening effect with some warm tone in it. That said, it doesn’t make me look too pale because the BB cream suits my skin tone really well. 


The Shining Dream Dream on Powder acts like any loose powder. It finishes up your whole makeup to give a matt look as well as look to make your makeup lasts longer. I thought it’s quite a good idea to pair the Dream on Powder along with the Precious Mineral BB Cream because they should totally go as a pair. 


Click to enlarge to read the description.

As for a before-and-after look, here’s a very good illustration for you! Obviously the left side has been applied with Precious Mineral BB Cream. Note that I have not used any concealer to cover my dark rings or blemishes (though there aren’t many to begin with).

IMG 4478

Following the bottom left photo, pump 1-2 pumps of Precious Mineral BB Cream out and dab around your face. Then blend them well with either your fingers or in my case, I prefer to blend it with a makeup brush. The bottom right photo shows you how it’ll look like after applying the BB cream. The BB cream sure does give a brightening effect but further concealing needs to be done to my dark circles. 

How I feel about Etude House Shining Dream Very Best Set

All in all, this BB cream is really one good BB cream that all teenage girls should have. It’s pretty much affordable, and most importantly it feels light on my face! I don’t like to cover my face with too much foundation or anything so my usual makeup routine is to dab on some foundation POWDER because they can mattify my face after I apply sunscreen. Speaking about that, sunscreen is really important, but it makes my skin quite oily too, so I don’t have a choice but to splash some powder onto my face heh heh. 

The Etude House Shining Dream Very Best Set is priced at SGD28, but it comes with the Precious Mineral BB Cream and Dream on Powder! Kind of worth it I would say! 

So do give Etude House Shining Dream Very Best Set a try! ^.^


Celine Chiam

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