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Hello Hello!! 

Happy Chinese New Year guys!! How was your reunion dinner? 🙂 

Every year, my family (without extended) will have a simple steamboat dinner at my house. My brother will return home for reunion dinner too! 

Look at the amount of ingredients we put in! IMG 6953

I’m sure these are all very normal, but what’s special about this dinner is definitely the chance to have every member of the family to finally come together and have dinner. Not once a year chance but still it’s a rather rare opportunity. 

My mum is pretty much a good cook also, and I love her dishes! 

IMG 6900

Spicy and sour tiger prawns

Very spicy… 

IMG 6915

Ngioh Hiang! It’s a kind of fried minced meat.

IMG 6920

One of the most expensive dish during cny, sea cucumber

IMG 6951

And fresh steamed fish! 

IMG 6916
IMG 6957

Some dumplings that my elder brother bought home. 

IMG 6923
IMG 6918
IMG 6921
IMG 6946

And here’s our dinner! 

IMG 6961

So how was yours? 🙂 

Did you enjoy the time spending with your family and parents? I’m happy to say I did. CNY is the only time my parents really get to stay at home in the afternoon. Our parents are really getting old and it’s really the time to appreciate them and stay with them for the rest of their lives. I love my parents ^.^ 

This year, we have a new member too! 

IMG 6893

Meet my nephew, Isaiah! 

You will see him very often here at this blog.

He wants to have reunion too ^.^ 

Hopefully he can join us at the table in one year time! 

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