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Unknown When I go on a holiday, I do appreciate cutting myself off from the internet and social media and just completely enjoy my holidays. But such a commitment comes with some cost as well, especially when you need to find information very urgently when issues arise. For example, you got lost somewhere and you are in urgent need to find the address of a location, or to find your friends whom you have lost while walking along a busy street. In these situations, internet access is really important and that’s when I’ll appreciate a pocket Wifi in my bag for emergency uses.

VisiondataSG (VDS) is a pocket Wifi service that provides low cost pocket Wifi services, covering up to 70 countries in total. Few days back I was away on an editorial trip to Ipoh and I swear this pocket device is really useful. I no longer have to wait impatiently to arrive back at the hotel to access the internet. During the trip, at any point of time when I needed to find information online or just to simply upload a photo on my instagram, I could just do it on the spot by a touch on the  button of the pocket Wifi device. It’s so convenient!


The battery life of this pocket Wifi can last up to one day if you turn it on for the whole day. However like I said, you don’t really have to on it 24/7 because you should be relaxing while you’re on your vacation! For me, I only turn the pocket wifi when I needed the internet or access my social media sites. The time to start the product took about only 2 minutes so it’s fast and convenient.

Then you’ll ask what’s the difference because I can simply on my data roaming?

The simplest reason is that VisiondataSG only rents the wifi device at an insanely low cost of $15/day. Best part of it? It can be shared among 4-6 users so friends going on a vacation together can share the cost of the product – even lower cost!

The ordering process is pretty simple. You just have to get the wifi device to be delivered to the designated location two working days before traveling, or collect it at VDS office. For more information about renting this product, visit rent%2Bpocket%2Bwifi%2B%2Bsingapore

Definitely a must-have for holidays!


On a side note, Visiondata also loans out portable charger! 


The power bank has a capacity of 8400 mAh with two outputs (1.5A/1A) and one input.

It also indicates the percentage of battery left once you switch the power bank on. (Picture attached)

Depending on the battery capacity of the device, on average the power bank can charge the device up to 4-5 times.

singapore%2Bcontest2 Also stand a chance to win $500 travel vouchers by joining Visiondata’s facebook contest! From 5th Jan 2015 to 6th Feb 2015, all you have to do is to comment from the post from VDS offerings that they wish to travel to the most. Winner will be selected based on the most number of likes, so start rallying your friends! 

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