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I’ve been plagued with real serious skin problem recently (a detailed post on that soon, so stay tuned) and one of the reasons was because my skin severely lacked the nutrients and moisture it requires. I was pretty lazy back then about masking, and the most often I did was twice a week and this couldn’t last for more than two weeks. That being said, I’ve started to pick up this habit (willingly or reluctantly doesn’t matter haha) of masking because my skin was so dry and itchy! Now my skin is doing really good, and I no longer feel the dryness and itchiness as long as I keep the moisture level of my skin there. So one of my beauty tips for the skin is to maintain the moisture level no matter what.

Keeping your skin moisturized is one thing. Do you know different skin types will have different kind of problems, and you need to know what are the problems specifically to your issue before you find the right solution to it? Regen Beauty Medical Group, very widely known as a Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea, has came up with 5 Brand new  ‘Plastic Skin Solution Masks’ to solve different skin problems (WHAT, plastic skin masks!?). Let’s have a look what’s up the sleeves of the God of Plastic Surgery!

Skin got much better with some pimple marks left, so I didn’t bother to photoshop them away

As mentioned, they have five types of mask, namely:

– Regen Cos+ Real Whitening Effect Mask

– Regen Cos+ Skin Sensitivity Suppression Mask

– Regen Cos+ Ultra Skin Moisturizing Mask

– Regen Cos+ Double-effect Collagen Care Mask

– Regen Cos+ Pore Minimizing Treatment Mask


All Plastic Skin Solution masks are researched and developed by the doctors at Regen Medical Group. If so many people can entrust their faces for plastic surgery to the doctors at Regen, I’m pretty sure you can trust the efficacies of their masks too. 

To ensure a fair review, I’ve tried all five masks and here’s what I’ve got to say.

Overall, Regen Cosmetics can really be proud of their mask sheets because the mask quality is amazing. I’m sure many of us have tried, if not at least heard of the common Taiwanese Brand masks. No doubt, I love their thin translucent mask sheets but they honestly tear too easily. I recalled merely spreading out the mask sheets and the part between the eyes and nose just tear without fail.


This is contrary to Regen Cos’s masks with its thick opaque cottony mask sheets. It’s so velvety unlike the rough masks I used to try. Indeed, Regen Cosmetics’ masks are made of microfiber sheets so that it can retain more essence and fits any face perfectly like an hydrogel mask. In fact, the essence doesn’t flow down as easily as the other masks I’ve tired before, which means the forehead area doesn’t get dried up after a while. The mask fits really well on my face as well. So mask quality wise, incredibly good (thumbs up)!


Next I look at the generosity of the mask solution packed in the sheet. You’ve probably heard of using the remaining mask essence in the pack and use it on your limbs to prevent wastage of the essence, but you’ll be surprised how many times I can’t find a single drop of essence remaining in my usual mask packs, indicating how dry the sheet is. Regen Cos’s masks on the other hand doesn’t have this problem because the essence in the pack is really generous. I can pull out the mask from the pack with essence dripping, and I can also pour out a spoonful of essence on my palm. So, essence generosity, checked!


Every time after application, my face feels instantly refreshed, no joke on this. However, there’s a great amount of essence residue left on my face which requires patting to ensure it being fully absorbed. Every time after patting, there’s still quite a bit of essence left on the face, leaving a thick layer of gel-like protection. In the night, I don’t mind leaving it there overnight for some intensive moisturizing treatment; but if I mask in the day, I would wash off the residue to give a cleaner and less greasy feel since I’m heading out, or else my face will look super oily!


 Now that the overall review across all 5 types of masks is completed, we’ll look into the main ingredients and efficacies of each single type of Regen Plastic Skin Solution Masks.

1. Regen Cos+ Real Whitening Effect Mask (Set of 10 sheets)


The real whitening effect mask contains the following ingredients to achieve the whitening effect:

– Pearl extract to moisturize and brighten

– Vita Complex 10 containing 10 vitamins to regenerate and tone

– Niacinamide to boast whitening effect and prevent production of melanic pigment

– R&5 Complex containing nutrients and vitamins to smoothen and give natural glow

As quoted by Regen Cosmetics, the Real Whitening Effect Mask is meant to deliver brightness and luminosity to our skin. The nutrients and vitamins packed in this sheet will make our skin look healthier. Tips for glowing skin!

I always believe that to achieve the whitening effect, one has to consistently use the product over a period of time at least to witness the result. Time doesn’t allow me to finish the course of 10 sheets in order to tell you whether or not it works, but I’m guessing the pearl extract, as I’ve seen in many whitening products, would be good to have to help whitening our skin.

2. Regen Cos+ Skin Sensitivity Suppression Mask


My skin has been really sensitive recently, as mentioned at the start of this post. I once used an extremely nourishing product on my face and very soon, within days, I realize I have small dots forming on my skin. I had to stop using it immediately when I realize my skin was so sensitive.

Regen Cosmetics’s  Skin Solution Skin Sensitivity Suppression mask works well for me because it sooths hypersensitive and irritated skin. Remember I mentioned my skin was very itchy? I think this mask would work great for me by calming the dry and itchy skin down. With the nutrients and R&5 Complex, it again helps the skin to look healthy and luminous.

Main ingredients in this mask type are:

-Aloe Vera Leaf Extract to sooth and moisturize

– Propolist extract to reduce skin irritation and boost immune function against bacteria

-Portulaca Oleracea extract to eases damaged skin and allergy reactions

– R&5 Complex (same as whitening mask above)

3. Regen Cos+ Ultra Skin Moisturizing Mask


Ultra Skin Moisturizing mask has got to be my favourite among the five types. Designed to moisturizing the severely dehydrated skin like mine, this mask would cocoon your skin by balancing electrolyte and moisture to intensely hydrate the skin with nutrients.  I must say my face always feel really hydrated after using this mask, my top favorite! Remember I mentioned it is important to moisurize your face? Do not belittle this point!

You probably can guess the main hydrating ingredients in this moisturizing mask:

-Halophyte to smooth skin texture and hydrates skin

– R&5 complex to smooth and give natural glow

-Olive leaf extract as an antioxidant

– Hyaluronic acid (commonly found in hydrating lotions) to hydrate and nourish

-Macadamia Oil for aging skin as it hydrates dry and sensitive skin without irritation

4. Regen Cos+ Double-effect Collagen Care Mask

Regen%2BCos%2B%2BDouble effect%2BCollagen%2BCare%2BMask

I’ve tried many collagen-related products, albeit mostly consumables. They range from collagen drinks, supplement pills to drinking powder and jellies. But honestly this is my first time finding a collagen mask!

Regen Cos’s Double Effect Collagen Care mask serves to rejuvenate damaged skin like how collagen is meant to repair damaged protein components in our skin. The firming care functional cosmetics in this mask promotes natural collagen production to prevent appearance of wrinkles and any other signs of aging. I admit I’m still young for wrinkles but prevention is never too early, am I right?

Ingredients for collagen mask:

– Acacia Collegen to provide moisture and elasticity 

– Water-Soluble collagen to hydrate and provide elasticity 

– Chamomile water to sooth and plump skin 

– R&5 Complex

5. Regen Cos+ Pore Minimizing Treatment Mask


Finally the last type, but a life savior to me. My pores are considered neither too large nor optimal. So this Pore Minimizing Treatment Mask will be good by refining the appearances of my pores by preventing excess production of oil with camellia flower extract. It also helps to contract and contract the pores on the skin, making it look smooth and tight. I just love natural ingredients, don’t you?

Ingredients include:

– Wine extract as an antioxidant effect to astringes pores

– Camellia flower extract (patent on the sebum control) to treat oily pores

– Witch hazel extract to calm and refine skin texture without irritation

– R&5 Complex



Fitting the mask onto my face was very easy


And this pretty much sums up my very extensive review! I honestly enjoyed using their masks which explained this long review. Each box of mask retails at 30,000KRW ~ SGD 36, containing 10 mask sheets.

Thanks for reading! ❤
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