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I’m quite excited this time round because I finally got the chance to review BlackBox items. Seeing it advancing further and further and eventually coming up with their exclusive boxes are just impressive. Having a few exclusive boxes for BlackBox users only, Rachel K cosmetics is actually one of the featured products. So today, we’ll have a look and see how interesting is this product range, proudly named after Miss Universe Singapore 2009, Rachel Kum.

A quick summary first, Rachel K Cosmetics is an Asian make-up brand founded by Ms Rachel Kum, Miss Universe Singapore 2009. Its extensive makeup brand range from makeup like CC cream and powder to skincare like whitening lotion and eye creams.

The BlackBox exclusive includes one Rachel K CC Renew Pressed Powder ($42) and Supreme Whitening Lotion ($24), of which the former one is highly raved by many ladies who likes light makeup with a natural finishing. On top of that, they have also includes 2 sachets of Youth Spell Day Cream and 3 sachets of Stem Cell Cleansing Gel for you to try.

1. Rachel K CC Renew Pressed Powder ($42) 

Rachel K CC Renew Pressed Powder ($42) 


As mentioned, this pressed power is really lightweight, that’s why it can give a very natural luminous look, emphasizing on smooth complexiton while maintaining CC cream’s original effect, colour-correcting. Packed with beneficial ingredients like Organic Shea Butter and an antioxidant complex and Vitamin E, Rachel K’s CC Pressed Powder has the ability to deliver powerful anti-aging benefits. And fret not for the problematic skin, because it is talc free, paraben free, non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested.

Being lightweight has both its pros and cons. Lightweight means it surely isn’t able to cover difficult marks like blemishes scars or very bad dark circles. It’s only meant to give a matte look but at the same time doesn’t look too cakey or overdone. For me, my face gets a little oily (they call it prone-to-shine zones) after a while and I’ve been trying hard to avoid makeup for my skin’s good, so a lightweight sheer pressed powder is the perfect solution for me.


You can see from the photo that Rachel K’s CC Pressed Powder has a very thoughtful design. It comes with a lid for you to place the sponge so as to minimize bacteria breeding. I love this kind of design and it prevents my sponge from stinking up too! (Very disgusting I know, so I always look for a separator in my powder casing).

The Rachel K’s CC Renew Pressed Powder comes in 3 shades: Very Light / Light / Medium. I’m using light.



2. Rachel K’s Supreme Whitening Lotion ($24)


Another savior to a brighter looking skin, Rachel K’s whitening lotion aims to whiten the skin without damaging it. Ingredients on the whitening lotion includes Octadecenedioic Acid (ODA), Delentigo™, β White™ and SEPICALM VG. Below is the ingredient summary I extracted from Rachel K’s product description:

Octadecenedioic Acid (ODA), a skin brightening agent that whitens skin by regulating tyrosinase within skin cells. Clinical tests have proven it as effective as Arbutin, but without the damaging effects. Delentigo™ puts the brakes on age spots by regulating the formation of lipofuscin and melanin. β White™ is an encapsulated TGF – β Biomimic peptide which corrects the MITF cellular pathway to decrease various types of pigmentation, resulting in optimal whitening of your skin. And finally, SEPICALM VG decreases regular pigmentation induced by inflammatory stress, and Basal pigmentation caused by genetic ageing. Furthermore, enriched with Aloe Vera extract, this multi-tasking miracle in a bottle also cleanses and refines your skin, leaving it pore-less and beautifully radiant.


First the bottle is designed to be a pumping bottle, and I usually pump 2-3 times of essence for my whole face. I really can’t tell what’s the scent of this lotion, but sometimes I get a little confused too as to whether I like the scent or not. Sometimes it smells pungent, but sometimes it smells citrusy. Either way, it’s nothing much.

Each application usually leaves the skin slightly sticky but definitely non-greasy. Again, it seems like Rachel K’s products focus very much on lightweight efficacies so when the whitening lotion gets absorbed into my skin, it pretty much doesn’t feel like anything on the face already.

I’ve been using this product for quite a while and it does help to lighten my acne scars to a certain extent. Over time, my pigmentation has decreased bit by bit and it takes a while to see the differences. 

Rachel%2BK%2Bsupreme%2Bwhitening%2Blotion%2Bsingapore If you would like to give this popular Singapore beauty brand a try, you can now get it at a promotional price of $49.90 instead of $75! For a further 10% discount, simply quote “BBXCHIAMH10” while you check out on BlackBox.sg! 🙂 

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