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Micellar water makeup remover is the new IN thing in the beauty world. No doubt, it’s well-received by many ladies because not only does it not give a greasy texture after application on the face, it feels like nothing, just like water on the skin. I love the lightweight effect so much, micellar water makeup removers have become my go-to whenever i need to remove my makeup. Other than my trusty brand ‘B’, I gave Purevivi NEW Cleansing Lotion a try and I honestly can’t tell how different it is from the brand I always use!


Another great aspect about Purevivi’s micellar water is its ingredients components. It contains 9 moisturising natural fruit and plant extracts such as Grapefruits Extract, Lemon Extract, Jujube Extract, Apple Extract, Orange Extract, Lime Extract, Coix Seed Extract, Crataegus Cuneata Fruit Extract and of course Aloe Extract (extracted from Purevivi facebook page).

In face, Purevivi Cleansing Lotion is also free from: 

1) Cationic surface-active agent 

2) Fragrance 

3) Color addictives 

4) Paraben 

5) Alcohol


Purevivi cleansing lotion is a 4-in-1 micellar water makeup remover that dissolve your makeup really quickly and thorough such that it leaves no streak behind. I had full makeup on my face and it actually took my 6 cotton pads in total to fully remove my makeup. I make sure the last cotton pad has no traces of foundation. 


To my surprise, the Purevivi Cleansing Lotion is also capable of removing my eye makeup effortlessly! Quite amazing because I’ve always thought micellar water’s lightweight nature might not be able to remove waterproof makeup. I was thinking micellar water = water. Haha wrong induction.


All in all, I honestly think this bottle of micellar makeup remover is decently priced for its removal efficacies ($19.90 for 500 ml). Give it a try! Maybe you’ll fall in love with it just like how I did after my first time using it 😉

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