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Being five months away from Singapore meant that I’ll be away from my trusty hair salon and hairstylists. Before I flew, I did my haircut and coloring with them, and their treatment went so well for my hair. 5 months later, I return to Pro Trim Hair Salon with my messy tresses and the first comment I got from my colourist was “wow I didn’t expect your hair to turn so bad”.


The harsh truth is, my hair has really went through vey tough and bad conditions in Europe and some countries near it. First the cold weather in Sweden and Copenhagen, then the dry weather in Germany, and finally the scorching hot sunny weather in Croatia and Turkey. Tell me, how can my hair not turn bad?
So thank goodness I was able to find myself a slot at Pro Trim Hair Salon @ 313 Somerset. It’s conveniently located in town and it’s always easy for me to swiftly reach here from my school.

Got myself and the team some gongcha since I know i’ll be here for quite some time…lol

SingaporeHairSalon blogger%2Breview
The perks of short hair – Shampooing while sitting!
Pardon me because I’ve have long hair since young and I never get to play with these hahaha

My hairstylist Selynn did the Mucota 5-step Hair Treatment with Argan Oil for me. Can I just say I mad love this treatment? Although the fact that Selynn overdid it and my hair became really really smooth (not a bad thing at all), it was able to last for at least a week. The feeling of having smooth hair again is simply awesome. 

Mucota 5-step Treatment 

As always, I spent more than 3 hours here because the team always achieve the best for me. The treatment itself took really long, at least it implies that it’s not any simple ding-dong treatment that a salon finishes in 45 mins. And the end result totally perks my day! Singapore%2BBeauty%2BBlogger

How I wish my hair can be this smooth all the time!



I paid a second visit because I wanted to get rid of the ugly roots and uneven hair colour. The original uneven hair colour looks like this:

SingaporeHairSalon Blogger

And of course, how can a salon visit be completed without a hair cut? Hair cut by my forever-professional hairstylist Tino heh heh. I swear he always look very serious when he cuts my hair. 

 This time round, I wanted some highlights but Selynn advised me not to because my hair cannot go through another round of bleaching. No matter how sad I was, I knew he was right and so we decided to go for the safe colour. SIGHPIE but it’s alright, healthy hair comes first!SingaporeHairSalon 46 Kerastase%2Bhair%2Btreatment%2BsingaporeTo ensure tip-top hair condition after hair dyeing, he also did the Kerastase Fusio Dose hair treatment for me. It’s actually a treatment that can be customized for you with a few selection of hair essences to be mixed into a bottle (on the right of the photo). My colourist Selynn never takes colouring as a simple job. Just look at the amount of effort he puts into dyeing my hair.The layers and layers of hair dyeing is totally not easy. I’m eternally grateful for that 🙁


SingaporeHairSalon 54

Meet the cute colourist hahaha.

And my final look! 

SingaporeHairSalon short%2Bhair

I also got myself two hair products to alleviate my damaged hair. The top one is the MorrocanOil which is to be applied after washing the hair. Its unique texture is very much different from normal hair serum as it’s rather thick. The below is the Kerastase hair mask, which is to be applied during shower and to be left on for about 10 minutes. I replaced my hair conditioner with this and I loved the smooth texture it always give right after every application. 

Meet the men behind the scenes

Finally, some words to say…

It’s very important to find yourself trustworthy and capable hairstylists. You wouldn’t want anything bad happen to your hair, which I’ve experienced before and I really regretted it. I strongly recommend the Mucota Hair Treatment as well for any damaged hair because it really made my hair super smooth and silky, and the effect last much longer than any hair treatment I did before. 

So, what are you waiting for? 🙂

Pro Trim Hair Salon @ 313 Somerset 

+65 6238 7027 313 Orchard Road #B1-35


Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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