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(Took this off my instagram @chiamhuiy)

I love instagram. I used to think it’s a photo editing app instead of a social media platform. Cos all the photos I posted on instagram are automatically saved on my phone’s instagram photo folder! haha. So my first few photos on instagram are actually without captions and are extremely random. 

But almost 1 year of using instagram, I cannot believe how instagram has grown. Popular youtubers and bloggers can find themselves having thousands, or half a million followers! *eyes wide open*. For example, famous makeup youtuber Michelle Phan has almost half a million followers.

Instagram has very much became part of our daily lives and I won’t be surprised if people whine how much they can’t do without instagram now. Instagram has also evolved so much that we now have instavideos (videos on instagram, within 15 seconds), and even multiple videos framed together! 

Sooner or later, I’m sure there will be a demand for instagram photos to be printed. Instead of being the crowd follower, how about being the trend setter and start printing out your own instagram photos? 


Instagram prints are pretty useful. You can: instagram+milligramprints

Or design with stickers and give it to your friends!instagram+prints+singapore

Or how about hanging him on the shelves, like how I did here?


Milligram prints is a Singapore based startup, initiated by a local undergraduate who wish to make affordable printings available in Singapore. The instagram prints are in 7cm squares, and they are very handy! Photos are printed on hard paper which is in the middle of glossy and matte. I love the quality of the paper, it’s like those expensive art card paper, rather than filmsy coloured papers.

What’s more, delivery is free within Singapore!

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Their website is rather easy to navigate around. Steps are shown very explicitly on their websites, and they are mobile-friendly too. 

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Bundles available:  

Nanogram (4 prints for S$3.5)

Milligram (12 prints for S$8.5)

Kilogram (more than 24 prints for S$0.65 per print) 

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For now, you readers can enjoy discounts if you would like to have your instagram photos printed out! Quote “CEL10” for a 10% discount! Promo quote ends 30november, so hurry!


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