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shopping We all love shopping. It has come to a point that we took the obligation to ourselves to compare prices online. It’s definitely great that there are so many websites out there right now for us to shop online. Have you ever rush to buy something online and found out that the same product is actually cheaper on another website? You got so carried away when seeing the product you want and make the decision to buy without comparing against other stores. It is one of the most frustrating thing ever! Going around and comparing prices takes a lot of time and effort. I’ve found a website that does all of this for me. Priceza Singapore is a price-comparison website that compare product prices from renowned websites from all over Singapore in 3 easy steps, Search, Compare, and Buy! Let’s take a look at how you can take advantage of their website..
To me, Priceza is basically a search engine for shopping. There are so many product categories that are available for searching such as computers, smartphones, cameras, home appliances, fashion, cosmetics, health, baby, books, and even groceries! They pretty much have everything for any kind of shopper you may be. So, if you happen to see pair of heels you like on the magazine, or a browsing for new phone that you want, you can just type in the brand or model of the product in the search box right in their homepage and hit search to see the results! pic%2B1 Another way to search is through clicking the circular buttons, with each button representing different categories. Once I click on the button, such as “cosmetics,” I am taken to another page with more specific subcategories like lipsticks, women’s perfumes, eyeshadow, and much more! The best thing about Priceza is definitely their comparison feature. As mentioned earlier, there is nothing worse than overpaying for the product that you want, and found out later that you could have save some money, if you took the time to compare against different websites. Let’s take a look at their “compare” feature. pic%2B2 So, I went ahead and try to search for a new sunglasses. In the search box, I typed in “sunglasses.” Here is what the search result looks like. I can see many brands like Ray-Ban, Prada, and Oakley. On the right hand side, I can see the “starting price” for that particular sunglasses. Below that is the “compare prices” button. I scrolled down further and hit the compare button for a Ray-Ban Clubmaster. pic%2B3 Here’s what their “compare page” looks like. The first thing I notice on this page is the “product review” button. Which I think is great, it’s good to see some reviews from other shoppers before you buy, especially if it’s an expensive product like cameras or smartphones. I can also write my own review if I wanted to on their website. Below that are the different prices for the Ray-Ban Clubmaster. The lowest price right now seems to be $172.76. However, not everything can be “compared.” For example, when I search for “Nike running shoes,” it currently does not allow me to compare. But, when searching for most electronics like the iPhone or an iPad, the compare feature is definitely available. Prices are not the only thing that I can compare through Priceza. I can also compare the website’s payment method and whether if the website charges delivery fee! I can make a better choice in which shop I should buy from based on these information. Once I am happy with the search result, and the prices that’s right for me, I can click “go to shop,” where I will be redirected to the website that currently has my product for purchase! I found that Priceza has products from many stores that I am familiar with such as Zalora, Luxola, Lazada, Apple Online Store Singapore, and Microsoft. How else is Priceza useful for shoppers? I love getting great deals. And I believe that everyone does too. Fetching good deals gets me excited whenever I shop. What I also find Priceza to be useful is their promotion” page. They have compiled great promotions from websites all over Singapore that currently offers special sales. Instead of having to browse through different websites to see if they are currently offering any special promotion, Priceza makes it much easier for you to see what deals are available. They also has information such as the sale “expiration date” right beneath each promotion as well. There is nothing worse than finding out later that the sale has expired. pic%2B4 If you think about it, this is very useful. Not only that I will be able to save time browsing around for promotions, I can unsubscribe from many online shopping website for coupons that end up in junk mail folder. If I want to compare product prices and look for promotions, I can do it all in one place! Stay up-to-date is on product releases and read about product reviews is essential when buying online. Priceza has a dedicated page for news and articles too to help shoppers make smart choices when shopping. pic%2B5 Here’s what their “articles” page look like. It seems that they have a wide range of topics such as fashion how-to’s, new gadget release, product reviews, beauty tips, and buying guides too! After reading their guides, there are also related and recommended products from the article that I can choose to buy. For example, I clicked on the article about the release of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus article, and scrolled down at the bottom. There are related products such as the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. I don’t need to waste time search products, when I can get it all right here! Priceza is a one-stop-shopping destination for online shopping in Singapore. It does all the work for me by comparing prices for the product that I want. I can also browse for current promotions, as well as reading useful news and articles right in one website. So, if you want to save time and money when shopping, be sure to visit Priceza Singapore to compare prices before you buy!  -This article is made possible thanks to Priceza-

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