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A lot of people claimed that I’ve grown so much tanner after each trip. 

That I don’t deny, because the sun here in Europe seem to be really powderful! I’ve never been so tanned in my life before, or probably because I don’t hang out outdoors for so long like how I did during my travels. So I really cannot imagine surviving without sunblock and my sun shades. 

My daily essential care steps include putting basic skincare products, sunblock and finally wearing my shades before stepping out of the house. Thankfully, I have my handy POLICE shades with me! 

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Police+shades 1
PS: I’m no longer carrying blonde-brown hair. I’m dyed back to dark brown because I don’t think it suits me 🙁

Yup… absolutely not..

I got hold of this pair of shades from Police courtesy to Eye-trendy. It’s chic, it looks expensive and most importantly, it’s unisex. Shades come in so many forms, people are really spoilt for choices. I am not recommending you to get the exact pair that I’m wearing because it might not suit you. I went through a selection of shades before eventually picking this pair because of one simple reason: I like it! And it’s really easy to pair this shades with almost any outfits. I like how it matches my new hairstyle, even when I tie up my hair. The side details are also to my likings, especially the gold frame on the chic matte brown temples (side of spectacles).
Eyetrendy+Singapore 2 POLICE eyewear not only has this design, it also carries a huge range of designs for you to choose. If you ask me why POLICE, then I would say the brand is established enough to earn your trust. To view their collection, visit Eye-trendy for more. Eyetrendy+Singapore 3



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