Pink Gradient Nails Tutorial – Celine Chiam | Singapore Lifestyle, Beauty and Travel Blogger

If you’ve read my food review about Canopy Dining Bar, you would have notice my pink gradient nails at the end of the post.  IMG 3380

I’ve done up a very low quality video on how to do it cos I used my laptop webcam haha! I don’t know how to place my camera in such a way that it can video me doing my nails, so oh well. 

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2012 12 12+19.52.00

Enjoy the video! 🙂

Not sure since when I started liking to do nails and became pretty good at it haha. Save me a lot of money from visiting nail salons! 

Hui Yan- 

Celine Chiam is a Singapore Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blogger. Welcome to her world of beauty reviews, travelogues and every day tips! She’s on #dayre (@chiamhuiy) and instagram (@chiamhuiy) as well.

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