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Picking a hotel that suits your style and fits your requirement without having to burn a hole in your wallet is quite a challenge, don’t you agree? Hotels with decent quality and good services are hard to come by, and they are usually at least 4-5 stars, which means they fetch quite a high price per night! Before I travel, I usually take some time to browse online to search for the cheapest hotel options available online. I hardly book through the hotels’ websites themselves because they don’t usually offer a good pricing. Sometimes, websites that allow prices comparing like Expedia Singapore is pretty useful too!

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Another useful website that I once used was Hotels.com. Sometimes, Hotels.com promotion codes are also available for you to enjoy on top of the already competitive hotel pricing online. 

Let me tell you a true story. There are many websites online that guarantees cheapest and most competitive hotel pricing, and if you can find an even cheaper pricing for the exact same booking (eg. same price for the same date of hotel nights you book), you can actually email and complain about the price difference. It happened to me once and I screenshot the cheaper option and email it to the support email, and I got my refund within the next working day. That’s how great comparing prices online for hotels is!!! 

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So yes, don’t forget to do some work before you travel! 

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