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This new blog template has been there for quite some time already, which also ushers in a change of this blog focus because I’ll be heading Germany for university exchange. I’ll be away for a good 5 months so I’ll be mostly updating this blog with travel posts (all around Europe) and travelling tips. Don’t worry because I have a few sponsored posts and reviews coming up!

I didn’t hire a web designer because I don’t want to waste that money. So I search for free blogger templates online and customized this myself. There’s not a lot of customization done but all I can say is, HTML coding and CSS is one hell of a difficult thing! Hahaha. I spent a few days working on the template, doing trials and errors and sometimes it got really frustrating. But at the end of the day, I really love this simple web design! Most importantly, I played a part in coming out with this design! 🙂

Having said that, when you see this new web design, you also notice some photos of me taken by a professional photographer. That’s right, it all happened under the collaboration with Eric from FotographEY. 

YIP9005 2 YIP9115

Let’s meet Eric!

(Not a fantastic photo of the charming man but this was all I had!)

IMG 6408

Eric is a freelance photographer who specializes in maternity and yoga shoot. But photography doesn’t restrict him in these two areas only. We discussed if there’s any way to collaborate and just nice at that time, I had the idea of changing my web design. I thought, what else other than photos can better complement my new web design? So I told Eric I needed a batch of professional photos of myself, and the rest were history.

 Eric is a really nice guy who has great passion in photography. Throughout the photoshoot with Eric, I can feel that he shows respect in the things I would like to achieve. Despite having no experience in photoshoots, he managed to make me feel at ease the whole time. I still remember at times, I need to put a huge smile on my face so Eric had to start making silly loud laughters out of nowhere in order to make me smile!


Laptop is the most vital tool in my blogging career, second being my camera. 

YIP9017 YIP8980

I really appreciate Eric’s time and effort in making these photos possible. If you’re looking for a professional freelance photographer for your event/wedding/maternity photoshoot, you can hop on to his Facebook to look at his works *winks.

It’s really easy to work with him. All you have to tell him is the theme of the shoot you would like to have. If you can’t articulate the idea out, you can simply save up some photos of your ideal shoot and show it to Eric, and he’ll try his best to bring out a similar kind of atmosphere in your photos, based on the ‘samples’ you provide him. Sounded as simple as ABC ya!

Some of my favourites by Eric here:


Eric Yip





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