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I’ve done quite a few slimming and detox sessions before, but today’s review is something really different. Phoenix La Beaute Singapore’s Universal Contour Wrap is one of the most effective and fastest slimming treatment, so much so that celebrities are relying on such detox treatments to lose inches off their bodies instantly and look red carpet-ready for major events. Find out more as you read on about this Universal Contour Wrap (UCW) treatment…

Phoenix La Beaute @ Palais Renaissance Mall


A quick background of Phoenix La Beaute Singapore’s Universal Contour Wrap (UCW)

UCW has been tested and proven to result in an overall loss of at least 6 inches from the body after the first treatment (if your BMI is > 22). I’m a BMI 19.2 (within healthy range of 18.5 to 22.9), and I lost an astounding amount of 10 inches overall. My therapist didn’t expect such good result, but this only proves that I had tonnes of impurities and toxins in my body, and they need to be flushed out of my body! 🙁

The efficacy of UCW® has been put to the test by the School of Biosciences from the University of Westminster. The main ingredient of this treatment was Sea Clay from the Dead Sea, widely known for its healing and therapeutic properties. It is mainly rich in minerals that draws oils and toxins to purify and cleanse the skin, at the same time detoxing your body.


The detoxing treatment begins

The moment I arrive Phoenix La Beaute at Palais Renaissance, I was brought into the consultation room for a thorough consultation. The therapist got to understand my body concerns, my worries and what I would like to attain after the treatment. I also got to understand more about the treatment that I was undergoing. 

To be able to compare the before and after, the consultation was really thorough and it goes as far as understanding my working habit, lifestyle and diet. We continued to take down the measurements for the areas that I’ll be going through the treatment.


After which, I had a quick shower to remove any body lotion or perfume I had on my body. Apparently, any lotion on your body would clog up the pores, thus blocking any sea clay from cleansing your pores. 

Once done with shower, I went into the Sunlight Impulse Sauna, which is designed with infrared lightings to warm up the body and open up the pores. During the 10min duration, my body heats up gradually while I got to kill some time reading magazines. Despite the heat, I did not perspire at all (and I am not supposed to). It’s just to heat up my body within the 10 mins. 


In the ampulse room

Before we began the wrapping session, don’t forget that I had my measurements done. The therapist was really very meticulous and she made small little pen markings on different places so that the measurements after the wrapping sessions will be on the exact same place. 


Talking about meticulous and effort, I think the wrapping session was one hell of a tedious work. I can tell you it takes so much effort to wrap the cloth around my limbs and body parts one by one, sometimes little amount of strength also had to be applied in order to achieve ideal result. This is also another thing that not many slimming treatments can compare to. Instead of carrying out the treatment with the ease of machines, this Universal Contour Wrap requires a lot of manual work from the therapist. This also mean more catering and tailoring of the treatment to the patients.




After a round of tedious wrapping, I was brought to a room to lie down and rest for a good 45mins. Without having to do anything, the detoxification process takes place as I manage to catch a quick nap… 

Finally, the whole session was done in 2.5 hours and I was given a nice cup of fiber drink. The therapist then calculated the differences of my measurements before and after Universal Contour Wrap.

The Result

First up, the loss of a total of 10 inches was impressive. Don’t forget, I DID NOT perspire at all throughout this session, so it’s definitely not water loss! This detox treatment is definitely effortless and results are instant. After all, it’s always good to have a quick detox session to flush out all the toxins we accumulate in our bodies after a while. In fact, I like the idea that this treatment mainly uses Sea Clay from the Dead Sea, which is also very nourishing for the skin while at the same time good at detoxifying. Besides, it’s quite an interesting experience! 

Remember, I didn’t perspire so it cannot be water loss. 😉
If you’re interested to check it out, Phoenix La Beaute has a special promotion for first time customers”

Phoenix La Beaute 

Palais Renaissance Mall

390 Orchard Road, #03-01 Palais Renaissance, 238871

Phone:6733 0088

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