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Find Your Perfect Pet Shop For Sale In Singapore And Start Your Own Business Today!

Looking to venture into the booming pet industry in Singapore? Did you know owning a pet shop can be an exciting and profitable way to make a living. This blog will guide you on how to find the perfect pet shop for sale, walking you through benefits of buying an existing business, factors to consider before investing, useful tips for purchasing, and more.

Ready to be your own boss? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • The booming pet industry in Singapore offers opportunities to start your own successful pet business by purchasing an existing pet shop.
  • There are various types of pet shops for sale in Singapore, including luxurious grooming salons, fish shops, high return pet shops, freeze-dried artisanal treat businesses, and even a pet-friendly Thai restaurant.
  • Buying a pet shop comes with benefits such as an established customer base, proven success, and the opportunity for growth in the growing market of pet ownership in Singapore.
  • Factors to consider before buying a pet shop include location, licensing and regulations from authorities like the Animal & Veterinary Service and National Parks Board, managing inventory and equipment efficiently, and ensuring financial stability.

Pet Shops For Sale in Singapore

A retail store filled with colorful pet products, toys, food, and accessories.

Discover a variety of pet shops available for sale in Singapore, offering opportunities to start your own successful pet business today.

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Luxurious dog and cat Grooming Salon

A pampered white Maltese dog surrounded by luxurious grooming products, different faces, hair styles, outfits, and well-lit atmosphere.

The luxurious dog and cat grooming salon in Marine Parade, Singapore is up for sale. It comes with a hefty price tag of S$6,419. This stylish pet spa offers exclusive high-end animal grooming services to pamper your pets.

The professionals at this upscale salon take good care of all pet needs. If you are looking for a profitable business, this might be the perfect choice!

Fish Shop Near Bedok Central For Takeover

A close-up photo of a vibrant coral reef showcasing diverse marine life and underwater scenery.

There is a fish shop near Bedok Central up for grabs. It sits at BLK 416 BEDOK NORTH AVE 2. The owner loves fish and water animals. Since 1981, the shop has sold great pets, tanks, plants and pet food.

This is an excellent chance to own a business you will love! With years of good work behind it, this shop gives high-quality items to its buyers. Owning this store means taking care of all kinds of sea life and meeting others who share your interest in these creatures.

High Return Pet Shop For Sale

A happy family surrounded by various pets in a well-stocked pet shop.

One pet shop in Singapore makes a lot of money. This store sells pets and pet things. People who love animals can make this their job by buying the store. The store has many dogs, cats, fish and bird for sale.

All pets are healthy and well cared for. Buyers need to get a license to keep the business open. This will let them show off pets for sale or send them to new homes abroad. Buying this high return pet shop is a good idea if you love animals and want your own business!

Freeze-Dried Artisanal Pet Treat Business

A happy woman feeding her pet artisanal treats in a modern kitchen.

In the freeze-dried artisanal pet treat business, you can create high-quality treats for pets using a special process called freeze-drying. This method retains over 90% of the nutrients in the ingredients, making it a healthy choice for our furry friends.

There are several companies in Singapore that specialize in this type of pet treat production. Pawspiracy offers a range of freeze-dried treats suitable for cats and dogs, while Gourmate Pet Treat Co.

focuses on producing human-grade treats under strict hygiene standards. Feed My Paws is a pet bakery that handmakes freeze-dried treats using fresh ingredients. Plus, popular pet shop Polypet Singapore also offers a variety of freeze-dried pet treats along with their other products.

Pet-Friendly Thai Restaurant

A diverse group of friends enjoy a meal with their pets at a lively outdoor patio.

In Singapore, there is a pet-friendly Thai restaurant that is associated with pet shops for sale. This unique dining establishment allows pet owners to enjoy delicious Thai cuisine while bringing their furry companions along.

With its pet-friendly policies, this Thai restaurant creates a welcoming atmosphere for both humans and pets alike. It offers an opportunity for individuals interested in the pet industry to combine their love for food and animals by owning a restaurant alongside pet shops.

Whether you’re a fan of Thai food or looking to venture into the world of pet business, this combination could be the perfect opportunity for you in Singapore’s bustling market.

Online and Retail Pet Store Company

A joyful family enjoys playing with their pet cat in their cozy living room.

Neko Jam is a popular online and retail pet store company in Singapore. They offer a wide range of affordable pet supplies, especially for cat owners. Whether you need food, toys, accessories, or grooming products for your furry friend, Neko Jam has got you covered.

With their convenient online platform and physical store locations, they make it easy for pet owners to find everything they need in one place. Neko Jam is known for their high-quality products and excellent customer service, making them a go-to choice for many pet owners in Singapore.

Profitable Pet Supplies Retail Chain

A diverse group of happy pet owners shopping for pet supplies in a well-stocked retail store.

A profitable pet supplies retail chain is currently available for sale in Singapore. This retail chain specializes in offering a wide variety of pet supplies, including animal care products, pet food, and accessories.

With the increasing demand for pets and the growth of the pet industry in Singapore, owning a successful pet shop can be a lucrative business opportunity. The retail chain has established itself as a dominant player in the market with its affordable prices and island-wide presence.

Currently employing over 40 staff members located across different areas of Singapore, this retail chain provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the thriving pet retail market.

URA Approved Pet Hotel

A joyful family and their dog enjoying their time together at a well-equipped pet hotel.

If you’re looking to buy a pet shop in Singapore, consider an URA approved pet hotel. This means that the pet shop has obtained approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to provide pet boarding services.

However, it’s important to note that URA approval for a pet shop doesn’t automatically include permission for pet hotel and boarding services. To establish a pet boarding service, URA requires approval for a change of use of premises.

The guidelines and regulations provided by URA help ensure that commercial premises used as pet shops, including pet hotels, meet the necessary standards for animal care facilities.

Online Pet Accessories Store

If you’re looking to start your own pet business in Singapore, consider opening an online pet accessories store. With the growing popularity of pet ownership, there is a high demand for convenient and affordable pet supplies.

An online store allows you to reach a wide customer base without the need for a physical location. Take advantage of the competitive prices offered by online retailers like Neko Jam and PerroMart, which offer free delivery for orders above $79 and over 1,000 pet products for dogs and cats respectively.

Remember to follow industry practices, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and register your business to ensure compliance with regulations. Start selling cat supplies, dog supplies, pet products, and accessories today!

Benefits of Buying a Pet Shop

Cheerful family surrounded by various pets in a bustling pet shop.

Buying a pet shop offers several benefits, including an established customer base, proven success, and the opportunity for growth.

How to Start a Pet Shop Business | Starting a Pet Shop Business

Established customer base

Pet shops for sale in Singapore come with the advantage of an established customer base. With a growing pet industry in Singapore, these businesses have already attracted a loyal clientele.

These customers appreciate the pet shops’ understanding of their pets’ individual needs and the unique shopping experience they offer. Plus, responsible pet ownership is ensured through a screening process for pet sales.

Some pet shops even provide grooming services, which further attract and retain customers. Overall, buying a pet shop with an established customer base provides you with a solid foundation to build upon and grow your business in this thriving market.

Proven success

Buying a pet shop that has already proven successful can be a smart move for aspiring entrepreneurs. With an established customer base and a track record of profitability, you have a higher chance of success.

The pet industry in Singapore is growing rapidly, driven by the increasing demand for high-quality products and services. By investing in a pet shop with proven success, you can tap into this lucrative market and take advantage of the rising popularity of pet ownership.

With the right location, licensing, inventory, and equipment, you can build upon the existing success and further grow your business.

Opportunity for growth

The pet ownership in Singapore is increasing and there is a high demand for pets. This means that the pet sector is growing and there are more opportunities for pet shops to succeed.

With the right management, opening a pet store can be a lucrative business with low operating costs. You have the chance to tap into this thriving market and take advantage of the rising trend in pet ownership.

So if you’re considering buying a pet shop, now is the perfect time to seize this opportunity for growth.

Affordable entry cost

Starting a pet shop business in Singapore has an affordable entry cost, making it accessible for aspiring entrepreneurs. To get started, you’ll need to register your business and choose a suitable location.

This may involve finding a rental space or purchasing commercial property. The cost of acquiring the necessary licenses and permits will vary depending on the specific requirements set by the authorities.

However, with careful planning and budgeting, you can establish your own pet shop without breaking the bank.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pet Shop

A busy pet shop with a variety of animals and friendly staff assisting customers.

When considering buying a pet shop, it is important to consider factors such as location, licensing and regulations, inventory and equipment, and financial stability.

How to run a pet shop | Be the Boss


The location of a pet shop is crucial in determining its success. When choosing a location, consider the proximity to potential customers and if there is enough parking space available.

Also, look at the competition in the area and make sure to avoid setting up too close to other pet shops. Remember to factor in the cost of rent or purchase for the location. Additionally, ensure that the chosen location complies with regulations set by the National Parks Board and other relevant authorities.

By finding a suitable location, you can increase your chances of running a thriving pet shop business in Singapore.

Licensing and regulations

Before buying a pet shop in Singapore, you need to consider the licensing and regulations that come with it. It is essential to obtain a license from the Animal & Veterinary Service before opening a pet shop.

This license allows you to display, sell, distribute, and export pets. Pet shops selling dogs, cats, and rabbits are required to assess potential pet owners’ suitability before selling them an animal.

Compliance with animal welfare laws and responsible pet selling guidelines is crucial for obtaining and maintaining your license. Make sure you understand the legal requirements and go through the licensing process properly to ensure smooth operations for your pet shop business.

Inventory and equipment

Managing inventory and equipment is an important factor to consider when buying a pet shop. Efficient inventory management ensures that you have the right amount of stock available, avoiding excess or shortages.

This can be challenging for pet stores with large inventories, so it’s crucial to have proper systems in place for stock management and tracking. By keeping track of your inventory, you can meet customer demands and increase satisfaction.

Additionally, before starting a pet shop business, it’s essential to research the licensing requirements and permits needed. These regulations ensure that you operate legally and provide a safe environment for pets and customers alike.

Financial stability

Before buying a pet shop, it is important to consider the financial stability of the business. Pet stores are generally considered to have stability in the business, providing insulation from economic downturns.

The pet industry has shown resilience even during tough times, as people continue to invest in pet ownership and animal companionship. This means that there is consistent consumer demand for pet supplies and services, which can contribute to the economic stability of your business.

Additionally, if you need financial assistance to start or expand your pet shop, MPM Capital offers loans specifically tailored for pet shop and supplies businesses in Singapore, providing up to $2 million SGD in financing.

Tips for Buying a Pet Shop

A man and a woman discuss business in a pet shop filled with shelves of pet supplies.

Research the market, seek professional advice, and negotiate a fair price to ensure a successful purchase. Don’t miss out on these essential tips for acquiring your dream pet shop in Singapore!

Research the market

Before buying a pet shop in Singapore, it’s important to research the market. This will help you understand the current trends and demands in the pet industry. The pet market in Singapore has been growing steadily, with a projected size of US$111.9 million by 2025.

In 2022 alone, the revenue in the pet food segment amounted to US$108.10 million. It’s also good to know that many pet shops source their animals locally from farms or home breeders.

By conducting thorough market research, you can make informed decisions about which type of pet shop to invest in and ensure its potential for success.

Get professional advice

Professional advice is essential when it comes to buying a pet shop in Singapore. With their industry knowledge and expertise, professionals can guide you through the process of starting a pet store business.

They can provide insights on industry practices, help with business registration, licenses, and permits, and ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines for operating a pet shop in Singapore.

When seeking professional advice, consider consulting experienced business brokers or advisors who specialize in the pet store industry. They can help you navigate through the complexities of buying a pet shop and provide valuable guidance based on their understanding of the market.

Professional advice will also be invaluable when negotiating a fair price for your potential purchase.

Remember that obtaining proper licensing from relevant authorities is crucial before starting a pet store in Singapore. This includes getting an official License for Pet Shop from the Animal & Veterinary Service, which allows you to use premises to keep or display pets for sale.

Negotiate a fair price

To negotiate a fair price when buying a pet shop, there are a few key tips you should keep in mind. First, make sure to thoroughly research the market and understand the average prices for similar businesses.

This will give you an idea of what is considered reasonable. Second, seek professional advice from business brokers or consultants who have experience in valuing and negotiating the sale of pet shops.

They can provide valuable insights and help you navigate the negotiation process. Finally, be prepared to negotiate with the seller by presenting your own reasons and justifications for why you believe a fair price should be lower than their initial asking price.

Alternatives to Buying a Pet Shop

A joyful family enjoys playing with adoptable dogs at a vibrant animal shelter.

If buying a pet shop isn’t the right option for you, there are several alternatives to consider.

Buying a franchise

Investing in a franchise can be a great alternative to buying a pet shop. Franchisees benefit from accessing loyal customers and brand recognition. By investing in an established pet store chain, you can take advantage of its popularity and the trust it has already built with pet owners.

This can help you attract customers more easily and increase your chances of success. With the growing demand for pets in Singapore, there is ample opportunity for growth in the pet industry.

Plus, by joining a popular franchise like Pet Lovers Centre, which offers qualified pet advice and a wide variety of products, you can tap into the expanding market and meet the increasing needs of pet owners.

Investing in a commercial property

Investing in a commercial property in Singapore can be a lucrative opportunity. Before you start, it’s important to understand the regulations and potential stamp duty fees associated with this type of investment.

Foreign investors should also familiarize themselves with the different types of commercial properties available, such as retail spaces and offices. With careful consideration and research, investing in commercial real estate can provide long-term financial benefits.

Make sure to analyze the market, seek professional advice, and negotiate a fair price before making any investments.

Starting a new pet business

If you’re considering starting a new pet business in Singapore, there are various options available to you. You can start a traditional pet shop by obtaining the necessary license from the regulatory authorities and registering your business with ACRA.

Another option is to explore the online market by starting an online pet supply business. Additionally, you could venture into unique concepts like opening a pet cafe or offering specialized services such as dog grooming or pet training.

With the high demand for pets in Singapore and the growth of the local pet sector, starting a new pet business can be a rewarding and profitable endeavor. Remember to create a solid business plan, fulfill legal requirements, and choose a perfect location for your new venture.

Selling a Pet Shop

A vibrant pet shop storefront with various animals and supplies on display.

When selling your pet shop, it’s important to properly prepare for the sale, find potential buyers, value your business accurately, and negotiate a fair price.

How to prepare for sale

To prepare for selling a pet shop in Singapore, there are important steps you need to take. First, make sure you have obtained the necessary license from the appropriate authority.

This is a legal requirement and ensures that your sale is legitimate. Next, consider the financial side of your business by writing a solid business plan that includes details about your current assets, liabilities, and projected profits.

This will help potential buyers understand the value of your pet shop. Finally, follow industry practices and obtain any necessary business registration, licenses, and permits required in Singapore.

Finding potential buyers

Analyzing market opportunities is essential when it comes to finding potential buyers for a pet shop business. By studying the market, you can identify individuals or companies who might be interested in purchasing a pet shop.

This may include entrepreneurs looking to enter the pet industry, investors seeking profitable ventures, or existing pet businesses looking to expand their operations. Understanding the needs and preferences of these potential buyers will help you tailor your marketing efforts and approach them with an attractive offer.

Remember that presenting your business as a lucrative opportunity with a strong customer base and growth potential will increase its appeal to potential buyers.

Valuing the business

Valuing a pet shop business is an important step when selling it. The value of the business depends on factors such as its financial performance, customer base, reputation, and potential for growth.

To determine the value, you can consider the annual sales generated by the business. On average, pet retail businesses in Singapore generate around $400,000 per year. This figure can give you an idea of how much your business might be worth.

However, it’s also essential to assess other aspects like assets and liabilities before finalizing a price. Seeking guidance from professionals such as business brokers can help ensure you get a fair value for your pet shop when selling it.

Negotiating the sale

Negotiating the sale of a pet shop in Singapore requires strategic planning and careful consideration. As a seller, it is important to protect your business interests and ensure you get a fair price for your establishment.

When negotiating with potential buyers, focus on highlighting the unique selling points of your pet shop, such as its established customer base and proven success. Additionally, be prepared to discuss financial stability and provide documentation that supports the value of your business.

Remember to negotiate from a position of strength by showcasing any competitive advantages or growth opportunities your pet shop may offer. By taking these steps and conducting thorough research into market trends, you can maximize the value of your pet shop during negotiations.

Resources for Buying and Selling Pet Shops

A modern pet shop with a variety of cute and colorful animals, capturing the bustling atmosphere.

There are several resources available for buying and selling pet shops in Singapore, including business brokers, online marketplaces, and property search websites.

Business brokers

If you’re looking to buy or sell a pet shop in Singapore, business brokers can be a valuable resource. These brokers specialize in the pet industry and have connections with both buyers and sellers.

They can help you find potential buyers if you’re selling your pet shop or assist you in finding the perfect pet shop for sale if you’re looking to buy one. The expertise of these brokers allows them to navigate the Singapore pet shop market and ensure smooth transactions.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, working with a business broker can save you time and effort by connecting you with the right opportunities in the pet industry market.

Keep in mind that business brokers associated with resources for buying and selling pet shops are well-connected within the industry. They have access to an extensive network of potential buyers and sellers, making it easier for them to find suitable matches for those interested in buying or selling a pet shop.

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces are an important resource for buying and selling pet shops in Singapore. With the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry, there are various platforms available that cater to the pet supplies and products market.

These online marketplaces provide a convenient way for sellers to reach a larger customer base and for buyers to find a wide variety of options. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as competition and fees when using online marketplaces.

Despite these challenges, online marketplaces play a significant role in the expansion of Singapore’s e-commerce industry, which is expected to continue growing, especially in mobile commerce.

Property search websites

You can easily find property search websites in Singapore that specialize in buying and selling pet shops. These websites offer a wide range of resources to help you find the perfect pet shop for sale.

They provide information on various types of pet businesses, including grooming salons, fish shops, online retail stores, and more. You can also get guidance on starting a pet business from scratch and selling pet products.

These websites are a valuable tool for anyone looking to enter the thriving pet industry in Singapore.


A woman holding a puppy surrounded by pet supplies in a well-lit pet shop with a bustling atmosphere.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to start your own pet shop in Singapore! With a wide range of pet shops for sale, you can find the perfect one that suits your interests and goals.

Take advantage of an established customer base, proven success, and affordable entry costs. Consider important factors like location, licensing, inventory, and financial stability before making a decision.

Remember to do thorough research, seek professional advice, and negotiate for a fair price. If buying a pet shop isn’t feasible for you, explore alternatives like franchising or starting a new pet business.

Don’t wait any longer – start your journey in the lucrative pet industry today!

Final Thoughts

A happy family surrounded by adorable pets in a vibrant pet store.

If you’ve always wanted to own a pet shop in Singapore, now is the time to take action! With a variety of options available for sale, you can find your perfect pet shop and start your own business today.

Whether it’s a luxurious grooming salon or an online retail store, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. So don’t wait any longer – seize this chance and make your dream of owning a pet shop come true!


1. Are there any pet shops for sale in Singapore?

Yes, there are pet shops for sale in Singapore. You can find listings online or contact a business broker to explore available opportunities.

2. How much does it cost to buy a pet shop in Singapore?

The cost of buying a pet shop in Singapore varies depending on factors such as the location, size, and existing customer base. It’s best to research specific listings or consult with a business broker for accurate pricing information.

3. What qualifications do I need to start my own pet shop?

There are no specific qualifications required to start your own pet shop in Singapore. However, having knowledge and experience with pets, as well as basic business skills, can be beneficial.

4. Can I run a successful pet shop without prior experience?

While prior experience with pets or retail businesses can be helpful, it is possible to run a successful pet shop without prior experience by learning about the industry and seeking guidance from experts or mentors.

5. Where can I get more information about starting a pet shop in Singapore?

You can gather more information about starting a pet shop in Singapore by researching online resources on entrepreneurship and the local regulations regarding owning and operating a retail business. Additionally, reaching out to industry associations or networking with other business owners can provide valuable insights.

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