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When I was in France, I came across many times this popular boulangerie, PAUL. Besides its must-not-miss artisanal breads, PAUL also offers an enticing selection of food menu that sets out to satiate your palate. Be ready to indulge in the delectable French cuisine specially created by the PAUL Singapore Team. This season, PAUL has unveiled a new menu consisting some new dishes, which I would be happy to bring you through!

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Adventurous we may be, we decided to order what was new on the menu.  Lemongrass iced tea and sage chamomile iced tea are both refreshing drinks that can set the right appetite for the meal. Surprisingly I prefer my lemongrass iced tea although I am never a fan of lemongrass. But it was great and it sure managed to refresh my taste bud as more food started serving up.

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Salade de la mer ($20.90)

We started off the meal absolutely right with Salade de la mer ($20.90).  The fresh seafood salad is so mouth-watering delicious that it redefined my idea of a good salad dish. Interesting enough, you’ll find seafood and fruits mixed in the salad that brings out a perfect marriage of sweetness and savory. Not forgetting the freshest vegetables added as the star of the dish. I definitely recommend this if you’re a salad lover.

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Tartine boeuf ($19.90)

If you’re unaware about this, breads are a staple food for the French and most of the Europeans. As much as they do not share their food, the Tartines here in Singapore are presented in the way that makes sharing easier for us. Which explains why the Tartine boeuf ($19.90) are prepared in bite-sized portions for easy sharing. Grilled to perfection, pieces of sirloin steak are placed on a bed of caramelized onions topped with a dash of balsamic glazing, complementing the savory meat that comes with it. 

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Tartine boeuf ($19.90)

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Already looking impressive just by the way it is presented, the Longe de thon ($29.90) seasoned tuna loin manages to score a touchdown. Grilled to perfection and leaving the inner parts slightly raw is my favourite version of tuna. Not exactly common in Asia but the way they paired the sweet cranberry sauce with the savoury tuna was absolutely terrific.

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Longe de thon ($29.90)
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Longe de thon ($29.90)
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Confit de canard ($28.90)

I remember I’ve tried many duck confits in France and none of them disappoints. Like in France, PAUL’s Confit de canard ($28.90) is so perfectly marinated that it’s no wonder why this is one of PAUL’s favorite indulgences. Sink your teeth into the roast herb marinated duck leg and you’ll realize the moisture is still very well locked in the meat. What makes this dish even more appetizing is the seasonal cranberry sauce (yes again, but I love it!), which makes the savoury meat extra delectable.

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Confit de canard ($28.90)

Finally, be sure to save room for the dessert because you definitely do not want to miss their Éclair Paris-Brest ($7.50) and Gaufre avec glace ($13.90). 

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Éclair Paris-Brest ($7.50)

One of the most famous French dessert, the almond-flaked choux pastry is generously stuffed with hazelnut cream and accessorized with caramelized hazelnuts. Indeed a sinful indulgence but definitely a must-try. Somehow the hazelnut cream reminds me of ferrero rocher.

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Gaufre avec glace ($13.90)

Of course, my meal is completed when there’s waffles and ice-cream. The buttery waffle from Gaufre avec glace ($13.90) tasted very similar to the ones I had in Belgium, which is slightly towards the crispy and crunchy side. Drizzled with rich homemade chocolate sauce and topped with fresh berries, I truly enjoyed this dessert.

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PAUL has a few outlets and the one that I visited was at Tang Lin Mall. 

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Paul Bakery Restaurant


Tel: 6736 3205

163 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247933

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Thank you PAUL for the kind hospitality and delicious food.

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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