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Discover Convenient Parking Options Available At The Jam Factory In Bangkok, Thailand

Are you planning a visit to The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand but worried about parking options? Not to worry! This blog post will provide you with all the information you need to discover convenient parking options at The Jam Factory. From affordable and secure parking services to nearby parking alternatives, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to explore this cultural hotspot without any parking headaches. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand offers convenient and affordable parking options for visitors.
  • Wilson Parking is available at The Jam Factory, providing cheap and secure parking services. They offer Early Bird, Night, and Weekend parking options.
  • The Jam Factory has public restrooms, designated parking for parents with prams, wheelchair accessibility, and public phones to ensure a comfortable visit for all.

Overview of The Jam Factory

A photo of The Jam Factory's outdoor seating area with a view of the Chao Phraya River, showcasing a bustling atmosphere and diverse patrons.

The Jam Factory is a must-see spot in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s open every day from 10am to 8pm. You can find it along the Chao Phraya River. This place used to be old warehouses. Now, they are high-end Thai spots for food and shopping.

It’s not just shops and food here. The Jam Factory also loves art! They have great art shows at their gallery. Plus, the whole space has a cool look because of its riverside location.

Visitors never have problems with parking here. The Jam Factory has lots of spaces for cars. So you can enjoy dining options, cultural center activities or anything else without stress over parking!

Parking Services

A busy parking garage in Bangkok with neatly parked cars and diverse people.

Wilson Parking offers affordable and secure parking services at The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Wilson Parking

A spacious parking lot with a bustling atmosphere and a variety of people and vehicles.Wilson Parking is the best place for your car. It’s inside Jam Factory Car Park in South Yarra, Bangkok. It gives cheap and safe parking which makes it great for you.

This place has many options too. They have Early Bird spots if you park early in the day. You can also use Night ones when it gets dark or Weekend ones on those days.

So, next time plan to visit The Jam Factory, think about Wilson Parking! You will find good prices and safety here.

Affordable & secure parking

A happy family poses together in a parking lot with their car, captured in a vibrant and lively photograph.

The Jam Factory has safe and low-cost parking. You can park your car here without worry. They use a controlled parking system for safety. The staff hand out office-issued stickers to cars that park here.

Parking on Lat Ya Road is also cheap. Not all places in Bangkok offer this much value. At most sites, the cost is 40 Baht for each hour you stay parked.

These affordable parking solutions help you save money while visiting The Jam Factory. You get secure facilities and an easy place to leave your car at a good price!

Location & Directions

A serene sunset over the Chao Phraya River, featuring diverse individuals in various outfits and hairstyles.

The Jam Factory sits on Charoen Nakhon Rd in Khlong San, Bangkok. You can find it near the Chao Phraya River. This place is easy to spot as it is set up in big, old warehouses that are now new and lively.

For getting there, many roads lead you to The Jam Factory. Lat Ya Road is one such road with lots of parking spots around. Near this place, the Bangkok Education Office also offers more parking areas for those coming for work reasons.

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Amenities and services available at The Jam Factory

A woman in a wheelchair accessing a public restroom at The Jam Factory.

The Jam Factory provides a range of amenities and services for visitors, including public restrooms, designated parking for parents with prams, wheelchair accessibility, and public phones.

Read more to find out about the convenient options available at The Jam Factory in Bangkok.

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Public restrooms

A modern restroom with diverse individuals, stylish decor, and high-quality photography capturing a bustling atmosphere.

The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand cares about the comfort and convenience of its visitors. That’s why they have public restrooms available for you to use. These restroom facilities are clean, well-maintained, and easily accessible.

Whether you’re taking a break from exploring or simply need to freshen up, the Jam Factory’s public restrooms provide a convenient solution.

You can find these restroom services conveniently located within The Jam Factory building itself. So there’s no need to worry about wandering too far when nature calls. With their availability, you can stay comfortably at The Jam Factory and enjoy everything it has to offer without any interruptions.

Don’t forget that these public restrooms are just one of many convenient amenities and services available at The Jam Factory. From parking options to wheelchair access, they strive to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

“Parents with Prams” parking

A photo capturing parents with prams enjoying a day out with their children at The Jam Factory.

At The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand, they have convenient parking options for families with prams. This special parking area is designed to make it easier for parents to bring their young children along.

There are a total of 546 slots available specifically for “Parents with Prams” parking. With 23 projects associated with this parking option, you can be assured that there will be enough space for you and your little ones.

This thoughtful amenity makes visiting The Jam Factory hassle-free and family-friendly, ensuring a smooth experience from the moment you arrive.

Wheelchair & disability access

A wheelchair accessible entrance with a ramp leading up to a building.

The Jam Factory in Bangkok is committed to ensuring accessibility for all visitors, including those with disabilities. The venue offers wheelchair ramp access, making it easier for individuals using wheelchairs or mobility aids to enter and navigate the premises.

In addition to ramps, The Jam Factory has modified toilets specifically designed for disabled travelers. These accessible facilities are part of their commitment to inclusivity and universal design principles.

So whether you’re visiting The Jam Factory independently or with someone who has mobility challenges, you can feel confident that they have taken steps to provide a barrier-free environment.

In a city where public transportation is not usually wheelchair accessible, having an accessible venue like The Jam Factory is especially important. It allows everyone, regardless of ability, to enjoy the amenities and services available at this popular destination.

Public phones

A person using a public phone booth on a busy city street with various people and a lively atmosphere.The Jam Factory Bangkok provides public phones for visitors on the premises. These telephone booths are convenient for those who need to make calls while at the venue. With these telecom facilities, you can easily stay connected and make important phone calls during your visit.

The public phones offer reliable telecommunication services, ensuring that you have access to communication whenever you need it. So, whether it’s making a quick call or an urgent message, the public phones at The Jam Factory have got you covered.

VIP Club

A photo of a luxurious chandelier hanging from the ceiling surrounded by diverse cityscape photography.

The Jam Factory does not have a VIP Club at the moment. However, they do offer exclusive events and premium experiences for their visitors. While there may not be a formal membership program with special privileges and elite status, The Jam Factory aims to provide all visitors with luxury amenities and a pleasant experience.

Whether you’re visiting for an art exhibition, dining at one of their restaurants, or attending a special event, you can expect excellent service and top-notch facilities at The Jam Factory Gallery.

Leasing Enquiries

An open office space with diverse individuals and modern furniture, captured in a vibrant and bustling atmosphere.

For those interested in leasing opportunities at The Jam Factory, information on available spaces and rates can be found on their website.

Information on leasing opportunities

An artist surrounded by supplies and inspiration, creating detailed and diverse portraits in a well-lit studio space.

At The Jam Factory Bangkok, there are leasing opportunities available for creative businesses. If you’re looking for a space to set up your own business in a unique and stylish environment, this could be the perfect place for you.

The old factory building has spaces with large glass walls and iron elements, creating a distinctive atmosphere that stands out. While the specific number of available leasing spaces hasn’t been mentioned, it is worth noting that the Bangkok Education Office also offers limited leasing options exclusively for business use.

Whether you’re interested in office space or want to be part of the creative industry at The Jam Factory, there may be leasing opportunities waiting just for you.

Parking Availability

A photo of a busy parking lot with diverse people and a vibrant cityscape in the background.

The Jam Factory offers a convenient parking option with a number of spaces available for visitors.

Number of spaces available

The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand offers convenient parking options for visitors. There are a number of parking spaces available on Lat Ya Road, ensuring that you can find a spot to park your vehicle easily.

Additionally, the nearby Bangkok Education Office also provides parking spaces, but please note that these are only for business purposes. According to statistics, Bangkok has enough parking spaces to accommodate around 300,000 to 400,000 vehicles.

In an effort to make things even more convenient for drivers, there is a proposed system in place that aims to provide information about the number of available parking spaces without any difficulties.

Early bird, night, and weekend parking

For visitors looking for convenient parking options at The Jam Factory, you’ll be glad to know that they offer early bird, night, and weekend parking. This means that if you arrive early in the morning or late at night, or if you’re visiting on a weekend, there will still be plenty of parking available for you.

You won’t have to worry about finding a spot to park your car during these times.

The availability of these parking options ensures that whether you’re attending an event or simply enjoying some leisure time at The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand, parking won’t be a problem.

Nearby Parking Options

A bustling parking lot in front of The Jam Factory building with a variety of cars and people.

There are several nearby parking options available for visitors to The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand.

Description of nearby parking options

There are several nearby parking options available for visitors to The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand. One option is the car park located directly in front of The Jam Factory building.

This parking facility offers convenient and secure parking spaces for visitors. Another nearby parking lot is located just a short walk away from The Jam Factory, offering additional parking spaces for those who prefer to park elsewhere.

These nearby parking options provide visitors with easy access to The Jam Factory and its amenities without having to worry about finding a place to park their vehicles. Plus, some of these parking lots offer automated machine-generated ticketing and payment options, making the process quick and hassle-free.

Accessibility to Public Transportation

A vibrant city street filled with buses, trains, and people from diverse backgrounds and styles.

Nearby train and bus stations such as BTS Saphan Taksin Station and Chao Phraya Express Boat Pier make it easy to access The Jam Factory using public transportation.

List of nearby train and bus stations

The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand is conveniently located near several train and bus stations, making it easily accessible for visitors. The BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) trains are a popular mode of transportation in the city, and the closest station to The Jam Factory is Saphan Taksin Station.

From there, you can take a short walk or grab a taxi to reach your destination. Another option is the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) trains which are also well-connected to various parts of the city.

For those preferring buses, there are numerous bus stations nearby that provide convenient access to The Jam Factory and its parking facilities. With Bangkok’s extensive public transportation system, getting to The Jam Factory is both easy and hassle-free.


A vibrant garden full of colorful flowers and plants, captured in high-quality detail.

In conclusion, The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand offers convenient parking options for visitors. Whether you’re visiting the gallery, enjoying a meal at the restaurant, or browsing the bookshop café, finding a parking spot is hassle-free.

So why wait? Discover the ease and convenience of parking at The Jam Factory today!

Convenient parking options at The Jam Factory for visitors

Visitors to The Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand have access to convenient parking options. Located on Lat Ya Road, there are plenty of parking spaces available for visitors. You can park your vehicle securely and affordably with the Wilson Parking service.

Whether you’re visiting during the day or at night, there are parking options for all times. Additionally, if you have specific needs such as being a parent with a pram or requiring wheelchair access, The Jam Factory provides amenities like “Parents with Prams” parking spaces and wheelchair-friendly facilities.

With these convenient parking choices, you can enjoy your visit to The Jam Factory without any worries about where to park your vehicle.


1. Where can I park when visiting the Jam Factory in Bangkok, Thailand?

When visiting the Jam Factory, you can conveniently park at the designated parking area located near the building.

2. Is there a fee for parking at the Jam Factory?

Yes, there is a fee for parking at the Jam Factory. The exact amount may vary depending on the duration of your visit.

3. Are there any special parking options available for disabled individuals?

Yes, there are designated parking spaces available for disabled individuals near the entrance of the Jam Factory for convenient access.

4. Can I reserve a parking spot in advance at the Jam Factory?

No, it is not possible to reserve a parking spot in advance at the Jam Factory as it operates on a first-come-first-served basis.

5. What are alternative transportation options to reach the Jam Factory if I don’t want to drive and park?

If you prefer not to drive and park, you can consider taking public transportation such as buses or taxis to reach the Jam Factor

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