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Went over to try out some chinese cuisine with SY’s group of friends on the eve of christmas. I know it’s few days ago but I have many reviews waiting for me to complete!

We had to wait pretty long because there was a huge crowd. I guess it’s inevitable since it’s the eve of a public holiday and a festive occasion as well. 

But oh do stay on and read this review, because.. 

Verdict: Great chinese cuisine here!

PS: I didn’t bring out my camera because it’s not very nice if all eight of them have to wait for me to take a photo before they could eat. 

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This was what I ordered. Apparently, their La Mian was pretty popular and eight out of nine of us all ordered La Mian. In fact, they have a great variety here too! I think there were 10 different kinds at least. 

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Alright first up! 

I have limited photos though we ordered a lot of things, so pardon me! I will compensate with more words haha. 

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Shang Hai Fried Rice


Prepared with fresh prawn and chicken chunks, this fried rice outstands other normal fried rice with a tangy soy sauce. It’s quite filling for 1pax definitely. The ingredients are very fresh and there was an appropriate amount of it, pretty well done! 

My apology, but I didn’t manage to take a photo of the coloured Xiao Lao Bao, which is definitely their signature dish. So I manage to let you get a picture what it is: 

xiao long bao

Credits to

The colours are: White (Original), Dark Brown (Garlic), Green (Ginseng), Light brown (Foie Gras), Black (Black Truffle), Yellow (Cheese), Orange (Crab Roe), and Pink (Szechuan).

I got myself the Pink one, Sze Chuan XLB because I love sze chuan! 😀 

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This XLB is great! SUPER GOOD in fact! 

The thickness of the skin is so perfectly done. It’s not too thick like what you had in your XLB buffet. Oh obviously it’s not the same, how can I compare this with the free flow XLB. What’s commendable and surprising is the different flavours it carries. This is definitely my first time trying out a sze chuan flavoured XLB and I thought it was really nice. The broth inside is no longer the usual plain pork soup, but instead an interesting szechuan flavoured soup! Then of cause, different flavoured comes with different soup inside the humble XLB.

The menu of Paradise Dynasty has kindly included a short writeup on how to enjoy your XLB in the right way (in my own words):

Take a small little bite of the XLB’s skin and let it cool down a little. Then, have a sip of the soup in the XLB and there you go! 

This was the La Mian I had 

2012 12 24+14.30.59

Chicken Chop La Mian 


2012 12 24+14.31.04

First, the portion is small for a normal person. I’ve been trying to cut down my carbo intake so I didn’t finish it either. But the portion is really small for a guy, at least. 

The broth looks oily, yup it’s a little. The soup is especially bland to me, so I was disappointed. I’m a fan of strong tasted broth so I think this was ordinary. The Chicken cutlet was good though! Wasn’t very oily. 

We definitely ordered more than what you see here, which fetch a bill of $200+. But like I’ve mentioned, I didn’t take photos of them, sorry! 

But here’s what I thought were worth a mention: 

1. Pork Dumpling with Chili Sauce $4.80 

2. Pan Fried Pork Dumpling $3.90

3. Shang Hai Pork Bun $4.50

Alright overall, I would like to commend their delicious cuisine served in an appropriate pace. We ordered a total of 4 sets of XLB and they were served at staggered times, which was very meticulous because the XLB will turn cold before we can even finish the first set.

The whole restaurant was set in a slightly dim lightings, which sets me in a very good mood to enjoy the food and music. What I really suggest is to come in a group so that you can try out a bit of every dish, without spending a lot. The price are pretty much the same as those of Crystal Jade, and if i’m not wrong, cheaper than that! In my humble opinion, Crystal’s jade standard has deteriorated due to it’s increased commercialization, so why not spending elsewhere (paradise dynasty) when they are still put in the effort to keep their standard there? 

Till then, eat well! 

Paradise Dynasty

( Tel: +65 6509 9118

Address: 2 Orchard Turn #04-12 A Ion Orchard

Nearest MRT station: Right outside Orchard MRT station

Opening hours: 

Mon- Fri 11am – 10pm

Sat, Sun, PH 10am – 10pm

Hui Yan-

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