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udiva review

What do you usually expect when you come home from a long tiring day at work, or from long hours of shopping and carrying of heavy shopping bags? All I wish for is a comfortable massage that can rid all muscle aches that I have – on my shoulders, lower back and also my calve areas. If budget is a concern for you, and neither would I be able to afford large massage chairs, perhaps you can give the OSIM uDiva a try!


The uDiva is really versatile because it can be retracted into a small sofa. 

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Said to be small but powerful, I can testify how true is this. It may look small to you, but boy this massage chair can really massage with a great strength! Installed with 3D powerball massage, the OSIM uDiva is able to provide 3D Power-Ball Massage as though a real person is giving the massage. Its technology mimics massage techniques like kneading, tapping and rolling, all packed into an intense and precise full-body massage.

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What is Dynamic 3D Massage?

The uDiva’s Dynamic 3D technology delivers the most powerful 3D massage with 3 levels of protrusion, providing deep tissue relief for hard-to-reach areas like the neck & shoulders and lumbar. With innovative 3D Power-Ball Massage Technology, combined with best-in-class kneading, tapping and rolling techniques, the uDiva packs an intense, precise and effective full-body massage in one small beautiful sofa. For the back, massage techniques simulates that of a professional masseuse, with uDiva’s Kneading, Rolling, Tapping and Dual Massage offering a wide range of massage choices to please you, just the way you like it. For the foot, it helps to ease deep-seated aches for those tired calves, ankles and feet, after a long day. Techniques include wrap-around squeeze-and-knead massage, roller reflexology massage and vibration massage. -OSIM


OSIM uDiva also comes with many different kinds of massage types like “Neck&Shoulder” or “Lumber”, with different combinations of the different types of massage techniques as mentioned earlier. 


The best thing about uDiva is that it is easily retractable and can be kept at a corner of the house without taking too much space and blocking the passageway. They call it the SOFA when the back rest and leg rest are retracted back. A push of a button on the massage controller with bring out the leg massager and recline down the back rest.

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Backrest inclined/Footrest retracted 90 (L) x 70 (W) x 85 (H) cm 

Backrest reclined/Footrest extended 162 (L) x 70 (W) x 95 (H) cm


OSIM uDiva does give a very thorough massage with its 3D massage balls, but sometimes the strength gets really strong and every now and then I may let out a small cry because it gets a little painful haha! You get to switch between two levels of strength but even the lighter one can be really intense and powerful too. So this massage chair definitely suits people with persistent muscle aches because regular massage will probably alleviate the pain on your shoulder/back/calves.

It comes in five colours: White, pink, maroon, blue and black, giving you the choice to match your house’s theme and furniture colours. It’s covered mostly with padded leatherette, giving a very comfortable touch. I also like how it can turn into a lounger and allows me to rest while I watch the television ^_^


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