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Helllooooo everyone!! 

I hope you have been waiting for this! Because I’m going to make you drool in front of your computer screen! If not, making you hungry is fine with me too. 

Anyway, midterms have finally come to a stop for now but here comes projects. But hey! I shall get the food posts up first and do my projects in peace! 

Before I begin (sounds like a presentation script haha….), let me tell you what is this food trail all about! 

It’s kindly co-organised by BugisPlus (formerly known as Illuma), and OMY

BugisPlus is located at 201 Victoria Street, right next to Bugis street and opposite Bugis MRT station. 

I would like to thank OMY for the invite to this gastronomical food trail that surely made me put on a few kilos! I’ve had food tasting session before, but nothing can beat this experience where I get to experience 8 restaurants with more than 4 dishes each restaurants! 

Life’s too good for a big greedy foodie like me. 

So yup! Let me bring you through the first two stops we had! 

taipeistn IMG 7571

Here’s all the bloggers gathering before the food comes! 

taipei2 IMG 7585

They have a readily available and huge menu for you to browse! 

(Click for bigger view!)

IMG 7586

I was given this information kit so that I can blog as many details of the food for you to read! 🙂

IMG 7590 1

At the start, we were given a choice of your drink. I had Milk Green Tea ($2.50) and the clear one is Jasmine Green Tea with Pearl ($2.50). I guess the price is pretty okay! Same as other bubble tea outlets. 

IMG 7599

And next, we were presented lots and lots of streeeeettt fooodddddd.


IMG 7610
Cheese Crispy Chicken
$4.50 Alacarte, $8.20 Set 
** Sets comes with 1 side dish and 1 drink**

IMG 7601

Cheese Crispy Chicken
$4.50 Alacarte, $8.20 Set

Honestly speaking, my views about this is gonna be so bias. I am a cheese lover and I simply love this! The chicken itself isn’t those with thick layer of fried flour, leaving the meat pathetically little. $4.50 for such a big cup is pretty good. 

IMG 7616
 Original Crispy Chicken
$4.20 Alacarte, $7.90 Set 

I didn’t quite understand the need for the vegetables on top of the chicken. It does add flavours to it if you find original crispy chicken too plain. But if you’re not a vege lover, maybe you can ask the staff to remove it cause I think the chicken itself is pretty good alone!! Hahaha. 

There’s another crispy chicken in wasabi flavour but unfortunately we weren’t served with it. I have a strong feeling I will get it the next time I’m here! Because the first two flavours (original and cheese) have satisfied me, making me curious about the wasabi flavor. 

IMG 7628
Crispy Vegetable Combo
$4.50 Alacarte, $8.20 Set 

Guess you’ll be surprised to see fried vegetables ya? 

If they don’t look appetizing just cos they are vegetables, then you are wrong. If I didn’t remember wrongly, I was munching this most of the time, especially the broccoli!!! The fried vegetables was topped with seasonings so it added extra flavours to it. They were light and crunchy. One of my favourite! ^_^ 

IMG 7632

My favorite broccoli~ 

IMG 7624 1
Left: Oyster Rice Vermicelli Right: Braised Pork with rice

$4.90 Ala carte, $8.60 set each

 For the oyster rice vermicelli, I thought it was smooth enough to swallow without even chewing, yet at the same time not too sticky. Oysters were pretty fresh and huge too, as seen in the photo! 

For the Braised Pork with Rice, I honestly think it was a good choice for takeaway lunch/dinner. Obviously  it’s gonna keep you full for a few hours for the amount of rice it gives, topped with fragrant minced and sliced pork! Comes with vegetables and a full egg too, how can this be not worth the price, you tell me!? 

IMG 7613
Sweet Potato Fries $3

The sweet potato fries comes as a side by itself or pair it with any mains mentioned above! What I like about this is firstly the generous amount it provides, as well as the seasonings! But honestly, the seasonings gets a little salty so be prepared to drink lots of water (or their milk tea!!), or I believe you can simply request lesser seasonings sprinkled on it. 

IMG 7617

Weekday Lunch Special 


Chicken cutlet rice bento + drink 

(This is honestly quite worth it)

 IMG 7627

With that, be sure to drop by TaiPei Station for their street food! You can also grab a cup of it and eat while you shop!! That’s like an angelic pair of shopping and eating together. 

Next stop! 

laksania2 IMG 7672

As far as I know, Laksania sells everything that has got to do with laksa! 

In case you don’t know what’s laksa, it’s actually a Singapore local cuisine prepared with dried shrimps, coconut milk, laksa leaves and samba chili. You’ll be surprised what kind of food they have that somehow has to do with laksa! 

IMG 7639 IMG 7645 IMG 7646

Here’s all of us happily trying the laksa~

IMG 7647 IMG 7648

Laksania seems pretty well-received with all the good praises written for their laksa. My friend has previously mentioned this to me before and I can never beg to differ how great their laksa is.

IMG 7649 IMG 7651 laksania

The ladyboss explaining to us the different types of laksa we have, and what type of laksa she’ll let us try. 

First we had a starter: 

IMG 7654
Chicken Satay with Laksa Soup Based Dressing

I just want to do a shoutout about their unique Satay sauce! Laksa soup based, have you even tried it before!? I’m pretty sure many hasn’t, so if you would like to try something new, I suggest this! It’s creamy, authentic and tasty. 

The satay on the other hand was just right. It doesn’t stick on to the satay stick very stubbornly like how we always face. I know you know we all hate this. But no problem with this as the tender meat glides perfectly and easily as you take a bite. 

*Dip into the unique laksa sauce* 

IMG 7667 IMG 7652 That’s Rachel! One of the bloggers who attended the event. A petite girl who can actually eat a lot! 

Very shortly after, we were first served with their specialty dish, the .. 

IMG 7643
Kelatan Laksa

This dish is perfect for people who can’t take spicy. It’s also mentioned as kids-friendly on their website. 

Though with the lack of spiciness, be pleasantly greeted with the bountiful fish meat submerged in the soup. They don’t come in big slices, but rather tiny little pieces which you might not be able to see, but definitely able to taste and bite. 

I love it! Especially when the fish doesn’t taste too fishy. 

IMG 7642

IMG 7658
Sarawak Laksa

Before we tuck in to this dish, the ladyboss was already telling us this is a definite love-hate dish. Because of it’s strong flavour and aroma coming from flavored prawns and chicken broth. Fortunately, I belong to the love side because I kind of like the taste! My friends commented otherwise. Nonetheless, if you would like to have a daring try, go ahead. 

Something to mention about this is that the chicken slices were really generously included, as you can see in the photo.  

IMG 7655

Ok that best thing is always left for the last. 

Let me present to you the most cliche, common, not-so-happening lakasa ever…

IMG 7660
Singapore Laksa

...But no. This is not one you can easily find in your hawker centre. 


The soup itself has won many hearts. It was indeed spicy (I mean, it’s laksa!!), but it wasn’t just spicy alone, but more authentic than authentic laksa! I spoke to the ladyboss and told her how much I like this compared to the rest, and she replied that the soup was brewed from scratch, with ingredients like shrimps, shallots and local spices specifically chosen for creating this unique Singapore Laksa. 

If you ask me which to choose ultimately, go for this. 

IMG 7663

Overall, I love the concept of Laksania, where they attempt to transfer their passion for laksa and present you wide varieties of laksa-related dishes. If you are a laksa-lover, see you here!! 

IMG 7666


( Tel: +65 6636 9776

Address: 201 Victoria Steet #04-04 S 188 067

Alright that’s about it! Wow I spent 2 hours crafting this post (and editing the photos!!)… 

In any case, hope you like it and be sure to be back to read about the next 6 stops! 

Next post… Crystal Jade HK cafe and RockU Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill! 

IMG 7743

One photo to tempt you first 😛 

Hui Yan- 

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