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O’melon’s Chameleon Essence Queen CC Cushion got me really interested at first sight. The CC cushion consists of three shades in a beautiful swirl form for a flawless coverage. Read on to find out more about this unique CC cushion!

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The O’melon’s Chameleon Essence Queen CC Cushion comes with 3-shade (beige 50%. white 25%, pink 25%) to give a perfect blend of coverage.  The pink gives a healthy glow, the white gives a smooth coverage and the beige to cover blemishes.

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Like any other BB Cushion, it comes with a cushion pat in a cushion casing. 

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In fact, this CC Cushion is also equipped with a vegetal cooling essence to soothe heated skin and treat wrinkles while boosting elasticity. Great to use if you happen to head out under the sun often!


I’m quite likely the blend of the three colors, which you can see from the photo above that it’s quite good enough to cover some of my flaws, including dark circles. For any other casual day out, perhaps this would be a good choice for a light makeup look! 

Omelons%2BChameleon%2BEssence%2BQueen%2BCC%2BCushion 002

Thank you BNTnews for sending this lovely item over! 


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