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10 Essential Office Cleaning Services In Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

Struggling to maintain a clean and organized office space? With the hustle and bustle of the business world in Singapore, maintaining workplace cleanliness is often overlooked. This guide unravels 10 essential office cleaning services that will guarantee you an immaculate work environment, enhancing productivity.

Dive in for vital insights on ideal professional cleaners tailored to spruce up your corporate space!

Key Takeaways

  • Professional office cleaning services in Singapore have numerous benefits, including protecting employee health, prolonging the lifespan of the workplace, and maintaining a positive company image.
  • When choosing an office cleaning service in Singapore, consider factors such as specific cleaning services needed, size of the office space, reputation and experience of the cleaning service provider.
  • The top 8 office cleaning services in Singapore are A1 Facility Services, Sureclean SG, KMAC International, SparkCleanz, Easyclean SG,
  • To book an office cleaning service in Singapore, visit the website of the chosen company and use their online booking option. Same-day cleaning availability is also offered for urgent needs.

Benefits of Professional Office Cleaning Services

A professional cleaner in a well-lit office environment using modern equipment and wearing different outfits.Professional office cleaning services offer numerous benefits for your business. They protect the health of your employees, prolong the lifespan of your workplace, and help maintain a positive company image and reputation.

5 Reasons Why Office Cleaning Is Better Than House Cleaning

Protect employee health

A diverse group of colleagues wearing face masks practice social distancing in a sanitized office space.

Clean offices are key to keeping staff healthy. Germs can live on work surfaces and cause sickness. Professional cleaning fights germs and keeps the office free of disease. This helps workers stay well.

It also stops the spread of illness in the workplace. When workers get sick less often, they miss fewer days at work. Office cleaning is serious about your health. This is why cleaners use special rules for healthcare places when they clean an office.

They make sure every corner of your space gets scrubbed down well, killing any germs that might be hiding out.

Prolong workplace lifespan

A photo of a clean and well-equipped office showcasing a bustling atmosphere and diverse individuals.

Office maintenance services go beyond just cleaning. They help your workplace last longer. This is called “prolonging the workplace lifespan“. Working in a clean, tidy space keeps everyone happy and healthy.

But it also keeps your office furniture and equipment in good shape for a long time.

Professional janitorial services play a key role here. They do more than just wipe down surfaces and empty trash bins. These pros take care of your store fixtures, carpets, windows, walls, and floors.

With regular upkeep from these experts, you can expect fewer breakages and damages over time. Plus, they use commercial cleaning solutions that are tough on dirt but gentle on assets! A clean workspace isn’t just pretty to look at – it’s an investment in the longevity of business tools too.

Maintain company image and reputation

A professional cleaner using eco-friendly products to clean an office with a bustling atmosphere.

A clean office helps keep a good company image. It shows that the business cares about its workers and clients. A pro cleaning service can make this easy to do.

Having a neat and tidy place of work makes people happy. Happy staff do better at their tasks. This boosts your firm’s name in a big way. Picking the right cleaning service in Singapore is key for this.

Using earth-friendly ways of cleaning also lifts up how others see your business. People respect firms that care about our planet too! So it works both ways – your choosing a good cleaner helps you, and it also helps the earth.

Choosing the Right Office Cleaning Service in Singapore

An office cleaner using a vacuum cleaner in a well-lit lobby, showcasing different faces, hairstyles, and outfits.

To choose the right office cleaning service in Singapore, there are a few important factors to consider. First, determine the specific cleaning services you need for your workplace.

This could include commercial cleaning, workplace cleanliness, office sanitation, and janitorial services.

Next, consider the size of your office space and how often it needs to be cleaned. Some companies offer different packages based on the frequency of cleanings or the size of the area that needs to be cleaned.

When choosing a cleaning service provider, it’s crucial to pick one with a good reputation and experience in the industry. A1 Facility Services, Sureclean SG, KMAC International, SparkCleanz, Easyclean SG, Getz Cleanz, LUKIS,and Budget Cleaning are all highly regarded office cleaning service providers in Singapore.

To find the best option for your business needs,you can ask for recommendations from friends or neighbors who have used cleaning services before. Additionally,you can do some online research and check credentials such as licenses and certifications.

Choosing thhe right office cleaning service is essential because it directly impacts your workplace’s cleanliness and hygiene.So by considering these factors,and doing thorough research,you will be able to make an informed decision about which company is best suited for keeping your office clean and welcoming environment for employees.You tackle this easily!

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Top 8 Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

A clean and organized office desk with a laptop, plants, and various individuals working.

Here are the top 8 office cleaning services in Singapore that you should consider for a spotless workplace. Find out more about each company and their services to make the right choice for your business.

Eco Friendly Office Cleaning

A1 Facility Services

An organized office space with modern furniture and plants, showcasing a bustling atmosphere with diverse individuals.

A1 Facility Services is a top cleaning company in Singapore that offers professional cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers. With over 10 years of experience, A1 Facility Services has established itself as one of the leaders in the industry.

They have a team of 200 employees who are trained to provide high-quality cleaning services. In addition to office cleaning, they also offer pest control and aircon services, making them a convenient one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs.

Whether you need regular maintenance or deep cleaning, A1 Facility Services is committed to keeping your workspace clean and hygienic.

Sureclean SG

A professional cleaner uses eco-friendly products to clean an office space in a bustling atmosphere.

Sureclean SG is a well-known and reputable cleaning company in Singapore. They are recognized as one of the top 8 office cleaning services in the country. Sureclean stands out for their exceptional professionalism and high-quality cleaning services, which include both commercial and housekeeping services.

They have a strong focus on customer satisfaction and provide excellent customer service to ensure that their clients are happy with the results. In addition to regular office cleaning, Sureclean also offers specialized spring cleaning packages in Singapore, tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.

With Sureclean SG, you can expect personalized cleaning solutions and guaranteed happiness in their services.

KMAC International

A clean and organized office space with diverse individuals working in a bustling atmosphere.

KMAC International is a trusted cleaning company in Singapore that has been providing professional home and commercial cleaning services since 2010. They are known for their well-trained cleaners, dedicated customer service, reasonable prices, and extensive range of cleaning services.

In addition to office cleaning, KMAC International also offers customized and flexible home cleaning options. With their recognition as one of the top 8 office cleaning services in Singapore, you can rely on KMAC International to keep your workspace clean and tidy.


A professional cleaner is seen cleaning a sparkling office with modern equipment.

SparkCleanz is a trusted cleaning service provider in Singapore and is among the top 8 office cleaning services in the country. As a NEA licensed company, they offer professional office cleaning services that focus on maintaining hygiene and providing deep cleaning for commercial spaces.

With their expertise and commitment to quality, SparkCleanz ensures that your workplace remains clean, fresh, and conducive for productivity. Trust them to take care of all your office cleaning needs in Singapore.

Easyclean SG

A clean and organized office space with employees working in a bustling atmosphere.

Easyclean SG is one of the top 8 office cleaning services in Singapore. They are a commercial cleaning company that offers professional cleaning and disinfection services at an affordable price.

With their NEA license, they ensure that they provide high-quality services to keep your office clean and safe. Whether you need office deep cleaning or regular maintenance, Easyclean SG has professionals who can handle the job with expertise.

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient cleaning and disinfecting services, you can contact Easyclean SG at +65 8875 6476.

Getz Cleanz

Ranked as one of the top office and commercial cleaning companies in Singapore, Getz Cleanz offers professional cleaning services for office buildings. They specialize in contract-based and ad-hoc cleaning, as well as landscape services.

Recognized as one of the best office and commercial cleaning services in Singapore, Getz Cleanz is known for leaving spaces looking and smelling refreshed, spotless, and clean.


LUKIS is one of the top 8 office cleaning services in Singapore. They offer both regular and specialized cleaning services to meet the needs of different offices. LUKIS has received positive Google reviews, which shows their commitment to providing quality cleaning services.

They are known for using the best and most modern equipment and procedures for cleaning. Along with other reputable companies like A1 Facility Services, Sureclean Singapore, and KMAC International, LUKIS is recognized as a trusted choice for office cleaning in Singapore.

Budget Cleaning

Budget Cleaning is one of the top office cleaning services in Singapore. They provide affordable and cost-effective cleaning solutions for your workspace. With Budget Cleaning, you can get value-for-money services that keep your office clean without breaking the bank.

They offer low-cost options that are perfect for businesses on a budget. So if you’re looking for an economical choice for office cleaning, Budget Cleaning is a great option to consider.

Special Offers and Popular Services

A diverse group of office cleaners working together to provide top-quality service.

A1 Facility Services, Sureclean SG, KMAC International, SparkCleanz, Easyclean SG, Getz Cleanz, LUKIS, B2S Specialist Pte Ltd, Axgee Cleaning Pte Ltd, Peniel Cleaning Pte Ltd and Nimbus are some of the popular office cleaning service providers in Singapore.

These companies offer a variety of special offers to attract customers. Some may provide discounted rates for first-time customers or bundle services together for added convenience.

They also offer popular services such as commercial cleaning, janitorial services, office maintenance and more. With these special offers and popular services available, it’s easier than ever to keep your workplace clean and tidy.

How to Book an Office Cleaning Service

A professional cleaning crew is seen using cleaning equipment in a bustling cityscape.

To book an office cleaning service in Singapore, simply visit the website of your chosen company and use their online booking option.

Online booking options

You can easily book an office cleaning service in Singapore through convenient online booking options. These systems are designed to save you time and make the process more efficient.

With just a few clicks, you can schedule a cleaning service that suits your needs without any hassle. Online booking also helps in organizing your business operations, ensuring that your office stays clean and well-maintained.

So take advantage of these timesaving booking options and enjoy the convenience of scheduling your office cleaning services online.

Same-day cleaning availability

If you need your office cleaned right away, there are same-day cleaning services available in Singapore. You can book an office cleaning service and have it done on the same day. These immediate cleaning options provide quick and convenient solutions for urgent cleaning needs.

So if you find yourself needing a clean workspace as soon as possible, you can rely on these expedited office cleaning services to get the job done swiftly and efficiently. Whether it’s a last-minute meeting or unexpected visitors, same-day cleaning availability ensures that your office space is always kept neat and tidy without any delays or hassle.

Rescheduling and cancellation policies

If you need to change or cancel your office cleaning appointment, it’s important to know the rescheduling and cancellation policies of the cleaning company you choose. Many companies have a cancellation fee because it can be difficult for them to find replacement cleaners at the last minute and they also need to cover their lost wages.

It’s crucial to have a clear agreement with the company regarding any changes in the cleaning schedule, as misunderstandings can lead to conflicts. So before booking a service, make sure you understand their policies on rescheduling and cancellations, so that you can avoid any issues in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A well-organized office space with diverse individuals working in a busy and vibrant atmosphere.

What is included in office cleaning? How often should an office be cleaned? What can be expected during an office cleaning? What should be done before the cleaners arrive? What materials and equipment are used? Are there any differences between Avalon Services and other companies? Can employees remain in the office during cleaning? What are the timings for cleaning? Is same-day booking available? Can bookings be rescheduled or cancelled?

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8. Tips for Maintaining a Clean Office Space:.

What is included in office cleaning?

Office cleaning services in Singapore typically include a range of tasks to ensure a clean and organized workspace. These may include dusting and wiping surfaces, vacuuming or mopping floors, emptying trash bins, sanitizing restrooms, and cleaning windows.

Professional cleaners follow high standards and use specialized equipment to achieve optimal cleanliness and hygiene maintenance. They also offer customized cleaning tasks based on the specific needs of each office.

With professional office cleaning services, you can expect a clean environment that promotes enhanced productivity and professionalism in your workplace.

How often should an office be cleaned?

Office cleaning frequency is an important aspect of maintaining a clean and healthy workspace. In Singapore, it is recommended to have regular office cleaning done on a monthly basis, typically every 4-6 weeks.

This ensures that the office remains free from dirt, dust, and germs. Regular cleaning also helps in preserving the lifespan of the workplace and contributes to the overall cleanliness maintenance.

By adhering to industry guidelines and standards, office owners can ensure that their workspace is cleaned thoroughly with attention given to important areas such as toilets. Effective communication between the owner and cleaning crew is crucial for addressing specific needs and requirements.

What can be expected during an office cleaning?

During an office cleaning, you can expect a thorough and professional cleaning of your workspace. The cleaners will follow specific cleaning protocols and guidelines set by the industry to ensure high standards of cleanliness.

They will focus on maintaining office hygiene, organizing and tidying up the space, and ensuring that all areas are clean and presentable. They will use appropriate materials and equipment to effectively clean surfaces, floors, windows, and other areas in the office.

Office cleaning services aim to enhance productivity by providing a clean environment for employees to work in. They also promote professionalism by maintaining a good working relationship with their clients.

What should be done before the cleaners arrive?

Before the cleaners arrive, it’s important to complete some tasks so that the cleaning process goes smoothly. Follow the cleaning guidelines and procedures provided, which may include pictorial guides for specific areas or items.

Decide where to store your belongings and use Table 4 as a general guide for storage locations. By preparing in advance, you can ensure that everything is ready for the cleaners and make their job easier.

What materials and equipment are used?

Office cleaning services in Singapore use a variety of materials and equipment to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning process. They typically bring their own cleaning supplies, such as disinfectants, detergents, glass cleaners, and floor cleaners.

These products are specifically designed for different surfaces in the office, ensuring they are properly cleaned and sanitized. In addition to cleaning supplies, office cleaning services also have janitorial equipment like vacuum cleaners, mops, brooms, dusters, and scrub brushes.

This allows them to effectively clean different areas of the office, including floors, windows, furniture, and fixtures. To maintain workplace safety standards and comply with regulations in Singapore,such as the WSH (General Provisions) Regulations,maintenance tools used by the cleaning crew are regularly checked for safety hazards.Workplace storage guidelines must be followed for proper storage of all goods,supplies,and substances used during the cleaning process.This helps ensure that hazardous materials or chemicals do not pose a risk to employees.Finally,the office cleaning service may provide an updated version of a comprehensive guidebook that outlines environmental management practices.These practices include waste disposal methods,and energy conservation tips.The inclusion of these materials,equipment,and guidelines ensures that the office space is thoroughly cleaned while prioritizing employee health and safety.

Are there any differences between Avalon Services and other companies?

Avalon Services stands out from other companies in several ways. Firstly, they prioritize eco-friendly cleaning practices, which not only benefit the environment but also create a healthier workplace for employees.

Secondly, Avalon Services is an accredited cleaning company in Singapore, ensuring that they meet high standards of professionalism and quality. Additionally, they offer customized cleaning plans tailored to the specific needs of businesses and implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistent service excellence.

With their focus on sustainability, accreditation, and customization, Avalon Services sets themselves apart as a top choice for professional office cleaning in Singapore.

Can employees remain in the office during cleaning?

Yes, employees can remain in the office during cleaning. It is safe for them to continue working while the cleaning is taking place. Professional office cleaners are trained to work around employees and minimize disruptions.

They use safe cleaning products and follow proper protocols to ensure employee safety and well-being. So, you don’t need to worry about having to leave your workspace or interrupting your work when the cleaning crew comes in.

Just carry on with your tasks while enjoying a clean and hygienic environment around you.

What are the timings for cleaning?

The article does not specify the timings for cleaning in Singapore offices. However, it mentions that thorough deep cleaning is typically done each season or month, depending on the nature of operations.

The exact timings would depend on the office’s specific needs and requirements.

Is same-day booking available?

If you need an office cleaning service in Singapore on the same day, you’re in luck! Many of the top office cleaning providers we mentioned offer same-day booking options. Whether it’s for an unexpected event or a last-minute request, these companies understand the urgency and can accommodate your needs.

So, if you find yourself in need of immediate cleaning assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of these reliable service providers for sameday appointment options.

Can bookings be rescheduled or cancelled?

Bookings for office cleaning services in Singapore can typically be rescheduled or cancelled, but it is important to check the specific policies of the cleaning service you are booking with.

Most companies have flexible rescheduling options and cancellation policies that allow you to make changes without any additional charges. However, it’s best to provide advance notice for cancellations to avoid any inconvenience.

Keep in mind that there may be different refund eligibility criteria depending on when the cancellation is made. For example, if you cancel more than 7 days in advance, you may be eligible for a full refund of room charges.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Office Space

A clean and organized office desk with minimal items and a supply of cleaning materials.

To keep your office space clean and organized, here are some tips:

  1. Dispose of waste in personal garbage bins.
  2. Keep a supply of cleaning materials in a basket or closet.
  3. Arrange and minimize items on the desk.
  4. Ensure proper floor maintenance to avoid complete floor replacement.
  5. Don’t overlook cleaning the windows in the office.
  6. Regular deep cleaning is essential; the frequency varies depending on operations.
  7. Use a damp microfiber cloth for dusting in a commercial workspace.
  8. Maintain cleanliness in the office by regularly emptying personal trash bins.

Accreditation and Accolades

A diverse office cleaning crew is seen in action, equipped with brooms and mops.

Accreditation and accolades are important factors to consider when choosing an office cleaning service. Look for companies that have received certifications, endorsements, and recognition from reputable organizations.

Here are some examples:.

Abba Maintenance Services has achieved NEA Biz Safe 3 accreditation.

That’s it!


A diverse group of office workers collaborates in a bright open-concept workspace.

In conclusion, hiring professional office cleaning services in Singapore is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy workplace. With the top 10 office cleaning companies listed in this guide, you can easily choose the right service to keep your office tidy, organized, and welcoming to both employees and clients.

Say goodbye to dirty desks and dusty corners with these reliable commercial cleaning solutions.


1. What are the essential office cleaning services included in this guide?

The essential office cleaning services included in this guide are dusting, vacuuming, mopping, emptying trash bins, and sanitizing surfaces.

2. How often should I schedule professional office cleaning services?

It is recommended to schedule professional office cleaning services at least once or twice a week, depending on the size and usage of your office space.

3. Can I customize the office cleaning services according to my specific needs?

Yes, most professional cleaning companies offer customizable packages where you can select the specific services you need for your office space.

4. Are the cleaning products used safe for my employees and the environment?

Yes, reputable cleaning companies use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for both your employees and the environment.

5. What should I do before the arrival of the cleaners for efficient service?

To ensure efficient service from the cleaners, it is best to declutter your workspace by organizing paperwork and personal items beforehand.

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