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Finally a product review after thousand of years! 

I apologise for this because Germany has restrictions on the products delivered into the country, especially medicated products including skincare products 🙁 

But that said, I wan’t to share this cheap decent matt powder that I’ve been using to mattify my face everytime after applying sunblock. 

Everyone who diligently applies facial sunblock should understand that there isn’t really a true 100% non-greasy sunblock ever. If it claims to be non-greasy, it’s probably LESS greasy, to an extent which is not so unbearable; because the texture of sunblock is naturally greasy and liquid-y! 

With that, I’m sharing with you my quick fix to a seemingly oily face – matt puowder! I don’t put makeup often so a matt powder foundation is my best-est friend. And this time, the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation is pretty decent, but I have my reservations too. So read on to know more. 

This NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation comes with a rather soft and fluffly sponge. 

The foundation texture seems to be smooth but when it comes to applying, it doesn’t seem to apply as smoothly and flawlessly as it looks like. I’m not sure if it’s because my face was a little dry so the application wasn’t that smooth, but I’m sure some foundation can do a good job even on dry skin. So, nope for application and coverage.


Some details and ingredient components that you might want to know: 


Now the application! 


From the right two photos, you can clearly see the difference between my skin right after applying sunblock (top right) and the one with NYX powder foundation (bottom right). 

Here’s a zoom in version for you to see it yourself: 

Pardon the angry pimples. I have been breaking out ever since I came to Europe. I never have so many big pimples at one go when I was back in Singapore 🙁 But luckily it’s only on the forehead!

And I’m very sure the pictures speak very well for itself. I don’t have to label which side has the powder applied. Spot the shine from the sunblock. And notice the visibility of the dark circles going down a bit. Pores are kind of covered too, giving a very smooth texture afterwards.


Previously mentioned, I think the application was a little not smooth and there’s some part the are patchy and cakey. But two layers usually solve the problem for me. 

And what happens after I head out for a few hours, attend class and walk a little under the sun? Here you go:


Some of the shine comes back a little after 4 hours, but it’s definitely not as oily or greasy as the one right after applying sunblock. The weather wasn’t so humid but the temperature is about 25 degree celsius. So oil-control and durability? I’ll say it’s decent and pretty good.  

So all in all, how would I rate the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation?

Price: Very affordable as I got it at SGD17 I think. 

Durability: Can lasts for a few hours, but definitely not 24 hours. Many products can do better and longer so it faired not so well in this aspect.

Effect: The powder seems to be able to cover up some pores that I have. Did I mention how smooth my skin was after applying the powder? It’s almost like baby skin. So I’m giving credits to the decent coverage. 

Texture: Quite light! In fact, really light.

Packaging: Nice sleek black design, where the sponge is hidden in the lower compartment under the foundation

Finally, I would say this NYX powder foundation is a cheap steal!

As a student myself, I totally understand the joy of finding a decent makeup product that serves good-enough purposes without costing too much. The foundation’s light texture and feel is good for oily skin too, since it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna clog the pores with many layers.
Where can you buy it? Singapore based online shops like Smoochiezz sell great range at good prices. Hop over and have a look!


And finally, I put on some eyeliner and blusher and I’m all ready to head out! (Lazy me usually don’t put mascara or lipstick).


No lighting filter or edits AT ALL! Hahah I’m so proud of the natural sunlight I managed to capture ^_^

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At the same time, I’m having a great dilemma about whether or not should I keep my short hair.  Sometime it looks good, but sometimes I look quite haggard! Ahhhhh. But photos always look good after taking thousands shots HAHA. 


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