November 2014 | Celine Chiam | Singapore Lifestyle, Beauty and Travel blogger

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The time of the year is here again! Let’s all begin our countdown for a brand new 2015 to come! Come to think of it, it’s less than two months before 2014 comes to an end. How did the year go for you? Was it smooth or was it filled with multiple setbacks? Maybe it’s time for us to sit down and reflect on how the past few months had been to us.

2014 is definitely a great year for me. In March, I began my University exchange in Germany, and I got to travel to 14 countries at least, within a short span of 5 months. After returning back to Singapore, my school work and blogging activities have been going rather well too, so I am very thankful for whatever I have. I’ve also found a very decent job! I’m satisfied, but I guess one should never stop wherever they are and be complacent. And finally the important annoucement – I’m also very honoured to be part of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown Campaign and be one of their blogger ambassadors! *pops confetti myself* hahaha. Which means, I’ll be giving away pairs of tickets to the countdown concert itself, so watch out for that!!! 😀

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