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 We have been seeing many aztec prints everywhere, haven’t we? 

From dresses, shoes, bags. 

 I’m sure there are aztec printed nail art too. But there hasn’t been many! 

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So today, after receiving some compliments from my friends about my aztec nail art, I would like to share with everyone how to go about making this simple and inexpensive nail art! 

Are you ready? 🙂




Let’s go! 

First, apply your favorite base coat to protect your nails from turning yellooowwww!


I use FaceShop base coat for my nails. All my nail polishes come from TheFaceShop cos I find them rather affordable and lasting 🙂 I think this is $7.90?


Do not worry about messing up, or ugly patterns; because this is what aztec is about! Messy patterns in a ‘neat’ way. In fact, you can always cover the flaws with black outlines later on. 

After that, I used a dotting pen to outline the colour blocks. 

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I got these dotting nail art pens at FaceShop (again) at yet another affordable price! And they are very very useful too 😀 

But one bad thing is that when I tried apply the  coat, the black lines smudged.. which explains why I didn’t post up photo of me applying the top coat, cos I didn’t.

In fact, I guess its time for me to invest to a good black stripper nail polish so as to make more nail designs! 🙂

Using the nailart pen…




These are my right fingers because I had to use my left hand to draw the lines. Very ugly I know…. 🙁

But it makes me happy to look at my left nails! 


Hope you like the tutorial! I will post more nail tutorials if people likes them! (I hope)

Do not be disheartened if you couldn’t get nice and pretty design straightaway. I took very long to learn painting nail art designs too, and there’s no such thing as effortless work! If your hands tend to tremble when you outline your nails, I do too! Again, all you need it to practise practise and practice, so as to make your fingers tremble lesser. :))) *wink*

All the best! Yay! 

Comment if you have any questions! 

Hui Yan-

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