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Good day everyone!! I’m really all excited because I’ll be flying off to Australia tonight! It’s gonna be pretty cold in Australia (about 18degree in the day but it can go all the way down to 6 degree at night), so you can guess I’m really worried about my skin? Let’s also not forget that aside from the cold weather, the weather there is really dry and strong gust of wing can be really merciless. Which brings me to today’s feature – I’m gonna show you my skincare regime which I’ll be bringing along to Australia! As you can guessed, I’m entrusting my whole face to solely LANEIGE to take care of my skin!! Let’s see what am I equipped with to protect my delicate skin, shall we? ūüôā


I can’t say I am familiar with all LANEIGE products, but I had some privilege to try out some of their products before fully committing to this brand. One good example is the LANEIGE Water Sleeping mask which I’ve reviewed before. You can click the link to read a full detailed review about the holy grail sleeping mask!¬†

This time round, I tried out the entire skincare range specifically picked out for my skin type. I have a combination skin with oily T zone, and my skin is generally dry as I always forget to drink enough water. Please do not be confused with the problems of oily skin and dry skin. They can both co-exist. Having oily skin does not mean your skin is moisturised, and having dry skin does not mean you cannot have oily skin! 

Let’s start and see what does my daily skincare regime consists of, shall we? ūüôā

LANEIGE%2BSkincare%2Bproducts%2Breview%2Bsingapore 3

First up in the line of 1234567 products, we have the Clear C Advanced Effector to rid all impurities before nourishing my skin with the products following up. It contains 92.5% Superberry Extract and thus is a very strong anti-oxidant product, prolonging your radiant and smooth skin.

LANEIGE%2BSkincare%2Bproducts%2Breview%2Bsingapore 4

Also notice that the bottle is labelled with measurements to ensure you are following the regime closely! Be generous, apparently this bottle should last you about 1 month to achieve its full efficacies. Try not to save on the product and end up with half-hearted results. 

LANEIGE%2BSkincare%2Bproducts%2Breview%2Bsingapore 2

Then, I continued with LANEIGE Power Essential Skin Refiner (Light) which acts as a Toner to the Koreans. Toners are known to double-cleanse your skin WITHOUT drying your skin or giving the tightening effect. This refiner, as how the name suggests, helps to purify and soften the skin to give a brighter looking skin. To apply, I used only one cotton pad to wipe my whole face. 

LANEIGE%2BSkincare%2Bproducts%2Breview%2Bsingapore 5

Then here comes the multi-billion question РEmulsion or Essence first? 

I was told to use LANEIGE Balancing Emulsion (light) first before the Water Bank Essence_EX because it’s more lightweight and act as a light moisturiser. I was given the ‘light’ version due to my slightly oily skin, so this would be great to control excess sebum secretion and balance the oil. The water bank essence on the other hand comes in concentrated ingredients to intensively moisturise my terribly dry skin, by having Hydro-ion mineral water penetrating deep into my skin.¬†

LANEIGE%2BSkincare%2Bproducts%2Breview%2Bsingapore 6

To compare between both LANEIGE emulsion and essence, you can see (picture below) that the texture of the Balancing Emulsion is slightly more opaque compared to the translucent Water Bank Essence. However, both feels equally moisturising when applied on the skin. PS: I love how both smell too!

LANEIGE%2BSkincare%2Bproducts%2Breview%2Bsingapore 7
LANEIGE%2BSkincare%2Bproducts%2Breview%2Bsingapore 8

I also did a quick research online to find that Emulsion and Essence alone are not enough to retain the moisture in our skin, or put it another way, to lock in the moisture. So to make sure my effort doesn’t go to waste, I’ll lock in the moisture using¬†LANEIGE Water Bank Gel Cream,¬†which is the most suitable for my skin under Singapore’s weather.¬†

LANEIGE%2BSkincare%2Bproducts%2Breview%2Bsingapore 9

However, LANEIGE was very kind to provide me their other version of the Water Bank Cream – the Water Bank Moisturise Cream. For the harsher weather in Australia, the LANEIGE Time Freeze Intensive Cream will come in handy as well. Let’s have a look how different they are!¬†

LANEIGE%2BSkincare%2Bproducts%2Breview%2Bsingapore 10

As you can see from the photo below, the three creams all come in totally different textures. 

The Water Bank Gel Cream is of course more lightweight compared to the other two since it is water-based. Slightly more nourishing and moisturising, the Water Bank Moisturise Cream would be a great savior to all ladies suffering from dry skins. Finally, for the slightly older ladies, perhaps a Time Freeze intensive cream that is ideally made to intensively moisturise and slow down aging would be a good choice! 


More about LANEIGE Time Freeze intensive cream:

It contains Peptide Water to bring moisture to the skin, Dynamic Collagen to tighten aged collagen under the skin and improve skin elasticity, to finally create a radiant healthy-looking skin.  


Of course, not gonna miss out taking good care of the most delicate area – the eyes. Using the LANEIGE Time Freeze Eye Serum helps to reduce signs of aging like wrinkling and dryness. I find the texture not too greasy so I’m feel rest assured that it won’t cause me oil bumps around my under-eyes.¬†

And as a perk-me-up every single day, I’m also gonna bring this TSA-Friendly Water Bank Mineral Skin mist wherever I go! Not only is the weather in Australia dry, the air and environment on the air plane itself is equally harmful. So i always like to bring a spray mist to perk me up, perhaps upon waking up from our midnight flight tonight?


Also loving this little adorable capsule sleeping pack¬†from Laneige which are made in such a way that you can open once and throw it immediately after using it. It comes with two substances, one being the brightening capsules and the other as the radiance gel cream. Before applying, I’ll have to use the spatula to mix it and apply onto my skin. Looking forward to try it out on the plane later!


And that’s about it!¬†

I will also be jotting down my journey on my own instagram as well as Laneige’s instagram very soon! Please join me over there as I walk you through the gorgeous sceneries in Australia! ūüôā Skincare%2Bregime%2Bfor%2Bdry%2Bcombination%2Bskin

Thanks for reading! ‚̧
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