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Who says healthy alternatives have to be bland, unexciting and dull? 

The Lawn aims to overthrow this misconception and here I present to you.. 

Meat your Greens at The Lawn! 

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IMG 6462

‘The idea for The Lawn came about after an exchange trip to the golden state of California, where we quickly realized that the Salad-eating trend has advanced and evolved beyond the conventional salad bars in Singapore now. Unlike conventional salad bars where cold, processed meat with run-of-the-mill dressings (we think that’s totally flat and boring) are served with your greens, Salad Cafes in California serves tantalizing premium Grills with unique and wacky dressings! Surely that will tease your tastebuds!

As the old adage goes, “What’s good for you is almost certainly not going to taste good”. The Lawn is on a mission to shatter this myth outright and put the “Oomph” back into all well deserving salads.”

I think this description of the restaurant is really apt: 

“Imagine a warm cosy enclave amidst the lush greenery of trees giving the comfort of their gentle shade, Imagine the loving embrace of a perpetual breeze, relaxing your tired mind, Imagine water trickling gently, from beautiful water features, Imagine leaning back over a cup of warm glorious coffee and allowing this serenity to heal and recharge you, No need to imagine anymore, we are real!”

The place gives out the vibe that is exactly described above. However, as the boss mentioned, do avoid the crowd which is from 11.30am – 2pm, as this is the time where all the working adults have their lunch breaks. 

In fact, here’s something to perk you up for avoiding the peak period! 

Screen+Shot+2013 01 24+at+7.43.35+PM

The Lawn provides more than a typical salad bar, where they introduce in the possibility of adding grilled meat into your plain dull bowl of salad. No oil, no frying! 

IMG 6458

There’s a small little platform elevated, mimicking the grass patch. Quite an interesting design! 

IMG 6464

Here’s a wide selection of Grills you can choose to go along with your salad. 

IMG 6461

Here’s a better view for you:

(Click for a bigger view)

lawn+grills+at+a+glance low+res+web  For description of each grill, click here

The current promotion that they are having.. which is like ending in few days time? Haha. Keep a look out for their upcoming promotions!

IMG 6455

Here’s how my journey begins at The Lawn: 

Step 1: I was introduced by one of the owners, Sarah, about the few bestsellers at TheLawn. 

Few best sellers are the duck and beef grills, grilled prawns and maple chicken. 

IMG 6453

Step 2: I was told to pick 5 toppings from the salad bar to add on top of the huge bowl of fresh vegetables. Certain toppings include crushed peanuts, tofu, boiled egg, broccoli, grapes(my fav!), walnut and many many more! 

One thing I like about this service is that I get to choose 5 (that’s considered a lot) toppings among many choices. It’s hard not to be spoilt for choice here because they have way too many varieties of toppings. 

IMG 6450

They have very pretty staff serving you too ^_^ 

IMG 6449

Step 3: Upon request, the chef will grill your choice of meat right in front of you. They don’t pre-prepare the grilled meat so be sure to enjoy hot sizzling meat on your pool of fresh salads and appetizing salad dressings. 

IMG 6456

If the prawns here do not look appetizing to you, you are truly sinfully wrong. 

As the saying goes, do not judge by looks. You’ll know why, in a while 😉

IMG 6457
IMG 6530

Step 4: Cute order blocks and tags were given to you so that you can pay while you check-out! Friendly service isn’t it? 

IMG 6463

Since this time wasn’t an ordinary dinner, but rather a food tasting, one of the lady staff presented me eight of their most popular salad dressings for me to try! At first I was quite surprised but within a while I got too excited to try out all the dressings. A luxury that no normal diners could have! But if you would like to know which tasted better, read on! 

IMG 6508 IMG 6504

Few of my favourites are

1. Beachy Peachy: A fusion of sweet and sour in this dressing! Truly appetizing! 

2. MeSoSpicy: Taste a little like tomyum, and it is really burning spicy, but extremely satisfying. 

Something unique for your salad! 

3. Red Island: TheLawn’s kind of thousand island! 

4. Citrus: Lemon~~ Pretty sour but not oily, a healthy and perfect substitute for normal salad dressing. 

5. Wasahonie: Wasssup! This name is too cute! And as a wasabi lover, I can’t say no to this dressing! 



Alrighttttt here’s the food! 

IMG 6479

Grilled Chicken breast with Maple infusion $9.90

When served piping hot and fresh from our grill, its a little taste of heaven on a fork, we jest not. (from website)

First of all, I really have to warn you that the portion of this is pretty huge. I was famished why I reached TheLawn at 7.30pm, and I couldn’t finish this! Reason being? A great portion served at a friendly price. 

It’s true! How often can you get your stomach fully satisfied and no, not fast food, under $10? 

How often can you try something fresh and healthy, under $10? 

Find your answer at TheLawn. 

Spot elation written all over my face. 

IMG 6472

And yes, here you can see the depth of the salad bowl. TheLawn call this a box! 

Its size resembles a huge BOX indeed! 

IMG 6476

Sizzling hot grilled chicken infused in maple sauce presented on top of your salad and toppings! 

I had: Grapes, Baked mini potato, Walnut, Crushed peanut and Broccoli! 

Personally, I’ve always hated chicken breast because I find them very dry. But boy, I was so wrong! Chicken breasts can also approximate to the tender and juicy chicken thighs, best is less oily, and this was exactly what TheLawn presented to me. 

I love the grapes the most. Though tiny, it is seedless, sweet and extraordinarily juicy! 

IMG 6483 1 IMG 6518

My baked mini potato, so ideally boiled that I can consume the skin with ease. 

I brought boyfriend along and this was what he had: 

IMG 6488

Butter Seared Pacific Dory with Parsley Rub $9.90

A gorgeous, generous rub of Italian Parsley, Kosher salt and butter is gently teased and caressed into every flake of this delightful dory, you will be helplessly seduced by the savory flavors seared into the grill. (from website)

IMG 6491

I swear that this tasted better than the maple chicken. The key to the great taste, is none other than the charred butter with Italian parsley and Kosher salt, adding an additional taste sensation to the Dory fish. 

If you are a fish lover, you will regret it if you give this dish a miss. 

IMG 6495

Toppings here: Tofu, Boiled egg, Green Apple, Crushed peanuts and Carrots. 

Can I repeat again that the dory fish is really tasty?! ^_^

Guys, if you are still following me, 

good for you. 

Here’s the best part. 

IMG 6487

Char-grilled Garlic Prawns 

(Complimentary for this food tasting only, you can order as a Grill dish itself)

Delicately bathed and seasoned in a Jacuzzi of our special concoction of herbs and juices, this house special is grilled to soft juicy perfection, with all the freshness sealed in as we only prepare this on the spot, just for you! (from website)

Someone please pass me a tissue, I’m drooling. 

No matter how good the Dory Fish is, it still has to be a number two only. 

Because the Grilled Prawns were better. 

IMG 6499

Fresh is what I can think of to describe this, because that’s the most prominent characteristic of the grilled prawns. So fresh that it was so chewy! 

The house’s unique herbs and juices used to marinate the prawns was also another plus factor that you’ll never get to experience elsewhere. Consuming alone without any complements was good enough to achieve full satisfaction. 

I tried it with MeSoSpicy and I had another tasty and spicy sensation. 

IMG 6516

I’ve also ordered the Iced Caramel Latte @ $4.80! 

IMG 6512

A very beautiful presentation, with a gradient of colours from white to dark brown.

 I appreciate nice presentation of my food and drinks, I think that’s the least a restaurant should offer. 

Here’s me, fully satisfied from my healthy dinner! 

IMG 6527

We were the second last customer. 

They close pretty early because usually there’s not much patrons after 9pm. 

IMG 6529

They are now open on Sundays too! 🙂

Plenty of outdoors seats for you, if you happen to hit the crowd. 


So… if you are looking for a healthy alternative, hesitate no more. Overall, The Lawn provides you a greater and healthier alternatives to your daily food solutions like fast food, or plain old kopitiam. Something better than that? You probably have to go bigger restaurants or cafes which cost you at least more than $15 a meal. Here at The Lawn, ordering has been made easy (A box of salad at $9.90) and I totally feel that the price is too good to be true. 

To be honest, if this is located anywhere near SMU, I will dine here most of the time because the food here is worth every penny. Not forgetting its healthy options!

IMG 6545 1

Here’s a small visualization of how to reach TheLawn. 


Thank you Jonathan for the invite to this food-tasting session. There’s no way I can describe how much I’ve enjoyed the dinner. 

The Lawn Grill & Salad Café

31 Biopolis Way, Nanos #01-07,

Singapore 138669

Opening Hours:

Mondays – Fridays | 11.15AM – 9PM (last order at 8.15PM)

Sundays | 10AM – 4PM (last order at 3.15pm) 

Hotline: 6478 9739 

Email: [email protected] 


Hope you liked this review! 

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