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3 months ago, I’ve gained a lot of confidence with regards to my looks. 

Previously, I had a really round face with lots of baby fats. I can’t blame myself for having so much baby fats, some people say they make me look young (but obviously they wouldn’t mention that makes me chubby too). Looking young may not necessary be a good thing if it equates to looking fat and round. I’m not sure if you would understand my pain in this but a round face basically makes my confidence in my overall looks plummet all the way to the bottom. Taking a self-shot was so much harder compared to girls with sharper looking face. 

But now, I’m able to do it. And so can you. 


Even exercising does not help to slim down my face.. It can help reduce my weight, but it JUST doesn’t make my face look sharper. 

So one day, I decided to give Dysport and fillers a try. 

To inject Dysport (a product similar to botox) into my face has never ever came across my mind but here’s my story to achieving a better looking face: I had my reservations at first because nothing comes with zero risk. Although both Dysport and fillers are minimally evasive and non-surgical, my fear still stands where people will start calling me unnatural and fake, plastic or any nasty comments. 

Here’s why I decided to do jaw-reduction and fillers

It’s minimally evasive, non-surgical and it’s not a straight route with no chance of turning back. It’s no comparison to plastic surgery, where you can’t revert any mistakes. Dysport will dissolve after 4-6 months, which means if I dislike it, I’m still going back to how I used to look. Fillers are also minimally evasive, and will only last for about 6-12 months, depending on what type of fillers and the site of injection.

And I feel that the fact it is not permanent, gave me the assurance of doing it. It’s like no strings attached. I can stop whenever I want. 

NOTE: Botox is just a trade name, and both Botox and Dysport are botulinum toxin type A. Both Dysport and Botox contain similar toxin which deliver the same purpose. Botox is so commonly used for cosmetic procedures such that people started calling all other similar products “Botox”. As far as I know, Botox only has a strong competitor – Dysport, which is what I’ve received as an alternative to Botox. So to put it simply, I received DYSPORT and not BOTOX.

So what is the difference between Botox and Dysport? Here’s a link for you to understand:

But if you’re lazy to read, here’s my simple summary: There’s not much of a difference between the two, although there are debates arguing which brand is better. All in all, they both achieve the same results.


As for fillers, I had Restylane fillers for both my nose and chin. 

Here comes the amazing result. There’s absolutely no editing on the face shape, only filter colour. 

Sharper nose

Slimmer face and sharper chin

My doctor from Trinity Medical Clinic has only one philosophy – to enhance natural beauty. 

One thing I can warn you is, aesthetics procedures can be really addictive. Just like how I have a few ear holes when I was young, simply because you feel that one should come after another. You really have to know where is the limit and stop yourself from being addicted to aesthetics procedure. As much as I wanted a higher nose bridge, my doctor advised that it was not necessary and what I had was already enough. Glad to say, it does look nice and most importantly, very natural. 

Waiting for numbing cream to take effect

Information about botox/dysport: 

Dysport (botox) in general works by weakening certain parts of the muscles in order to reduce excessive muscles movements. It is NOT tightening of the skin, like how many have mistaken. A dysport injection into the jawline reduces the muscles activity around the jaw area, giving a slimmer and more defined jaw line.  Dysport can also be used for reducing crow feet lines, wrinkles and even brow lifting. 


Here I am, with a sharper jaw line and fuller chin, plus a fuller nose which matches my face shape. Most importantly, such features gave me the courage to put on the confident smile on my face. 

The clinic that I go to is: 

 Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) 

(+65) 6344 0027

[email protected]

Facebook: Trinity Medical Centre: Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery – Marine Parade

87 Marine Parade Central Level 2 


Singapore 440087

More recent photos if you would like to see the transformation: 

ps: no makeup for all the following photos because I didn’t bother putting makeup while travelling. So please ignore the dark circles. 

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I’m sure many will have burning questions about fillers and botox. 

Feel free to ask me questions (even anonymously) and I’ll be glad to answer 🙂

UPDATE: 3 months after my Dysport is done, my face has started to revert back to the usual size. The jawline seems to be rounder now. Not sure if it’s because I’ve enjoyed too much life in Germany (my university exchange), or the Dysport effect has dwindled. Nonetheless, this boils down to show you that none of such procedures are irreversible, so don’t be afraid and never associate these procedures with plastic surgeries! 🙂

Thanks for reading! ❤
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