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I’ve tried so many serum in the market, it has become nothing new to me. The simplest way to explain how a serum works is that due to its lightweight nature and smaller molecules, it is able to penetrate into the skin easier to deliver the key ingredients into our skin. Compared to moisturisers, which are meant to keep our skin hydrated, serums usually come before moisturiser so as to prep the skin for better absorption of what comes next. 

Today, we take a look at MARY KAY’s new MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum, which aims to improve skin’s overall appearance by leaving it smoother, brighter and more supple…

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Before usage, MARY KAY Ultimate Serum comes with a safety sticker label to show that it’s absolutely brand new. 

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What’s so good about this serum?

With an extensive research of up to 7 years, MARY KAY Ultimate Serum is packed with an innovative complex named the MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous Complex, which is a proprietary blend that delivers powerful brightening benefits like whitening, hydrating and bringing you the glow from within. 

Sounds like a mouthful of fluff, so here’s the scientific backings to it; the serum contains:

– A blend of edelweiss etxract, algae extract and vegetable amino acids for whitening purposes

– Hexylresorcinol, which targets to increase Glutathione, an important antioxidant 

– Maritime pine and white birch, targetting at melanin (cause of pigmentation)

 The results?

93% find that their skin luminosity have increased

86% find that their skin tone have evened out

81% find that their skins’ appearance of discoloration have improved

*Surveyed on 252 women over 3-week

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MARY KAY MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum comes in a pump bottle design

My thoughts about this serum

I absolutely love how MARY KAY Ultimate Serum feels on my skin. I’m not exaggerating, it feels just like water when spread on the back of my hand as well as my face. It is super lightweight, and it comes with no odour or smell. The serum takes only less than a minute before it dries up and gets absorbed, so I don’t really have to wait for very long before I can go to the next step of moisturizer. 

Overall, it’s a pretty good product as it isn’t too rich, such that it’ll cause me breakouts. Its lightweight nature is definitely good for those sensitive skin or oily skin. But don’t forget, serum itself is not enough to replace moisturizer – they are completely different things!

Ask me if I would purchase this again – why not! I really love it’s lightweight and almost non-existence nature, which doesn’t contribute to my worry that my face can’t breathe and there’s too much things going onto my face 😛

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Serum fully absorbed without leaving any residue

MARY KAY MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum is exclusively available through Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants starting 16 March 2015 at $160. You can give the consultants a call at 62266888 to make an appointment 🙂

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