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Photo credits: Ong Yi Chao  I know I’m a little too late to be posting about the countdown at Marina Bay during New Year’s Eve…

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Photo credits: Ong Yi Chao 

I know I’m a little too late to be posting about the countdown at Marina Bay during New Year’s Eve, but it’s never too late right? How did your countdown go? Where did you celebrate the countdown? 

Did you join in the crowd like me by dropping by Marina Bay, where the whole Marina Bay area was occupied with fun-filled activities and concert? Or did you simply watch the countdown show on TV at your own comfort at home? Either way, I’m sure you found the best way to enjoy the countdown and usher in the new year to come! 

If you’re lucky, you’ve probably captured some precious moments during the countdown, especially during the 8 mins long firework presentation! Before the sun set, I saw so many photographers lining their huge cameras along the railings waiting for the right moment to come before they snap that very image, albeit it means the wait can be up to 5 hours long (I was there at 7pm). 

If you have some nice photos captured, share the love! 

You can submit your photo on Marina Bay’s submission page here. Just a short description extracted from Marina Bay’s page:

The theme for MBSC 2015 Photo Competition is “Happy Jubilee”. Participants are to submit photos of the various festivities of Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2015 that reflect this theme. Entries should, as much as possible, capture people in celebration of this joyous occasion, highlight kinship, friendship or community ties, and reflect pride in Singapore’s achievements as a nation over the past 50 years.

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And the winning entries can walk away with really attractive prizes! 

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So what are you waiting for? Hop on and submit your best creation now!
Submission Deadline Extended : 09 January 2015

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