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Few days back, I went to malaysia for some shopping therapy with my girl friends, michelle and apple! This was like one day right after my exams, which is a much needed shopping therapy hahaha. 

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My outfit that day! 

The very first thing is to having our brunch in malaysia. 

So I brought the girls to try the penang curry chee cheong fun !! Can never be found in singapore I swear. 

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20130423 140103

With Apply and Michhy! 

Everything in malaysia is so cheap! Even the crepe here is like half the price of singapore’s!

I think I spent an incredible amount of 300rm, that’s about 140sgd, estimated la. I only spend without thinking in Singapore because why think, their stuff is much cheaper! 

MHM 1130423184826

I bought some makeup and skincare products too, like from TheFaceShop! ($2-4 cheaper than in sg). 

My main agenda this time is to do my nails! I think I haven’t been to a nail salon before since I always do my own nail art. I just love to draw different designs on ny nails, and I know they will be absolutely expensive if I let others to do it in singapore. But because I’m actually heading to Taiwan (yay!!!) for holiday this coming sunday, I thought why not do gellish so that it can last? But again, Singapore’s will be damn expensive so there I went to malaysia.  

We cabbed down from malaysia custom to KSL shopping centre. 

TIP: if the taxi driver quote you anything higher than 10rm, forget it. It’s too ex. But yah you can easily cab down to KSL because the clothes and stuff are slightly cheaper than city square, the one right outside customs. 

20130423 140007

Guess what? I intended to do gellish mani and classic pedicure, but because there’s a promotion going on, I got both gellish manicure and pedicure at rm100 only!!! That’s like $45 sgd?! For both finger and toes!

Hehehe what a steal right. I am so elated!

20130423 135850

P1015584 P1015593 But the manicurist also suggested me to do two-toned manicure so that when my nails grow out, it isn’t too obvious! So I added a mere sgd $15 for the two toned colour :)))

So yup, I am very satisfied with my nails now ^^ 

20130423 135448

20130423 135910

I bought some makeup and skincare products too, like from TheFaceShop ($2-4 cheaper than in sg). 

My eyebrow pencil from cyber colours was only rm19.90 from sasa! Why so cheap :’) ♡ 


So that’s about it! If you need any more tips about heading to msia for shopping, throw me a qn by leaving a comment or emailing me, I’ll be happy to help!  🙂 

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