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Christmas is round the corner, hip hip hooray! Well I don’t usually celebrate Christmas but I do treasure and enjoy gatherings with my friends and of course…Christmas gifts! Ho ho ho. I love gifts, I think not only the receiver feels happy receiving gifts, even the gift givers would also feel happy to be presenting people gifts. What about you? Have you thought of some gift ideas for this Christmas? *Wink 

This Christmas, my present from Lush Cosmetics came early! I bagged home two adorable bath bombs and some other items that all smells so great, it just makes me so happy deep inside. Let me bring you through some gift ideas for Christmas this year!  

Lush’s Bath Bombs

Left: NEW Butterbear bath bomb $7.50
Right: NEW Dashing Santa bath bomb $10.50

Instead of coming in its usual rounded shapes, Lush decided to make things even cuter by making the following two shapes according the their names – the Bear and the Santa. When I first saw these bath bombs, I really can’t help it but to squeal with excitement like how a little girl would when she get her first pet kitty or hamster. They are JUST SO CUTE! 

Ok ok allow myself to calm down. Aside from how they look on the outside, these bath bombs are meant to create bubbles and a pleasant scent in your tub of water to prepare you for a nice relaxing bath. Lush’s Dashing Santa bath bomb comes with Toning Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange Flower to leave you feeling cheerful, while the Butterbear bath bomb comes with Cocoa Butter and Fair Trade Vanilla.

lush%2Bcosmetics 0
Lush’s NEW Drummers Drumming Bubble Bars $18

Soaps from Lush Left: Snowcake soap

Right: NEW Baked Alaska soap

lush%2Bcosmetics 2

Lush’s bubble bars

organic%2Bsoap lush 0
Penguin Bubble Bar $11

Now who wants some nice number of bubbles from this cute little penguin bubble bar? I have to say this is the cutest little thing in the whole Lush’s Christmas Collection. To use, you actually have to crumble the bubble bars under warm running water to create a good number of bubbles. But oh my, who bears to crush this little thing?! 🙁

organic%2Bsoap lush 5
To immerse ourselves in the Christmas mood, we got to use the product Snowman FUN ($18) to make our own little snowmen! These were the ones made in advance for us to follow: organic%2Bsoap lush 1

And guess what I’ve made! A miniature! ^_^

organic%2Bsoap lush 4

After using the product to make your snowman, you’ll get to use it as a soap, bubble bath or even shampoo!

lush%2Bcosmetics 6
lush%2Bcosmetics 7
organic%2Bsoap lush 2

The bloggers definitely had a great time making our snowmen while at the same time got educated about the many products at Lush. Thanks to all the ladies from the Suntec City’s outlet!

organic%2Bsoap lush 6

Lush’s Lip Scrub


One of the limited editions in the Christmas collection is the Santa’s Lip Scrub, which tastes like a surprising blend of cola and cherries. I love lip scrubs, and I am in a dire need of them because my lips are so chapped. The flavours of the Santa’s Lip Scrub definitely made exfoliating of the lips more enjoyable now.


In their collection, they also have the NEW Hot Toddy and So White shower gels that as usual, smells really captivating. Advance apology for not taking a photo of the Rose Jam shower gel that I got, because I was so excited about using it, I removed it from the bag before I even take a group photo of all the items I have (haha!).

Lush Rose Jam

For more, you can visit Lush’s website or head down to their outlet! After all, it’s really depends on what kind of scents you would personally prefer. And what’s better than smelling them on the spot?

Anyway, the items are TOO CUTE!!! You have to go down and have a look at them! And smell them too 🙂

organic%2Bsoap lush 7
Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics @ Suntec City
Suntec City Mall 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-303 Singapore, 038983.

lush%2Bcosmetics 12

Thank you Lush and June for the invite!

Merry X’mas in advance everyone!! 

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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