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We pretty much have a strong impression of Johnny Depp as the main character in Pirates of the Caribbean. I didn’t watch that movie but yet I know he was the one starred in that movie. After leaving such a strong positive impression, would he bring another pleasant surprise in this new movie, The Long Ranger? 

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The movie starred Johnny Depp as a Native American spiritual warrior, Tonto, and Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger a.k.a John Reid. Judging from the trailer, I’m pretty sure the movie can be both light-hearted and intense at different point of time. 

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This movie depicts how two conflicting people from different backgrounds, with different mindsets, decided to work together to fight the villains; with an added sense of humor as the parts and parcels of the movie. 

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Other than that, I can’t wait to watch this movie with such a magnificent movie settings! 

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I can’t wait to watch it with my boyfriend 😉

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