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When we talk about CC Cream, we want something that can provide proper coverage to cover the flaws on our skin, just like how the acronym ‘CC’ stands for – “Colour correcting Cream”. I’m not sure about you, but my forehead is one or two shades darker because naturally, the protruding forehead gets more sunlight then the other parts of the face like the cheeks or chin. In this case, I’ll recommend the LJH CC Cream because it can give you a different shade accordingly to your skin colour. The amazing part is that the CC cream doesn’t come off the bottle beige as it’s supposed to be. Read on and you’ll know why. 


As you can see, the LJH CC Cream comes off WHITE before spreading. I was told that the CC cream contains capsules which will break upon spreading, and it’ll take on your natural skin colour, providing the closest shade to your skin colour. Check out the photo below and you’ll see: 


The CC cream does look a shade lighter than my natural skin tone, but all CC creams are really meant to brighten up your skin without giving it a overly whitish image. I’ve tried it onto my skin and I’ve been actively using it because I’m very satisfied with the product. I somehow enjoy watching how the white cream turns into my skin colour upon application. Quite an interesting product hahaha! 


The best part about this product? 

– it is SPF 30 PA++, which means it can replace your sunscreen 

– 7-free presciption formula
(Paraben, mineral oil, tar color, ethanol, fragrance, animality, TEA free)

– Contains vitamin C and vitamin tree extracts 

– Contains acacia collagen for moisturising effect

– Contains elder fruit extract for trouble skin relief

Ok honestly, I’m not so concerned about the effect of this product. They’re just like bonuses for me. All I care about is that this product gives me very good coverage and it feels really lightweight on my skin. It’s not as greasy as any other CC creams that I’ve used, but I still prefer to dab on some translucent powder to make sure my skin doesn’t look oily!


And apologies for not showing you how it looks on my face because I’m having a terrible terrible acne outbreak. But trust me this product works really well! 

You can purchase it from HKC Plaza. LJH CELLABEL M.C. VITAL CC CREAM (45ml) is priced at SGD 48.00. 

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love,


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