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Laneige has been portraying the philosophy of healthy beautiful skin from within using the least complicated formulas and a brand story of “Waterful”. But with the fact that it has never come up with any consumable supplements, it came as a (pleasant, of course) surprise that Laneige has also jumped into the bandwagon of collagen drinks, fulfilling its direction of ‘beauty from within” indeed. Was invited to Laneige’s cozy launch party of this collagen drink and I’m glad to be one of the first few to try out this collagen drink before it gets launched in March!


The new Laneige collagen drink has a tinge of orange and pomegranate flavor to give that extra fruity burst as you consume. Despite being packed with 5000mg collage peptide (more than Brand X which I previously reviewed), this has the least calories! 



You can choose to mix it in with your freshly prepared juices.


And there we have Doreen explaining to us the new invention found within Laneige Collagen Drink. Laneige has selected its source from Tilapia fish simply because of its low molecular weight, which means its more easily absorbed into our bodies. Not only Collagen, each bottle also contains elastin that helps to support skin elasticity and improve radiance of our skin! 


And how can we miss taking photo with the large bottle of Laneige Collagen Drink? 

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Moving on to the Laneige’s duo-toned lip bars that are launching in March this year, they have a collection of 10 colours and they are all in a matchy two toned colours to imitate that K-pop plumped lips. Each lippie comes in really pigmented colours with some dark colours really intense while some light ones gorgeously shimmery. I honestly can’t wait for their launch in March!

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Thank you Laneige team and my dear Kymm for the event! 

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