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Went to Kuishin bo few days back with my boyfriend SY to celebrate the end of our exams. More of to curb our terrible cravings for salmon sashimi. We went to the one at Suntec City, supposedly the better one among their few outlets. 

Verdict: Waste of money

Both of us are equally picky with our food. We only consume salmon and not other sashimi like tuna etc. I find them yucky, pardon me. 

But SALMON is ultimate love! ❤

Before we jump into photos, here’s some thoughts I have about Kuishin Bo: 

Kuishin Bo’s standard has definitely dropped by a lot. And I really meant, A LOT. The salmon sashimi were sliced so thickly that I hate it so much. I couldn’t enjoy the taste of the salmon no matter how fresh it is. Being a very picky customer, I had to kindly ask the chef to slice the salmon sashimi thinner (second photo), and it indeed tasted much much better

The chawanmushi was fine, but not great. Chicken wing was dry and sucky, mussel was dry and tasteless, sushi was meh because I can easily find them from any sushi bar like Ichiban. Their food was so normal that I didn’t bother to take much photos of them. 

At first I would recommend Kuinshin Bo for a single reason – to have unlimited fresh salmon sashimi. Now that their only good dish does not taste as nice as before anymore, I wouldn’t say I will patronize Kuinshin Bo any sooner. I rather try out other international buffet, like BuffetTown. Shall try it next time. 

Here’s some photos of the food we ate. 

Can you see how THICK these salmon slices are?! 

2012 12 07+12.26.55

Super thick salmon slices. 

Compared to these slices after I asked for thinner ones



2012 12 07+12.29.21

Super dry chicken wing. I think I can BBQ a nicer one. 

2012 12 07+12.35.55
2012 12 07+12.40.19

Still need to put a smile even though the food wasn’t great. 

By the way, the chashoba was another lousy one.

2012 12 07+12.51.06

Then comes dessert. 

Another disappointing aspect of Kuinshin Bo.


It used to be soooo good and nice! But I thought I was eating cheap and lousy quality dessert!! 

2012 12 07+12.56.26

Chocolate eclairs, with a hard outer layer. 

2012 12 07+12.56.33
2012 12 07+12.58.34

I don’t know how is this Mango Yoghurt. They don’t put in effort to label the food properly. Tell me how is this worth the money!! 



We paid $56 for two person, and it’ll be more expensive because we had our meals within an hour. They will charge at their promotional price if we finish out meal within an hour. But the food isn’t that great to make me stay for more good food too. Either way, the food is definitely not worth the price. I would suggest topping up more money and go for a higher quality buffet. 

I guess I will never patronize Kuishin Bo buffet anymore. Goodbye for good! 

Kuishin Bo (Suntec City Mall)

( Tel: +65 6238 7088

Address: #03-002 Suntec City Mall

Nearest MRT station: Promenade (Circle line)

Opening hours: 

11.30am – 3pm

5.30pm – 10pm


“Don’t go la”

Hui Yan-

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