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Ja%2BDam%2BHwa%2Bshampoo%2Breview 0 The best gift to a lady who’s always on-the-go and rushing to accomplish tasks on hand is a multi-function product. One product that do two or more things at one go, that’s the item she needs. Daeng Gi Meori’s Ja Dam Hwa, a Korean hair product, is a scalp and hair cleansing product that helps to bring nutrients to the hair scalp.
Ja%2BDam%2BHwa%2Bshampoo%2Breview 1 Ja Dam Hwa contains ingredients such as ginseng, ginger, foxglove, Siberian chrysanthemum, crinum, gold cocoon, green tea, sage, and chamomile. It all together helps to prevent hair loss by promoting the blood circulation of scalp and manages scalp cleaning and hair nutrition at once. It also includes silk extracts from golden cocoons and protein to protect the hair while reinforcing firmness and glow.  Ja%2BDam%2BHwa%2Bshampoo%2Breview 2
Ja%2BDam%2BHwa%2Bshampoo%2Breview 3 Comes in a bright maroon shade, the shampoo and treatment product leaves a nice floral scent upon lathering. I do feel the premium quality from this product when I used it to wash my hair. My hair does feel smooth even without me using conditioner after shampooing with this Ja Dam Hwa Scalp & Hair cleansing treatment. It also always leave a very nice ginseng smell after shampooing (yes, I love ginseng!). I am still using this product and will see how it’ll help to cleanse my scalp and treat my very dry hair!
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