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KPalette 1 DAY TATTOO Range

You know one of the things that I really look forward to when I return to Singapore from Germany is the range of new beauty products in the market waiting for me to review. I love trying out new stuff and this new 1 DAY TATTOO makeup range from K-Palette sure perks my day.

I will be breaking down the reviews into the respective products so that this post will not be overloaded with information.

Let’s start off with the K-Palette 1 DAY TATTOO eyeliners – Real Lasting eyeliner.

KPalette 1%2BDAY%2BTATTOO 1

Crowned as one of Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys, the 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting eyeliner, and their new (and incredibly amazing) 0.05 mm ultra-fine Real Lasting eyeliner 24h Micro are here to make your eyeliner drawing experience easier and better.

KPalette 1%2BDAY%2BTATTOO 5
Real Lasting Eyeliner 24hr product details

 I have always been a sucker from eyeliners. Other than a nicely drawn pair of eyebrows, my next essential make up is the eyeliner. And because I have single eyelids, a non-smudge and waterproof liquid eyeliner works best for me. The well-structured brush gives a very smooth application, which ends up with a well defined winged eyelines that could last for the entire day.

KPalette 1%2BDAY%2BTATTOO 3
Pardon my very tanned hands! I’m on my way to going back to the fair skin 🙁

Just like the 1 Day Tattoo ZERO TEMA BB CREAM, this Real Lasting eyeliner 24h also contains 3 beauty essences such as Hyaluronic Acid Na, Swertia Japonica essence and water soluble collagen, all of which help to aid lash growth and moisturise the eye area. Doesn’t it sound like best of both worlds by taking care of your skin with your makeup? 🙂

I gave it a try just today on my brunch date with my lovely beauty blogger girlfriends, some of whom I’ve just met. The good thing is, the eyeliner does stay in touch like how it’s said to be, but when I got home, I try to rub my eye lightly and some of the eyeliner actually came off. But then again, I really like how smooth the application can be, and I swear the Real lasting eyeliner is one of those many eyeliners out there that has the smoothest and sharpest brush ever.

KPalette 1%2BDAY%2BTATTOO 2

Then we move on to their new 0.05 mm ultra-fine Real Lasting eyeliner. I’m particularly amazed by how thin the 0.05mm micro eyeliner is. Unfortunately I’m a single eyelid so I couldn’t do tight lining, but it’s certainly helpful when it comes to creating the perfect cat eye with a sharp and thing end.

KPalette 1%2BDAY%2BTATTOO 8 KPalette 1%2BDAY%2BTATTOO 9

Do you know?

K-Palette’s 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner has its patented micro-fiber brush and waterproof polymer molecule for quick-dry and non-smudge eyemakeup – no wonder it can be applied so smoothly! 

KPalette 1%2BDAY%2BTATTOO 10
So unreal but K-Palette has proved that 0.05 brush CAN EXIST! 

Drawing a very nice pair of cat-eye isn’t easy. All I can say is, practice practice practice! 

This is especially harder for single/inner eyelids because people like me would have to draw really thick eyelines in order to make them visible. I used to draw really hideous eyelines, but it’s all good now! 

So, just practice! ^_^  

1%2BDAY%2BTATTOO Real%2Blasting%2Beyeliner after

Thank you K-Palette’s team for the lovely eyeliners! 


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