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I climbed over quite a few things to get to that position.

And so we got our tickets! 

NTUC members have 30% discounts on the tickets! Adult price is $20, so the price I paid for one person was only $14!!! So worth it! 

IMG 5256
IMG 5253

Very excited to goooo!!

IMG 5259

You know what’s the best thing you can ask for if you have a camera? That is, a boyfriend who loves to take photos and who doesn’t mind hogging to the camera! I am so grateful to him because he is always willing to help me take photos of myself! Yay!

IMG 5260 IMG 5296

First stop was to head over to Penguin Coast Exhibits!

These puny little penguins were very cute!

IMG 5272

Playing in the water ^_^ 

IMG 5275
IMG 5284
IMG 5289

Big fat belly you have there yo! 

IMG 5294
IMG 5295

When the penguins move, they walked sooooo slowly, left and right. They looked indeed retarded but cute HAHA! 

When we were out of the Penguin Coast Exhibits, we saw this little pond not very far away. We were then greeted by even smaller and cuter african penguins, who can withstand normal room temperature. 

IMG 5297
IMG 5299
IMG 5301
IMG 5304

Feel like carrying it up and hug it tight*

Walked for not very long later, we saw the Macaw Paradise! 

IMG 5310

Was quite a distance away so couldn’t take a nicer photo with them. 

IMG 5312

And a large crowd of pink flamingos behind me! 

IMG 5323
IMG 5326

Nothing much here at the Riverine

IMG 5331
IMG 5335

For some reasons, ducklings just like to stand on one foot. 

IMG 5341

A bird in the nest being invigilated. 

IMG 5343
IMG 5347

They were so agile! Teehee. 

IMG 5352
IMG 5355
IMG 5359
IMG 5360
IMG 5362
IMG 5364

Hello boy! 

Sometimes, I got so engrossed with taking the photos that I feel bad neglecting him. So at times I just throw the camera to him and let him have fun with it. 

IMG 5367
IMG 5368
IMG 5378
IMG 5379
IMG 5384
IMG 5391
IMG 5393
IMG 5397
IMG 5398
IMG 5400

Two little lovebirds. 


IMG 5403
IMG 5404
IMG 5408
IMG 5409 IMG 5414

Saw this and all I can say is, 

Parents, please teach your children well. 


IMG 5428 IMG 5430

This is a real gorgeous specie! It has a very colorful coat with gold as one of the colors too!! 

IMG 5431
IMG 5433
IMG 5435
IMG 5436
IMG 5462

This was taken at the restaurant at the bird park. The buffet lunch was only 19sgd but since bf and I already bought some snacks to eat, we weren’t really interested. Besides, I am here to see the birds! Not to have buffet lunch. 

IMG 5458


Check out my navigator here: 

IMG 5465

I totally didn’t have to worry which direction were we heading, where were we going next yada yada. I  trust this man will bring me everywhere around the park, making sure we can make it in time for the next show and feeding time! Throughout the ‘excursion’, all I did was to follow him! Hehe. 

He carries the green army bag but NO, I am not dating an army boy here haha. My man is a grown-up man who I can depend on now! 

(No offense to ns men at all)

IMG 5466

The weather was alright! But it became sunny occasionally. Nice weather to take photos! ❤

IMG 5470

Good thing was that we bought a 1.5l green tea at NTUC before coming. You know how expensive the drinks can cost at such touristy area? 

IMG 5472

My flats from bkk at $4 !!!! ❤

I regret not buying like 10 pairs of this!!

After resting at the pavilion, we went over to..

IMG 5491

Pelican cove!

IMG 5473
IMG 5480
IMG 5481

Itchy there? 

IMG 5483

My tshirt is cute isn’t it! 

Bought from BKK too! Just nice saying hello to all the birds here! 

IMG 5487

Watched the ‘pelican chit-chat‘, quite interesting to see that their pouches are actually humongous! 

IMG 5579
IMG 5582
IMG 5586
IMG 5590
IMG 5591
IMG 5593
IMG 5610

I couldn’t wait to feed the pelicans! 

I bought this bag of fish at only $2, I think it’s very worth it since you’re already here. And there you go again, my boyfriend helping me take photos with no complains. 

IMG 5603
IMG 5604
IMG 5615
IMG 5619
IMG 5618

Curly hair you have there! 

You can really see I got very excited here hehehehe. 

IMG 5625
IMG 5626
IMG 5627

You think this looked normal? 

Let you see how big is the pouch!!










IMG 5628

Here I GO!

IMG 5635


IMG 5632

Love the feeding session! If you are here at the bird park, don’t save that $2 and did nothing here! That’s wasting the trip! 

After the pelicans, off we went to the bigger birds for another feeding session! 

IMG 5526 IMG 5492
IMG 5501
IMG 5503 IMG 5521 IMG 5523

“Hey yo whatsup?”

IMG 5530

Guess which is the male and which is the female.

IMG 5537

BANANAS FOR FEEDING!!! 3 bananas for $1 only I went over to buy immediately. Couldn’t miss  this opportunity. 

IMG 5538
IMG 5544

Nice zookeeper ^_^

IMG 5546
IMG 5541
IMG 5551
IMG 5552

So excited to feed the ostrich!! HAHAHA! 

IMG 5553


IMG 5556


IMG 5557
IMG 5559

They were quite strong and fast. They swallowed the whole damn banana in 1 second too! No chewing or anything. 

IMG 5564

I feel like a kid!!! TOO EXCITED AND HAPPY! 

I’m like grinning to all the photos as I am blogging now. 

IMG 5567

This is a male actually!! So pretty. 

IMG 5572
IMG 5575

Half the trip and I am so elated already! I thought it’s more fun here compared to the zoo because I get to interact with the birds within a close distance! 

Please say hi to my boyfriend by the way! 

IMG 5520

The most caring, tolerant and understanding boyfriend I can ever have.

IMG 5531

And all these adds up to only a quarter of the photos I have in my camera! 

What I really want to say is, thank you bf for visiting the bird park with me after my first few visits when I was still a child. Most importantly, thank you for walking me through this one year journey of love and support. There were many times I really can’t do without you! 

Stay tuned for Jurong Bird Park trip part 2! 

Hui Yan- 

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