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Hello people! 

If there’s any who’s reading this. 

Yes it’s my birthday today! 

But I don’t really have time to blog about how my birthday was celebrated because it’s the first day of school today.

Thing’s gonna get on track again and I have so much to do, not to say many things to blog about. 

So let me reward myself a cake first! Hehe. 

Cat wants cake cute picture


My boyfriend kind of celebrated my birthday early with me yesterday but we were supposed to head out tonight for some dinner. But he’s still stuck in class (the prof delayed the class by a hell of 1.5 hours). To be honest, I don’t know why am I waiting here for so long. I am really depressed to be sitting down here waiting for his class to end, on my birthday. 

But still, I really appreciate my boyfriend, my family to celebrate my birthday with me yesterday. And my good friend Jolie who went to have high tea with me. I think sometimes, we have to learn to appreciate rather than expect. Because the higher the expectation you have, the more disappointment you will have when the result doesn’t hit the expectation. 

A year older, a new school term. Time to get down and set some goals and start doing something to accomplish it. Life has been wasted too much for the past 21 years. 

Hui Yan-

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