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This happened on the 29th, haha I know it’s super long ago but I flew to bkk on the 30th so I totally didn’t had time for this. 

My group of friends kind of had an early celebration with me and I was very surprised! Just look at me! 

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I was shocked because I totally didn’t expect them to celebrate for me so early! And the first response I had was: “WHO’S BIRTHDAY?!” 

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Hahah looks like my friend’s (who is carrying the cake) birthday.

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Happy me with the ice cream cake. 

Alright so let’s talk about the ice cream cake from Island Creamery! 

This time round, I can’t tell you what is the name of this ice cream and the price of it, because I wasn’t the one paying for it and naturally, the birthday girl doesn’t know how much it is, obviously. 

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But I can comment humbly about the ice cream cake though! 

First, the ice cream ought to be chocolate. It has a very strong chocolatey taste but it’s not bitter nor too sweet. The cake is also sprinkled with biscuit balls coated with chocolate. The sides of the ice cream is rounded by what you see in the photo, ladyfingers (know as breadsticks used in tiramisu). So yes, it had cookie chunks in it so I thought it was nice! Not plain at all, though not very special either.

Unlike certain ice cream cakes, for example that of Cold stone creamery, the ice cream cake here does not have a trace of sponge cake. It is fully filled by ice cream, and only ice cream! I am fine with both actually! 

IMG 3961

Haha this is my slice of cake of course. With the “Happy birthday” on it. 

The ladyfinger was horrible! It was so hard so much so that none of us finished it. If you’re unaware, ladyfingers are supposed to taste sweet and crispy, but at the same time soft in the inside, something like a bread. I guess the ice cream cake has to be refrigerated which spoils the ladyfingers. 

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We couldn’t cut the cake as well because it was too hard. So we had to remove all the ladyfingers and use our mighty strength to cut the cake into slices. 

IMG 3955

I was indeed very happy!! 

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Here are my friends in uni. We got to know each other in our freshmen year and I’m glad to say we still meet up often to catch up with each other. 

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I feel very fortunate as well to have these people to celebrate my birthday! 

Alright to sum up, the island creamery at Holland V is an extremely small ice cream parlor, with very very limited seats there. You probably want to come here, grab a cup of ice cream and leave the place already. If not, you can try getting their cakes in replacement of those cliche birthday sponge cake! 

Island Creamery

( Tel: +65 6466 6865

Address: Holland Village shopping mall, 3 Lorong Liput #01-02 s(277725)

Nearest MRT station: Holland Village MRT station

Opening hours: 

Sun to Thurs 11am – 10pm

Fri, Sat, Ev and PH 11am-11pm

Hui Yan- 

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