Is It Really Cheap To Shop In Singapore? Unveiling The Best Budget Shopping Places

A diverse group of shoppers explore a vibrant street market, carrying shopping bags and enjoying the bustling atmosphere.

Is shopping in Singapore really cheap? That’s a question many budget-conscious travelers ponder. Despite its reputation for high prices, there are hidden gems offering affordable deals throughout the city-state.

In this article, we’ll unveil some of the best places to shop on a shoestring in Singapore and provide insight into how you can save while splurging. Ready to dive deep into bargain hunting in Singapore? Let’s get started!

Is Singapore a budget-friendly shopping destination?

A diverse group of shoppers exploring market stalls in Singapore's bustling streets.

Singapore may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of budget shopping, but it’s time to challenge that misconception.

Bugis Street Market | Cheapest and Affordable Street Shopping in Singapore | Singapore things to buy

Comparison with other countries

A busy shopping street in Singapore with high-end retail outlets and a diverse crowd.

Shopping in Singapore is often compared with neighboring countries to determine its cost-effectiveness.

CountryComparative Cost of ShoppingReason
SingaporeModerate to HighWhile Singapore offers some budget shopping places, it is generally known for high-end retail outlets that cater to a luxury market. Branded clothing can sometimes be cheaper as compared to other Asian countries.
Hong KongLow to ModeratePrices in Hong Kong are generally lower compared to Singapore. This lower pricing is largely due to the abundant Chinese goods available in the city, which reduces the overall cost of living.
MalaysiaLowShopping in Malaysia is often seen as more economical than in Singapore due to the lower cost of living, making it a popular choice for budget shoppers.
ThailandLowThailand is known for its cheap markets and street shopping, attracting budget shoppers who aim to stretch their dollars.

Notably, while Singapore may not be the cheapest place to shop, its blend of affordability and quality make it a worthwhile shopping destination.

Overview of shopping in Singapore

A vibrant market with a variety of colorful crafts and bustling atmosphere, captured in a clear, high-definition photo.

Singapore is a paradise for shoppers. You can find everything from cool toys to designer clothes. Bugis Street is the number one place for street shopping. It’s also one of the largest in Singapore.

Another must-see spot is Lucky Plaza, where lots of budget-friendly items are up for grabs. Flea markets also abound in this city-state, giving more options to shoppers on tight budgets.

Chinatown and Little India hold treasures waiting to be found at great prices.

But don’t forget about fun! Shopping at Bugis Street Market isn’t only about looking for cheap finds. It’s all about the thrill of diving into rows upon rows of stalls, eyed by colorful crafts and basking in a vibrant atmosphere.

Truly, shopping in Singapore does promise some exciting times!

Importance of budget shopping

Shoppers explore discounted items at a bustling market, captured in a vibrant and detailed photograph.

Budget shopping is a good plan. It helps you save money. You can buy more items with less cash in Singapore. Places like Mustafa Centre sell things for 10-20% less than other shops.

The IMM outlet mall gives nice cuts on famous brands too. This way, you get to spend smart and keep your pockets happy while shopping in Singapore!

Reputation for high prices

A woman is shopping for discounted clothing at a thrift shop.

Singapore has gained a reputation for having high prices, which may make some people think that it’s not a budget-friendly shopping destination. Compared to other Asian countries, Singapore is often seen as expensive, making visitors hesitant to splurge on shopping, dining, and hotel expenses.

However, despite this reputation, there are still plenty of options for budget shopping in Singapore. Thrift shops and affordable stores can be found throughout the city, offering visitors the chance to shop without breaking the bank.

So don’t let the perception of high prices deter you from exploring all the great finds Singapore has to offer!

The Best Budget Shopping Places in Singapore

A vibrant street market filled with rows of colorful clothing and a bustling atmosphere.

Discover the top spots for budget shopping in Singapore and score amazing deals on clothes, accessories, and more.

10 Affordable Places to Shop in Singapore | Orchard Road | Marina Bay Sands | Bugis Street

Bugis Street

A diverse group of friends enjoying a vibrant shopping experience at Bugis Street in Singapore.

Located in the heart of Singapore, Bugis Street Market is a must-visit destination for budget shoppers. Here, you can find the latest and trendiest fashion at affordable prices. The market offers a unique street shopping experience with its vibrant atmosphere and bustling crowd.

With over 800 shops to explore, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Bugis Street is also known for its wide variety of souvenir shops and small stores selling accessories and trinkets. It’s an excellent alternative to the big malls in the area, offering great deals without breaking the bank.

So whether you’re looking for stylish clothes or quirky souvenirs, Bugis Street is definitely worth checking out during your trip to Singapore.

Mustafa Centre

A diverse group of shoppers browsing the aisles of Mustafa Centre in a bustling atmosphere.

Mustafa Centre, located in the vibrant cultural district of Little India in Singapore, is a must-visit if you are looking for cheap shopping deals. Open 24 hours a day, this mall offers a wide range of products at affordable prices.

From electronics and cosmetics to perfumes and souvenirs, you can find it all here. And while you’re busy shopping, don’t forget to take advantage of the café’s affordable meals, including their set lunch option.

So whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, Mustafa Centre has got you covered for budget-friendly shopping in Singapore.

Lucky Plaza

Tourists exploring the busy shops of Lucky Plaza in a vibrant cityscape.

Located on Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza is a shopping destination in Singapore that offers affordable options. Despite being situated on one of Singapore’s most luxurious streets, Lucky Plaza stands out for its budget-friendly prices.

In addition to the shops selling cheap jewelry, sunglasses, watches, souvenirs, books, and clothes, Lucky Plaza also has perfume stores that offer affordable options. Additionally, if you’re feeling hungry during your shopping spree at Lucky Plaza, you can head over to the food court where you’ll find delicious local food at cheap prices.

So whether you’re looking for high-end bags or electronics or simply want to indulge in some budget shopping in Singapore, Lucky Plaza has got you covered.

Far East Plaza

A colorful display of fashion accessories and souvenirs at Far East Plaza.

Far East Plaza is a great place to go for budget shopping in Singapore. It’s well-known for its inexpensive restaurants and coffee shops, making it a convenient spot to grab a bite to eat while you shop.

Located in a vibrant shopping belt near Orchard Road, Far East Plaza offers a variety of affordable fashion clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, and souvenirs. Many fashion bloggers and retailers come here to find unique items at cheap wholesale prices.

With its easy access via local transportation, Far East Plaza is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for cheap shopping options in Singapore.

SCAPE Underground

A diverse group of people happily shopping for affordable clothing at SCAPE Underground.

SCAPE Underground is one of the best places for budget shopping in Singapore. This place is known for offering a variety of affordable items, making it a favorite among savvy shoppers.

If you’re looking to find discounted prices on clothing and other items, SCAPE Underground is the place to go. They have many options available that will suit your budget and help you save money.

Whether you’re in search of trendy clothes or unique accessories, SCAPE Underground has it all at prices that won’t break the bank. So, if you want to score some great deals while shopping in Singapore, don’t miss out on visiting SCAPE Underground!

IMM Outlet Mall

Shoppers looking through discounted clothing in a bustling store.

IMM Outlet Mall is a popular shopping destination located in Jurong East, Singapore. With over 90 individual stores, the mall offers a wide range of options for budget shoppers. You can find premium fashion brands and popular retailers at affordable prices.

The mall is known for its discounts on branded goods, making it a great place to find bargains. So if you’re looking for good deals and quality products, check out IMM Outlet Mall in Singapore!

City Plaza

A lively and vibrant city street scene with diverse people shopping and a bustling atmosphere.

City Plaza is one of Singapore’s oldest shopping malls, and it has been a favorite destination for fashion and food lovers for many years. With its five floors filled with a variety of shops, you can find everything from trendy clothing to beauty products.

However, City Plaza isn’t just about shopping – it also offers cheap and delicious food options that will satisfy your cravings. So if you’re looking for a unique shopping experience in Singapore that won’t break the bank, make sure to visit City Plaza.

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

A group of diverse friends enjoy shopping together at Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, captured in a vibrant and lively photograph.

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is a great place for budget shopping in Singapore. This two-storey mall is known for its factory outlet stores, which offer affordable prices for essential goods and fashion items.

You can find popular brands like Cotton On and Charles and Keith at Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, making it a go-to destination for bargain-savvy shoppers. With its wide range of options at inexpensive prices, this mall is perfect for those looking to score good deals on quality fashion items.

Tips for Budget Shopping in Singapore

A vibrant and bustling local market featuring a colorful array of fruits and vegetables.

Timing your visit wisely can help you score the best deals and avoid crowds. Bargain your way to lower prices, and steer clear of tourist traps that may rip you off. Ready to save some serious cash? Keep reading!

Cheap shopping in Singapore | budget shopping | cheapest street Shopping @TravelNatureRitwick

Timing your visit

A crowded shopping mall during a Singapore shopping festival, capturing a bustling atmosphere with diverse faces, hairstyles, and outfits.

To make the most of your budget shopping in Singapore, timing your visit is crucial. The affordability of shopping in Singapore can vary depending on when you go. It’s important to note that certain times of the year offer more discounts and sales for budget shoppers.

Researching and planning your trip to coincide with Singapore’s annual shopping festivals can yield great deals and savings. So, be sure to check out these promotional periods before booking your visit to get the best value for your money.

Bargaining techniques

In Singapore, it’s not common to bargain or negotiate prices with shop owners. However, when shopping in markets or with street vendors, it’s acceptable to ask for a reasonable discount.

The best time to haggle is when comparing prices from different shops. Keep in mind that Singapore doesn’t have a fake market, but there are various shopping options available at different price points.

So, while bargaining may not be prevalent here, you can still find budget-friendly deals if you choose the right places and compare prices wisely.

Avoiding tourist traps

When shopping in Singapore, it’s important to be aware of tourist traps. These are places that may sell both real and fake brands, often targeted by tour buses for their convenience.

To avoid falling into these traps, it is recommended to be cautious when shopping at department stores and do your research on reputable shopping places beforehand. By being mindful of prices and authenticity, you can ensure a budget-friendly and enjoyable shopping experience in Singapore.


A diverse group of shoppers in a bustling city, smiling and holding shopping bags.

In conclusion, Singapore may have a reputation for high prices, but it is actually a budget-friendly shopping destination. There are plenty of affordable shopping places to explore, such as Bugis Street, Mustafa Centre, and Lucky Plaza.

By timing your visit right and using bargaining techniques, you can score great deals while avoiding tourist traps. So pack your bags and get ready to shop till you drop in Singapore!


1. Is it really cheap to shop in Singapore?

Yes, there are many places in Singapore where you can find items at a low price.

2. Where are the best budget shopping places in Singapore?

There are several markets and stores that offer goods at cheap rates. You just need to know where to look!

3. Can I bargain when I shop in Singapore?

In some shops and markets, bargaining is common. But not all places will let you haggle over prices.

4. What types of things can I buy on a budget in Singapore?

From clothes and food to electronics and souvenirs, you can find almost anything at a good price if you know where to go!

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