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So roughly one month ago.. I saw my friend being one of the first 2 who won the polaroid just by sharing Qoo10 (gmarket)‘s facebook photo. 

So being a typical singaporean, I did the same too by merely commenting ” Please let me win! “. 

Screen+Shot+2012 11 20+at+5.47.56+PM

So this was the photo I shared. 

And just ONE day later, I saw my friend posting this on my wall! What a pleasant surprise! Yup, my friend was the first who won the polaroid! 

Screen+Shot+2012 11 20+at+7.25.50+PM

I won the polaroid!!! 🙂

I’m one of the five super lucky winners! 

Screen+Shot+2012 11 20+at+5.47.45+PM

So few weeks ago, I went down to Qoo10’s office to get my prize! And here it is! 

IMG 20121120 1+(1)

Getting a polaroid at $0. Hehehehe. 

If you ask why is the polaroid blue, or rather why did I choose a blue polaroid, that’s cause I didn’t want to get a pink one, thats all. Qoo10 was nice enough to let up choose the color! 🙂 

Of course, what’s the use of a polaroid without its films? 

So I went to Qoo10 (gmarket)‘s website again to purchase some polaroid films and polaroid stickers!! 

And when I reach home today, the parcel has arrived. 

IMG 20121120 6 IMG 20121120 2

The films, 



And the gorgeous polaroid stickers.

IMG 20121120 5

Which looks like this: 

Screen+Shot+2012 11 20+at+7.44.33+PMScreen+Shot+2012 11 20+at+7.44.40+PM

They are very pretty and it saves me a lot of money from buying colored or patterned polaroid films. 

Plus, these three packets of 20 stickers each only cost me around $5? 

IMG 20121120 5

Good deal right. So this shows that it doesn’t hurt to share Facebook photos to stand a chance to win some prizes! 

Can’t wait to use the stickers! 

Screen+Shot+2012 11 20+at+7.53.20+PMScreen+Shot+2012 11 20+at+7.53.20+PMScreen+Shot+2012 11 20+at+7.53.20+PM

Hui Yan-

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